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Hopkins vs Murat results, LIVE fight coverage online tonight for Showtime boxing match

Bernard Hopkins returns to boxing TONIGHT (Sat., Oct. 26, 2013) against Karo Murat, LIVE on Showtime from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Get full "Hopkins vs. Murat" results and live fight coverage right here TONIGHT!

The eldest champion in the history of boxing, Bernard Hopkins, is out to once again disprove the notion that the "Sweet Science" is a younger man's sport, defending his IBF Light Heavyweight title against once-beaten Karo Murat TONIGHT (Sat., Oct. 26, 2013) at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE "Hopkins vs. Murat" coverage later this evening, starting with the Showtime broadcast at 9 p.m. ET.

Hopkins, 48, picked up his title this past March at the expense of Tavoris Cloud, having lost his WBC belt to Chad Dawson in his previous effort. Murat has not lost since a bout against English standout Nathan Cleverly in 2010 and is Hopkins' mandatory defense.

The card will also feature a bout between undefeated Middleweight prospect Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin and Philadelphia, Pa., tough guy Gabriel Rosado. In addition, the Showtime boxing broadcast will showcase Deontay Wilder's latest round of "Whack-A-Chump" (this time featuring Nicolai Firtha) in lieu of fighting an actual contender.


Light Heavyweight: Bernard Hopkins vs. Karo Murat (117-110, 119-108 x2)

Middleweight: Peter Quillin vs. Gabriel Rosado by TKO (cut) at 0:40 of Round Ten

Heavyweight: Deontay Wilder def. Nicolai Firtha by TKO at 1:26 of Round Four


Bernard Hopkins vs. Karo Murat

Round one: Murat takes center ring. He steps in, gets tied up, and lands some short blows. Murat jabs the body. Left hook lands. Hopkins has thrown just one real punch so far. Hopkins tries to step in with a left hook, exits with a right hand. Clinch. Karo jabs the body. Bernard tags the head with a jab. Murat with a counter left hook. Murat to the body with a right. Karo forces Hopkins into the ropes, but Hopkins dodges his assault and lands a counter right of his own. Again he gets backed into the ropes and exits with a jab. Murat tags him with a left hook. Close round, 10-9 Murat.

Round two: Murat stalking forward, landing some glancing body blows and whiffing up top. Hopkins cornered, Murat fires away. Some get through, Bernard fires back and caps it off with a hard right. Stiff jab from Bernard, once again backed into the ropes. Clinch. Murat lands a good right while missing several more big shots and gets tied up. Hopkins getting repeatedly backed into the ropes. Backs Murat off with a pair of jabs this time. Hopkins jumps in with the right. Hopkins with a short right in the clinch. Clinch. Hopkins messing with Murat's head. 10-10, 20-19 Murat.

Round three: Murat lands a huge left hook, but Hopkins avoids further punishment and taunts him. Hopkins continues jawing as Murat misses with some big shots. Counter right from B-Hop. Bernard backed into the ropes and they trade body shots. Even exchange. Murat lands a left hook in center ring. Clinch. Clinch. Murat backs him into the ropes; Bernard avoids most shots, though a right gets through. Sneaky right from Bernard. Jab to the body. Another lead right, Murat with a body uppercut in response. Hopkins doubles up the jab. Hopkins lands a jab and an uppercut before the bell. 30-28 Murat.

Round four: Bernard cornered once again. Murat unable to capitalize before getting clinched. Clinch, with some solid uppercuts to the body from B-Hop. Nice check hook by Bernard and a lead right. Another left hook as Murat misses. Stiff jab. Another lead right, body shots, right over the top by Hopkins. Counter jab; good work from Bernard this round. Stiff jab by Karo. Bernard stung with a left hook while landing a three-piece combo. Body blow from Bernard, clinch. Murat's jab connects and they trade near the corner. Murat's left hook hits home. Murat roughs up Hopkins with some solid blows before the bell. 39-38 Murat.

