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Melvin Guillard: I'm the biggest test of Ross Pearson's career ... and he knows it

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"I'm the 'Young Assassin,' that's what I do." -- Melvin Guillard talks Ross Pearson prior to his UFC Fight Night 30 bout in Manchester, England, on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013.

If nothing else, Melvin Guillard is a case study of the "mercurial athlete." Hot one night, cold the next, you never know if you're going to get the man with the lightning-fast hands who steamrolled the likes of Dennis Siver, Evan Dunham, Shane Roller, Fabricio Camoes and Mac Danzig, or the seemingly gameplan-deficient striker who made boneheaded decisions against Jim Miller and Nate Diaz.

One thing that is almost always the case is fireworks.

It might not always be in his favor, but they usually happen regardless. Such will almost assuredly be the case when Melvin takes on British striker Ross Pearson this Saturday (Oct. 26, 2013) at the Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) Fight Night 30: "Machida vs Munoz" event from Manchester, England.

Says the "Young Assassin":

"I'm coming off a one-fight win streak... and I'm still enjoying that ride... It doesn't matter how many wins you rack up in a row, the only thing that matters is the next guy that's in front of you. I'm probably Ross Person's biggest test in his career and I think he knows that as well... I think that's more pressure on him."

Continuing the theme of pressure and mental foibles, Melvin was fairly candid about having his mental game let him down:

"It's tough when you fight in front of your own home. When I fought in Houston that one time [against Joe Lauzon] I was so ready, so overly ready, I got too excited that I couldn't settle myself down. But he may be better able to handle pressure better than I did, so I'm not banking... I'm not gonna bet on him being under the pressure of his home country. I'm expecting the best Ross Pearson. I'm expecting him to come out and bang, I'm expecting him to go down somewhere between the first and second round."

Finally, Melvin spoke about how he got the fight with Pearson to begin with and the fact that he and his wife are enjoying this British vacation:

"I got this fight the same night I knocked [Mac] Danzig out, and I was asking to fight in Houston and they told me no. I was like 'why?' and they told me I was gonna fight Ross Pearson in Manchester, and I was like 'alright, cool.' I've never been to England. It gave me a chance to visit here, the people are great."

Pearson is pretty crisp and technical on the feet, but he's usually the smaller man. Combine that with Guillard's quickness, I'm leaning towards the Louisiana native myself.

Who ya' got?