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World Series of Fighting (WSOF 6) results, LIVE online updates for 'Burkman vs Carl' (Oct. 26) on NBC Sports

Complete World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 6 coverage below, including quick results and main card play-by-play updates of the NBC Sports-televised event TONIGHT (Sat., Oct. 26, 2013), including first-ever WSOF welterweight championship, featuring mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Josh Burkman (26-9) against Steve Carl (20-3).

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) rolls into BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, Fla., TONIGHT (Sat., Oct. 26, 2013), for the Ray Sefo-owned mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion's latest offering on NBC Sports. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of WSOF 6 below, beginning with the NBC Sports telecast at 9 p.m. ET. In addition, we'll deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the under card action much earlier in the evening (beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET).

WSOF 6 will bring the heat with 11 fights, featuring several notable Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) cast-offs and the company's first-ever Welterweight title fight between Josh Burkman vs. Steve Carl in the main event of the evening.

The main event could easily have featured another fighter also involved in Saturday's slate of bouts, when the man Burkman defeated to earn the title shot, Jon Fitch, looks to redeem himself when he steps into the cage opposite Marcelo Alfaya.

This will be the second fight for three former UFC employee's under the WSOF banner, when former World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) champion Miguel Torres returns following his 11-month MMA layoff, against Pablo Alfonso. This fight is set to go down on the "Prelims" portion of the card.

The Bantamweight stand-out was most recently seen losing against Marlon Moraes at WSOF 1 -- Moraes looks to continue his five-fight win streak at the expense of Carson Beebe. If Moraes is successful, Sefo has already said this could in fact lead to the Brazilian-born fighter earning a shot at the forthcoming belt in his weight class of 135-pounds.

The main card will also see Joe Lauzon's brother, Dan Lauzon, tangle with undefeated Justin Gaethje, while the "Prelims" under card will include Jacob Volkmann vs. Luiz Firmino.

Check out complete WSOF 6 quick results and LIVE real-time updates below:


MAIN CARD (NBC Sports Network, 9 p.m. ET):

Josh Burkman (26-9) vs. Steve Carl (20-3) - Steve Carl wins via submission at (1:02) of 4th round *Wins WSOF Welterweight Championship*

Carson Beebe (14-2) vs. Marlon Moraes (11-4) - Marlon Moraes wins via TKO at (0:32) of 1st round

Marcelo Alfaya (15-6) vs. Jon Fitch (24-5) - Jon Fitch wins via split decision (29-28 X 2) (28-29)

Justin Gaethje (9-0) vs. Dan Lauzon (17-4) - Justin Gaethje wins via TKO at (1:40) of 2nd round

"PRELIMS" CARD (MMAMania, 6:30 p.m. ET)

Pablo Alfonso (8-5) vs. Miguel Torres (40-6) - Pablo Alfonso wins via submission at (3:05) of 1st round

Luiz Firmino (16-6) vs. Jacob Volkmann (16-4) - Luiz Firmino wins via unanimous decision (29-28 X 2) (30-27)

Francisco France (21-5) vs. Hans Stringer (8-3) - Has not taken place yet

Chad Robichaux (17-2) vs. Andrew Yates (7-0) - Chad Robichaux wins via submission at (4:09) of 2nd round

Josh Rettinghouse (9-2) vs. Alexis Vila (13-3) - Josh Rettinghouse wins via unanimous decision (29-28 X 3)

Nick LoBosco (6-0) vs. Fabio Mello (11-6) - Nick LoBosco wins via knockout at (2:12) of 1st round

Alexandre Pimentel (12-1) vs. Jade Porter (9-3) - Alexandre Pimentel wins via submission at (3:05) of 3rd round


C.J. Tuttle here with the coverage --

Josh Burkman vs. Steve Carl

Round One: First significant strike is a nice inside leg kick from Burkman. Then they both leg kick, each landing. They slowly made their way back towards the cage and Burkman got the first take down of the bout. Not much going on currently. Feel like NBC Sports Network told them to drag this one out. With two minutes left in the round, Burkman scored a trip take down and maintained control. Close round so far -- but I give the edge to Burkman.

(10-9) Burkman

Round Two: Burkman starts the second frame with a take down and a guillotine attempt. Carl is on the floor, Burkman lets him stand. Craig throws a left jab, and follows with a left hook, they land and it hurts Burkman, first time of fight. Carl having more success this round as the pace slows. He gets a take down and then asserts himself in full mount. He lands punches, Burkman is turning the darkest shade of red possible. Elbows now from Carl, not continuous punches and knees to the sternum of Burkman. Carl is taking full advantage of side control, looking for a Darce choke.

Thirty seconds left, the crowd chants "Carl" as he goes for the choke, this round was all Carl. They are tied up.

(10-9) Carl

Round Three: They show Burkman's wife and infant child in the audience. Takes me eerily back to "Beyond the Mat" with Mick Foley and his family. Anyway -- Carl opens up with some nice kicks, then throws a front kick to Burkman's chin. Burkman sprawls a take down attempt from Carl, then uses the postion to throw some punches to the side of Carl's head. They tussle on the canvas, Carl ends up on top, lands a couple punches, Burkman wiggles to his side, but gives up his back in the process.

