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Video: Watch UFC President Dana White get injected with 'miracle shot' for Meniere's Disease in Germany

You'll just feel a little prick.

Hugs, not drugs.

Unless you have Meniere's Disease, like Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White, then you don't have much choice. Especially when doctors start treating you like Mr. Potato Head and rearrange your ears with little-to-no success.

Been there, done that.

Besides, who wouldn't want to feel "fucking unbelievable" after getting injected with a bouillabaisse of blood proteins? Thanks to the physicians at Orthogen Lab Services in Dusseldorf, Germany, White is "100-percent cured" and will soon be dragging UFC color commentator Joe Rogan to Deutschland for a similar treatment.

Blood brothers!

White revealed his battle with the debilitating inner-ear disease early last year and like a dutiful patient, tried every means of conventional treatment to get his faulty flaps back in fighting shape. Unfortunately, he was unable to find longterm relief until a surprise referral from New York Yankees Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez sent him to Europe on a wing and a prayer.

That's why White will be forever grateful to "A-Rod."

Thanks to the wonders of Instagram, the leader of the world's largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion can now share his treatment with the rest of the world. True, we won't feel as good as he does after tapping the fountain of youth, but at least we don't have to pay for a flight to Germany.

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