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Wanderlei Silva calls for Team USA vs. Team Brazil format for upcoming TUF season against Chael Sonnen

Anyone else feeling "The Axe Murderer's" idea?

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

It's time to step up and represent your country!

That's according to Wanderlei Silva, who says now that he and bitter rival Chael Sonnen have been pegged as coaches on season three of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Brazil, he wants it to be a country vs. country format, not his fellow Brazilians against one another like the previous two seasons.

"The Axe Murderer" took to his Facebook page to lay down the challenge, asking Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White to pick the best mixed martial arts (MMA) prospects he can find in America and he'll do the same in home country for the upcoming season.

Silva also asked fans to blow up White's Twitter account in order to convince him to consider changing things up.

"Now it's official, I will be responsible for representing our country, and yes I will make him pay for everything he said about us, I really need help and support you in this our new battle yesterday asked Dana to do a show USA BRAZIL you, he chooses the fighters he thinks are the best of the best uses I choose here in Brazil, it makes no sense to be Coach of fighters here, + I want to pick the fighters here, let's make a pressure boss there, blow a Twitter asking him to be so, and once again count on you brother (a) their fans, their strength, thank you for always and in all situations you're with me!!"

If Silva gets his wish, it won't be the first time TUF has featured a country vs. country format.

In 2009, Team USA vs. Team UK went toe-to-toe inside the Octagon during season nine of the reality TV show with Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping serving as coaches. Three years later, during season 18, it was George Sotiropoulos and Ross Pearson leading Team Australia and Team UK during TUF "Smashes."

Furthermore, the upcoming season of TUF Nations -- which is scheduled to air in 2014 -- will feature Team Canada battling Team Australia with Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke pegged as rival coaches.

As Silva looks to get his much-desired revenge (for real this time) on Sonnen for belittling him and badmouthing his country every chance he gets, Wanderlei would love nothing more than to show Brazilians can top the best American fighters out there, as well.

It's actually not a bad idea. After all, while some Brazilian fans and fighters don't mind all of Sonnen's offensive chatter, it's safe to assume the majority of them wouldn't want to be coached by him if they had a choice.

It'd make for an interesting season for sure; of course, that's if the coaches actually make it to the show.

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