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UFC Fight Night 30 medical suspensions and injuries: Jimi Manuwa and Rosi Sexton take top time-outs

Ryan Jimmo appeared to suffer a serious leg injury in Manchester. The recently-released medical suspensions, however, would not agree.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Clear as mud.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) -- acting as its own regulatory body overseas -- has released the full list of injuries and medical suspensions for the UFC Fight Night 30 event, which took place back on Oct. 26, 2013 at Phones 4u Arena in Manchester, England.

And the list is a bit puzzling.

Probably because Ryan Jimmo only required a week off from training following his technical knockout loss to Jimi Manuwa on the FOX Sports 2 main card. The former MFC star made a "Big Deal" out of a leg injury that saw him flop to the ground during their fight.

But apparently, it wasn't serious enough to warrant a suspension.

Either that, or Jimmo has not disclosed what his actual injury was -- though it would be unusual for him to clear the post-fight medical examination if he was, in fact, suffering from a serious boo-boo. Perhaps we'll know more in the coming weeks.

Or not.

Ironically, his opponent was slapped with a six-month suspension pending additional tests. "Poster Boy" was tagged with the longest time out, while Rosi Sexton limped in at number two for the hellacious beating she received at the hands of Jessica Andrade.

That's not all.

Here is the complete list of UFC Fight Night 30 medical suspensions and injuries from Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner (via

Michael Kuiper: Seven days no contact
Bradley Scott: Seven days no contact
Jim Hettes: Seven days no contact
Robert Whiteford: Seven days no contact
Cole Miller: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
Andy Ogle: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
Jessica Andrade: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
Rosemary Sexton: Suspended 90 days (60 days no contact)
Andrew Craig: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
Luke Barnatt: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
Piotr Hallman: Seven days no contact
Al Iaquinta: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
John Lineker: Seven days no contact
Phil Harris: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
Nicholas Musoke: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
Alessio Sakara: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
Jonathan Tuck: Seven days no contact
Norman Parke: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
Ryan Jimmo: Seven days no contact
Jimi Manuwa: Suspended 180 days (pending X-Ray and Ultrasound)
Melvin Guillard: Seven days no contact
Ross Pearson: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
Mark Munoz: Suspended 30 days (21 days no contact)
Lyoto Machida: Seven days no contact

Again, just a quick reminder: Fighters often return to action much quicker once doctors give them the green light. The lengthy suspensions are just a precaution in most cases.

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