Round five: Murat jabs the body, then the head. Lead right by Bernard. Solid lead right connects. They clinch, Murat whacks him a few times on the exit. Another right from B-Hop and another. They tie up, Bernard kisses Murat's back. Bernard presses Karo into the ropes but cannot land. Clinch. Counter left from Bernard. Clinch, Bernard chisels away. More mugging from Bernard in the clinch. They throw after the bell, with Hopkins landing the most blatant punch. 48-48.

Round six: Bernard lands a stiff jab. Clinch. Murat aggressive but not landing clean. Bernard sneaks some light shots through. B-Hop with some short body shots. Clinch. When they clinch. Murat slams him with a pair of good shots after they split. Good exchange before Hopkins initiates a clinch. Hopkins lands a series of good shots, they tie up and Hopkins slips. Murat punches him twice on the ground, earning a warning from the ref. Fighters slow to break the next clinch. Murat with a good right before the bell. 58-57 Hopkins.

Round seven: Bernard lands a hard right inside and they trade chiseling blows. Murat with a solid right hand. Hopkins with a good combination at close range. Leaping left hook lands and seems to sting Murat. Hopkins pushes him to the ropes with short shots, Murat punches his way off the ropes.; They tie up and Murat punches on the break, earning him a point deduction. Rabbit punch trade in the clinch. Good counter right by Hopkins, left hook by Murat. Hopkins now coming in with pinpoint combinations. Murat firing back; great stuff. Murat backs Hopkins to the corner and lands some big shots. Murat tags him again with a right and Bernard wraps him up. Bernard backed up to the ropes and lands a counter right. Another one at the bell. 68-65 Hopkins.

Round eight: Bernard leads with a hard right hand and presses Murat into the ropes. Jab and straight connect. Another lead left hook before he initiates yet another clinch. Good right hand connects. Clinch. Murat lands a chopping right and Bernard digs to the body in response. Hopkins with the lead right yet again, followed by chiseling shots in the clinch. Bernard lugging Murat around in the clinch and Karo almost falls out of the ring. Hopkins backs himself up into Murat's corner to trash talk them. Murat pursues and tries to hurt him, but Hopkins smashes him with some big punches, turning back to jaw all the while. Murat is hurt and Bernard chases him across the ring with punches. Clinch ends the round. Never seen anything like that before. 78-74 Hopkins.

Round nine: Hopkins with a quick pair of counters. Hopkins backed up tot he corner, Murat hesitant to advance. Hopkins simply walks out, landing a right in the process. Murat gets him into the ropes and lands  a few blows through Murat's guard. More taunting. Murat connecting with hooks. Clinch. Hopkins pressing him into the ropes and landing short blows. Right to the body from B-Hop and a right uppercut. Murat pressed into the ropes as Hopkins lands some short blows. Back to center ring. Clinch. Murat corners Hopkins yet again and now starts landing some hard shots. Murat landing extremely well but Hopkins is getting in some licks of his own. Best Hopkins fights in a while. 88-83 Hopkins.

Round ten: Phone booth exchanges. Hopkins moving forward. Murat ties him up. Hopkins lands a short right, takes a left hook. Hopkins doubles up his left hook and lands with both. Right downstairs and left to the head from Bernard. Hopkins against the ropes, lands some stiff jabs and walks out. Uppercut from Murat. Clinch. Hopkins narrowly misses a left hook. Murat lands some short blows with Hopkins against the ropes. Murat hits the body on the break, earning another warning. Hopkins backs up into the ropes and takes some body shots. Close round, 97-93 Hopkins. Not enough work from Bernard,

Round eleven: Hopkins lands a lead right and ties up. Jab from Hopkins. Murat with a right to the body and left up top. Nice left uppercut by Karo. Murat backs him to the ropes and takes a shot for his trouble. Clinch. Clinch. Right to the body by Bernard. Stiff jab lands for Hopkins. and Karo ties up. Murat triples up the jab. Clinch. Hopkins pressing Murat into the ropes and takes a hard left hook.Solid shots from Murat. Huge right by Hopkins as he exits the ropes. Clinch. One-two from Murat. Stiff jab by B-Hop and a Murat left hook to end the round. 106-103 Hopkins.

