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Conor McGregor: 'I don't want to be the guy leaving' Diego Sanchez being fed with a tube

Conor McGregor has no interest in being the guy who forces Diego Sanchez to eat with a tube for the rest of his life.

With the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in Manchester, England this week for UFC Fight Night 30: 'Machida vs. Munoz', Conor McGregor was front and center for the attending mixed martial arts (MMA) media.

While most were interested in discussing the current status of his injured knee, the most interesting question was in regards to Diego Sanchez, one of many fighters that McGregor has insulted on twitter.

Interestingly, McGregor isn't actually interested in a bout with Sanchez after witnessing his performance against Gilbert Melendez at UFC 166 in Houston, TX. In fact, the only way that he actually would face the "Nightmare" is if he saw his medical reports.

I'm too defensively intelligent. I'm too smooth. I'm telling you right now, he wouldn't hit me once. He wouldn't land one shot. Gil made him miss and capitalized but I'm a little more clinical. I would him him and then he'd hit the floor, trust me on that. Plus the guy's about two punches away -- he's slurring his speech. I'm worried about the guy. Before I fight the guy, I want to see his medical reports. I don't want to be the guy leaving him being fed with a tube for the rest of his life. But as I said, it's easy money and money is my favorite.

As I noted after UFC 166, Sanchez sounded very punch drunk in his post-fight interview. Some attributed the slurred speech to swollen lips, but his mental faculties just weren't firing on all cylinders.

It's actually refreshing to hear that a fighter isn't interested in a bout against an opponent who has shown signs of pugilistic dementia. Here's hoping that McGregor isn't the only fighter on the UFC roster that isn't comfortable facing Sanchez going forward.

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