Carl locks in a rear naked choke, it is deep, Burkman is struggling, Bas Rutten is yelling, Burkman weathers the storm, tense moments. Burkman gets to his feet and goes for the single-leg take down of Carl. He succeeds, in the process he finds himself in a guilltotine posistion. Carl is in the same predicament that Burkman just was. But, he weathers the rough waters too. Good round. Burkman is on top, not doing much but catching his breath. He stands up, Carl comes right back and goes for a take down, fails, then they end up right where they started. The round ends that way, and it goes to Burkman.

(10-9) Burkman

Round four: Championship round time -- Both men are gassed, right off the bat, Carl takes him down and attempts a submission, but fails allowing Burkman to swoop in on top. They are laying on the ground taking turns at submissions. Suddenly, Carl locks in a sleek triangle choke and holds on until Burkman passes out from lack of oxygen. Ref didn't see the tap fully, let Burkman fall into unconsciousness.

Steve Carl is your first ever WSOF Champion.

Final Result: Steve Carl wins via submission at (1:02) of 4th round


Carson Beebe vs. Marlon Moraes

Round One: I do not even know what to say about the minute or so we just witnessed other than go out of your way to see it.

Beebe came right out at Moraes, and paid dearly for it. Moraes landed three or four huge punches right on the button, dropping Beebe. He threw a couple huge punches that were for good measure on Beebe but it was over. A total squash match for Moraes

Final Result: Marlon Moraes wins via TKO at (0:32) of 1st round


Marcelo Alfaya vs. Jon Fitch

Round One: Both tentative to begin. Fitch comes inside for the take down, takes two punches on the way in, when they hit the cage, Alfaya takes the legs out from underneath Fitch and he ends up in top control. Fitch gave up his back and Alfaya pounced on the rear-naked choke. He didn't expend energy in doing so but he made it known he could potentially take it.

Fitch went for wrist control and wedged the pair up against the cage, Fitch tried getting to his feet but Alfaya latched on like a leech and prevented Fitch from getting upright. Two minutes left in round -- While hanging on, Fitch threw their momentum backwards into the cage, in a suplex-type maneuver. Alfaya remained on Fitch's back, he threw a couple hammerfists dangerously close to the back of Fitch's head. At the end of the round, Fitch ended up standing.

(10-9) Alfya

Round Two: Fitch comes forward to start the round. He takes down Alfaya, and immediately begins landing big punches from the top. Not used to seeing Fitch rain punches like this, Alfaya senses the danger and explodes up and out. He then takes Fitch to the ground, grabs his back (Again) and goes for the guillotine. Fitch rolls, uses the fence to stand upright, and Alfaya claims the clinch dominance. Two minutes to go in the second round and Alfaya continues to push Fitch against the cage -- suddenly he slams Fitch, takes back for a third time and Fitch explodes up.

Fitch lands a big upper cut that wobbles Alfaya. Fitch comes back with one of his own. Fitch follows with a few good punches gets pushed against the cage and pushes Alfaya off. They trade equally as the round closes. CLOSE CLOSE ROUND. But I think Alfaya showed dominance in the first three minutes, will be debated.

(10-9) Alfaya

Round Three: Will be an interesting round, lets see if Fitch comes out like Diego Sanchez. Fitch looks crisper to start the third. He lands two or three left and right punch combinations,  Alfaya, who is tired and getting rocked pushes Fitch to the cage but doesn't keep him there. Fitch rocked Alfaya and continued to rock Alfaya, He is in zombie mode coming forward to close the distance. Fitch grabs a hold of a body lock, but Alfaya flips him around and presses against the cage, he is exhausted.  Two minutes left, Fitch I think needs a knock out, he probably will lose by split here.

They both start trading, Alfaya goes for a high knee but fails, Fitch takes Alfaya down, is DESPERATELY trying to end the fight from the top position. Alfaya somehow kicks him off and pushes him against the cage. Fitch is throwing him off throws a few last second punches that land, and the fight ends with Alfaya in a guillotine.

Fitch put in work the last two minutes of the second and won the third -- I have it (29-28) Alfaya, but totally see why there may be a differing opinion.

Final Result: Jon Fitch wins via split decision (29-28 X 2) (28-29)


Justin Gaethje vs. Dan Lauzon

Round One: Dan Lauzon is already bright red on the sides of his head from constantly slapping himself to look similar to his brother. They link up 30 seconds in, separate, then come together again in unison throwing punches. Gathje throws the upper-cut the same time Lauzon throws the hook and they both landed. Huge back elbow, followed by huge shot to the body from Gaethje.

Lauzon got rocked. Lauzon loading up with the left, I sense danger. Couple nice punching combinations from Lauzon as we pass halfway through the round. Crazy punches being thrown by these two. The pace will be hard to keep. Right hook from Lauzon wobbles Gaethje. Return kick from Gaethje, who tears into Lauzon's lead leg. He does it again, Lauzon needs to switch stances.  He can't stand on his leg, falls down in pain. Gaethje is hitting his leg with no abandon. Lauzon is desperate to avoid the leg strikes.

The round ends with Lauzon on top somehow. CRAZY ROUND. But they both are exhausted.

(10-9) Gaethje

Round Two: Second round opened with Gaethje now attacking the other leg of Lauzon. I cannot emphasize enough through my words if you are not watching this how tore up Lauzon's leg is. Lauzon landed a few nasty shots up top, in retaliation Gaethje literally tore down the legs of Lauzon.

He lands a huge right hand, pounces and Lauzon is out cold. Either that or his legs really hurt.

Final Result: Justin Gaethje wins via TKO at (1:40) of 2nd round


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