Round twelve: Bernard avoids some hard shots early, but takes a left hook. Clinch. Nice right from Karo, then a left hook as Hopkins hits the body. Hopkins stings him with a good right and Murat goes into retreat, Hopkins roughing him up as he does. Clinch. Lead right from Hopkins, left hook from Murat. Hopkins with a counter left hook in the midst of an exchange. Murat jab gets through. Clinch. Both men land left hooks. Hopkins lands two left hooks while advancing and seems to wobble Murat, although Karo is soon pressing forward again. Murat with some low blows in the clinch as a result of Hopkins pulling his head down. Murat hits on the break again. Heavy leather at the end of the round. 116-112 Hopkins.

Final result: Hopkins def. Murat by unanimous decision


Peter Quillin vs. Gabriel Rosado

Round one: Fighter in center ring. Rosado lands a right to the body, Quillin with a chopping right in response. Lead left hook lands for Kid Chocolate. They trade in the center, a Rosado right hand the best shot. Three-piece combo from Quillin is blocked. Rosado lands a right to the body. Short left hook connects for Quillin. Jab is working for Peter, who takes a right to the body and responds with a left hook. Rosado lands a hard right as Quillin rips to the body. 10-9 Quillin.

Round two: Rosado fires off three shots that fall short. Avoids Quillin's hook. Slip from Quillin after a good dodge from Rosado. Peter walking him into the ropes, lands a right to the body and takes one to the head. Quillin slips a right. Rosado getting backed into the corner and takes a body shot before circling out. Right cross from Rosado. Lead right from Quillin slips through the guard and a follow-up left hook forces Rosado's gloves to touch the canvas. Back up and steady. Quillin digs to the body after they resume. 20-17 Quillin.

Round three: Hard body shot from Quillin. Rosado lands a good right inside. Quillin clubs him with a left hook. Rosado to the body and head, he blocks a left hook. Quillin's jab looks the better of the two. Mugging in the clinch. Rosado avoiding the left hook well. Clinch. Nice right hand from Gabe. Rosado backs him up into the ropes and lands a handful of blows before Quillin circles out with a hard jab. Left hook exchange. Clinch. 29-27 Quillin.

Round four: Quillin with a left-right rush, takes a right hand over the top. Rosado lands an overhand right. 3-2 from Quillin is blocked; not an action-packed round so far. Clinch. Quillin lands a tight hook and another, this one a counter. Rosado stung by the jab. Quillin with a cross, doubles up the left hook. Clinch. Rosado pops his man with a hard cross. Chopping right lands for him as Quillin ducks in for an uppercut. Rosado tries to flurry at the end of the round but cannot capitalize before the bell. 39-36 Quillin.

Round five: Another solid right from Rosado, Quillin meets it with one of his own. Quillin digs to the body and Gabe begins taunting. Pawing in center ring. Quillin grazes his head with a leaping hook. Clinch. Rosado whiffs on an overhand, forces Quillin to the ropes. Quillin slips the resulting flurry well. Counter hook by Quillin, who is on his back foot. One-two to the body from Gabe. Quillin prods him with the jab. Gabriel lands a right blatantly after the bell. 48-46 Quillin.

Round six: Lots of pawing and movement early on in the round. Quillin lands a check hook. Rosado lands a right up top, takes a pair of hooks to the body from Quillin. Left hook by Quillin in response to a right hand. Rosado walks him into the ropes and tries to peck away through the guard. Not much gets through. Quillin lands a left hook, Rosado steps into the clinch with a couple body shots. Big right hands by both men. Quillin lead right and check hook. Rosado lands a right and barrels forward. Left hook connects. Rosado lands good shots to end the round. 57-56 Quillin.

