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Conor McGregor's solution to bad MMA judging: 'Scratch judges and time limits, let fighters scrap until one breaks'

Conor McGregor wants to bring old school MMA back to rid the sport of bad judging and increase finish rates.

Jared Wickerham

As far as mixed martial arts (MMA) has come in the past 20 years, there can always be improvements. Specifically in the judging aspect of the sport, an ongoing problem that seems to mar an event night after night and spark ongoing debate about what can be done to correct the issue.

While many have given their two cents about how to improve judging in MMA, there really isn't much a fighter can do once a fight is over but sit back, wait for the results and cross his or her fingers that the call goes his or her way.

Or just follow Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White's advice and try your hardest to not leave it in the hands of the judges.

That's easier said than done, as getting a finish inside the Octagon takes a lot of hard work, game planning, or -- in some cases -- some good old fashioned luck.

But if you ask Conor McGregor, he has a better solution: Do way with judges and time limits altogether.

According to "Notorious," if fans want to see a guaranteed finish and avoid any and all controversy, you have to take the sport back to the dark days and let two men duke it out in the cage until one of them breaks.

He offered up his opinion on the matter during a recent Q & A (watch it here) while in Manchester, England for UFC Fight Night 30:

"It's definitely good to put the judges under the spotlight and make them accountable for their actions. It will make guys more cautious and more hesitant to score the guy correctly. There is big business on the line here and a loss is crippling, know what I mean? Me personally, I would love to scratch it all and do no time limit, no separation, no nothing. Let the contest go and it's over when it's over. People say, ‘We want a finish!' Trust me, someone will break, no time (limit), a man will break."

While the proposed solution would probably do more harm than good for the evolution of MMA, it's safe to say "Notorious" would have enjoyed competing during the days Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock and Kimo Leopoldo ruled the Octagon.

McGregor is currently on the sidelines recuperating from a torn ACL and eyes return to action in early 2014.

For the record, of the Irishman's 16 professional MMA fights, only one of them has gone to a decision -- his most recent outing and win against Max Holloway at UFC Fight Night 27 this past August.

While MMA likely won't go back to those days, maybe the sport of boxing would consider taking a page out of McGregor's book?

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