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Jason 'Mayhem' Miller and Uriah Hall get into fight outside of Commerce Casino

Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Uriah Hall got into a fight outside of Commerce Casino on Friday (Oct. 25, 2013) night.


Jason Miller is back at it after reportedly getting into a fight with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Uriah Hall outside of the Commerce Casino in Commerce, Calif., late Friday (Oct. 25, 2013) night following the BAMMA USA: "Bad Beat" event.

"Mayhem" has been in the news lately not because of his abilities in mixed martial arts (MMA), but because of his constant run ins with the law. He was arrested multiple times for domestic violence and is currently out on bond for all charges.

According to Gracie Magazine's Erik Fontanez, the whole scuffle started because "Mayhem" decided to instigate the altercation with Hall by hurling a racial slur. There is no background of what caused the two to exchange words in the first place.

However, it was Hall who reportedly threw the first punch:.

While "Mayhem" tossed around hate speech, it's not something that's often punishable. There's only been a few cases of hate speech resulting in legal action. Hall throwing a punch at Miller carries the very legal offense of assault.

Miller also sent out a tweet that one can assume was directed at Hall:

Fontanez further explained the situation as Hall was stopped by casino security and was detained outside:

Hall is currently scheduled to face Chris Leben at UFC 168 in December. The bout is Hall's last chance (more details here) to prove that he's a UFC-quality talent. Hopefully, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 runner-up won't face any consequences for his run in with Miller.

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