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UFC Quick Quote: Anderson Silva can still beat Jon Jones

It's going to take more than just one knockout loss at middleweight to convince Ed Soares that Anderson Silva is not the best fighter in the world.


"I believe Anderson is the best fighter on the planet, period. Any weight class. I believe he has a bigger danger to any fighter he faces than any fighter has towards him. Can he be beat? Of course he can be beat. Anybody can be beat, but you put him against any fighter in any weight class and I think he has a better chance of beating them than they do beating him. I think he'll beat him. I do think Anderson can beat Jon Jones. Not taking anything away from Jon Jones. Incredible athlete, but he doesn't have the experience and I think a well-trained Anderson Silva would beat Jon Jones."

He has yet to prove he can beat Chris Weidman, but former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Anderson Silva can defeat reigning light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones. That's according to longtime manager Ed Soares, who not surprisingly, tells FOX Sports (via MMA Fighting) "The Spider" is too experienced to succumb to an "incredible athlete" like "Bones." These two have been the subject of "super fight" rumors for the past two years, but are unlikely to find themselves in a position to settle this debate once and for all. Aside from the Brazilian's hiccup against the "All American," Jones has a full plate at 205 pounds, with no less than three potential challengers all waiting for their time to shine. Sorry, fight fans, but no matter how much posturing we get from either side, this one is staying on the back burner for the foreseeable future.

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