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Fabricio Werdum: Alistair Overeem is a good fighter, but let's see how he does without his juice

Fabricio Werdum believes that Alistair Overeem needs steroids to win fights.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Alistair Overeem finds himself in a "do-or-die" situation when he squares off with Frank Mir at UFC 169 in New Jersey in Feb. 2014. The former K-1 World Grand Prix winner has dropped his last two fights by knockout, and if he comes up short against Mir, he likely won't get another chance in Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) Octagon.

Overeem entered UFC with a ton of hype behind him as one of the most dangerous stand up fighters on the planet. He has a super hero-esque physique and a penchant for putting opponents to sleep with vicious knees to the face and hooks to the body.

But, after a successful debut against Brock Lesnar, Overeem lost to both Antonio Silva and Travis Browne by knockout. He also failed a drug test and lost out on his shot at UFC gold when he tested for elevated levels of testosterone far outside the accepted limit.

Fabricio Werdum spoke with MMA Fighting and discussed the Overeem/Mir match up and didn't hold back with his criticisms of his fellow Heavyweight.

"He lacks a little bit in gas because of his steroids. He changes a lot if you take his juice off. Everybody saw what happened. Overeem is one fighter with his juice, but he changes completely without the juice. They took his powers. Let's see how he does against Frank Mir, if he changed his strategy or training. Frank Mir is not doing well recently too, but I believe Overeem will defend the takedowns and knock him out. Overeem is a good fighter, but let's how he does without his juice."

These types of accusations are very serious, but the overall message has a bit of truth to it. Since coming off that positive test, Overeem hasn't looked like the same fighter. While there's no way to say that he's been "juicing" in the past, it's pretty clear that he has lost a bit of his edge.

Maybe he's lost his confidence or maybe his opponents just don't see him as superhuman. Whatever the case, he needs to win at UFC 169 if he hopes to regain a bit of his aura of invincibility.

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