Round seven: Quillin lead right. Rosado trying to cut the ring off, gets Quillin to the ropes again but can't get through the guard. Rosado uppercut to the body as he gets tied up. Two more uppers, this time to the head. Quillin cross connects. Quillin lands a hard uppercut, followed by a big right cross that seems to spark Rosado. Gabe circles out okay. Another big uppercut. Clinch. Good body blow from Rosado inside and a cross upstairs. They trade with Quillin's back to the ropes. Both drill each other to the head and body, with Rosado seemingly coming out on top. Damn close fight. 67-65 Quillin.

Round eight: Quillin thumps the body. Rosado still the one moving forward. Left uppercut from Gabe gets through. Stiff jab from Rosado. Quillin jabs the body. Quillin backed up to the ropes, bangs the body and circles out. Rosado picking away on the ropes, takes a counter left hook. Right to the body from Rosado, Quillin with two of his own. Quillin stuck against the ropes again, taking shots from Rosado. Quillin punches his way out. Good 2-3 from Peter. Rosado steps in with a good left-right. Rosado ends the round with some jabs. 76-75 Quillin.

Round nine: Jab exchanges. Good 2-3 by Quillin. Lead left hook gets around Rosado's guard. Clinch after a rapid exchange. Rosado lands a right, then steps in close and lands a better one. Rosado double jab. Big right by Rosado. Clinch. Quillin sticks him with a hard jab as he reverses position in the corner. Rosado lands a right, but eats a huge jab that opens up a cut. They exchange at the end of the round. 85-85.

Round ten: Hard right hand from Quillin at the thirty second mark. The cut opens up some more and looks horrific, although not bleeding much. Ref pauses to let the doctor examine it. Despite Rosado's protesting, the ref calls the fight on the doctor's advice. Rosado walks around the ring bitching about it and even walks up to Quillin's corner to bitch at him. Wonderful sportsmanship.

Final result: Quillin def. Rosado by TKO


Deontay Wilder vs. Nicolai Firtha

Round one: Firtha on the attack immediately and seems to wobble Wilder. Deontay steadies himself but is currently on the retreat. Firtha ties him up against the ropes and chisels away. Once again. Nothing doing with the third clinch. Stiff jab by Wilder. Deontay trying to catch him coming in with hooks.  Firtha avoids the haymaker right. Firtha jabs the body and goes upstairs, then takes another jab from Wilder. Deontay thumps him with a big jab and down goes Firtha. He takes a full eight, but gets up and looks okay. Firtha resumes his march forward, but eats a clubbing right coming in and goes down again. Looks steady after the count. Nothing much else happens before the bell. 10-7 Wilder.

Round two: Wilder sticks him with a jab. Firtha now on his back foot. Firtha eats a pair of hooks and literally yells at Wilder to keep coming. Brief slugfest ensues, with both men landing decent shots. Wilder whiffs on a pair of big shots, stays out of trouble when Firtha tries to capitalize. Pace slows in center ring. Good one-two from Wilder met by a right hand downstairs. Stiff jab from Wilder. Firtha moves in with a few body shots. Big right hand from Wilder before the bell. 20-16 Wilder.

Round three: Wilder working behind a solid jab. One to the body. Firtha's aggression seems to have been blunted. FIrtha avoids a left hand, lands a right to the body and left up top. Wilder counters with a right. Another good jab. Firtha steps in but falls short with his shots. Long right by Wilder. Good left uppercut from Wilder. Wilder clips him with a left and fires off a series of power shots that have Firtha hurt. Wilder gets overzealous against the ropes and almost shoves Firtha out of the ring; no knockdown. There's the bell, 30-25 Wilder.

Round four: Firtha jabs the body. Wilder fighting at a measured pace behind the jab. Firtha ducks into a left hook, lands one of his own. Hard right hand from Wilder inside. Big left hook lands, then a right uppercut. Wilder walking him down and blows him away with a huge right cross. Ref doesn't even bother to finish the count. Great shot.

Final result: Wilder def. Firtha by TKO


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