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Diego Sanchez: Conor McGregor is good for overseas business, so I doubt UFC would let me destroy him

Diego Sanchez verbally assaults "big mouth" Conor McGregor, unloading on the Irishman and offering up his services to shut up the "little pipsqueak" if UFC asked him to do so.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Cole Miller isn't the only fighter on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) roster that isn't hopping on the Conor McGregor hype train.

Diego Sanchez -- fresh off his three-round war against Gilbert Melendez at UFC 166 in Houston, Texas -- was the target of Conor's verbal attack as the fiery Irishman took the opportunity to call out "The Dream" and mock Diego's slurred speech following his post-fight interview following his brawl against "El Nino."

Furthermore, "Notorious" said that should UFC matchmakers ever match them up inside the Octagon, it will be an "easy money" payday for him.

Not one to bite his tongue, Diego took the time to fire back at Conor during his recent appearance on "The MMA Hour" and said should UFC officials ever want him to step into the Octagon and silence the "little pipsqueak," he would be more than happy to.

Diego unloads:

"This guy, I don't know. Listen, the guy is good for the sport because he brings Ireland and the Irish fans, they are die hard. Anyone that is Irish is die hard for this guy. That's cool, it's brought the sport to another area of the world, it's good for the company. But the dude has a big mouth. This all started when he sent a tweet disrespecting all of the top 145er's in the world. I was like, ‘This is ridiculous, no one is going to talk back to him?' Somebody has to put this man in his place. He really believes his own hype. I put out a tweet asking who his notable victories are. Who are they? Who are your notable victories? Who are your notable fights? Who are these guys that have beat you? You got losses on your record and you're acting like you're the Muhammad Ali of Ireland. You got losses on your record buddy and who are they? Come on, why do you think your freaking Superman when you ain't done it? You have to walk the walk before you talk the talk. He has two fights in the UFC and he's a champion? I think it's a bunch of crap. For him to come out and disrespect guys like me, and I didn't disrespect him, I just told him how it was. You're going to talk about my guys? How are you going to talk shit about Chad Mendes? Chad Mendes will eat you for lunch! You have not proved that you can wrestle, you have not proved that you're legitimate on the ground. What are you going to do when you have Diego Sanchez on top of you ground-and-pounding you? The guy is a bunch of crap, honestly. Now he's saying that he's going to come off an injury and beat me for easy money? You know what, I'm not about the money, I'm about being a warrior, I'm about getting in there and putting it down for my legacy and for what I was born to do. I fight, I am not no little punk about money, I'm humble when it comes to that. He's going to get humbled. If our paths cross and that's what UFC matchmakers want to do. I doubt UFC would let that happen, honestly. Come on, there is money in him, he can bring a crowd to Ireland and Europe. So they are not going to give him someone like me who is just going to destroy this guy. It doesn't make sense from a business standpoint. But, somebody is going to get him, eventually. I'd like to see Ricardo Lamas put a real beating on him. My boy Cub Swanson. Any top 145 guy is vicious. McGregor is good, he's got talent, but has he been in the wars, tested, pushed? Has he fought a blackbelt in jiu-jitsu? No! Has he fought a division-1 wrestler? No! He needs to get off his high horse and be humble. If he wants to be the bad guy, let him, he's going to deal with that the rest of his career and people are going to hate him for it. He is really irrelevant to my situation, If UFC wants me to beat him up, I would do anything for the company. I've been with UFC for nine years, I don't hold back and if they want me to step in there and shut up a little pipsqueak like him, I would love to do it."

And exhale.

In closing, Diego assured fans he is in good health, despite slurred speech claims by "Notorious," and simply tells fans to not fall for the Conor McGregor hype train. But, judging by all the press Conor's been getting, it seems it might be a little too late for that.

Anyone care to see Diego attempt to humble McGregor inside the Octagon?

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