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Tito Ortiz & Ken Shamrock ready to 'expose the truth' about Dana White this Thursday (Oct. 24) on TSN's 'Off The Record' (updated)

Two former mixed martial arts (MMA) champions and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) legends are about to dish out the goods on Dana White and the UFC this upcoming Thursday (Oct. 24, 2013) on Canada’s "Off The Record" on TSN -- and it does not look good for either party.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Two former mixed martial arts (MMA) champions and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall of Fame legends are about to lash out on Dana White and UFC this upcoming Thursday (Oct. 24, 2013) on TSN's "Off The Record" (OTR).

Once heated rivals, these two men had bitter quarrels with one another, but are now sitting down to dish out on their former boss.

UFC Hall of Famers Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock will be talking to Michael Landsberg in Canada to discuss the malpractices of Dana White in a roundtable discussion. As we originally reported, Frank Shamrock was supposed to join them, however, due to tech reasons, the first-ever UFC Light Heavyweight champion will not be able to participate.

For those of you who are not familiar with OTR, it is the same program Chael Sonnen walked off two years ago when Landsberg asked him tiresome questions about his career that he had already answered many times before. The show airs on the TSN Network in Canada, which is the equivalent to ESPN in America.

White has been vocal about these three men in the past (and vice versa) and his business practices will be the center of attention on a show he has visited many times before himself.

Granted, it is obvious these three men are out to promote their individual projects as well.

Tito Ortiz will no doubt promote his main event fight with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at Bellator 106, which marks the company's debut on pay-per-view (PPV). The event, headlined by two former UFC stars who felt mistreated by the company, takes place Nov. 2, 2013, at Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California.

Ever since Ortiz joined Bellator, he has been vocal about White and how he felt his arch rival was unfair to him -- and White pulls back no punches when it comes to the man formerly known as "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy." These two have been butting heads since Ortiz's reign as a dominant light heavyweight champion, with bust-ups at post-fight press conferences and arguments through the media.

They were even going to fight at one point, and thankfully, that never happened.

It was just one month ago when Ortiz, who felt that his contributions were overshadowed by the promotion, took to Twitter to rally his main event partner "Rampage," as well as both Shamrocks and Randy Couture, another man who White lost respect for when he jumped to Viacom to be a coach on "Fight Master" instead of an analyst job with UFC,

The plan was to crash UFC 167 in Las Vegas -- feeling that they should have received more respect, given the company's success going into its 20th anniversary show. Ortiz even suggested he pay for the tickets.

The latest brush-up was when Ortiz referred to working for the UFC as slavery, and his comment was not well received by the fandom and media -- and with the president of the company as well -- who took a jab at Ortiz in a comical way.

According to, Ortiz's Hall of Fame spot is missing from the website.

White is no stranger to clashing with each of the Shamrock brothers, either. Frank Shamrock, the UFC's first light heavyweight champion, feels like Dana has a personal vendetta towards him, which is the only reason Frank has not been included in the UFC Hall of Fame yet -- not to mention he had choice words for ZUFFA when they purchased Strikeforce, leaving him out of the fold.

Frank, much like Tito, feels White is in the business to promote himself rather than fighters. Fans are often vocal about the hall of fame exclusion, as his UFC 22 title bout against Ortiz is viewed as one of the best fights in the promotion's history, but never makes the cut on box sets or gets airtime on television years later, even when Ortiz was with the company.

Ken on the other hand, has been in the limelight as of late and it does not look pretty.

The older Shamrock brother canceled a fight with Ian Freeman on July 27 and has since been on a mission to prove fighter pay is bogus and that he paved the way for the UFC to be what it is today. White got word of Shamrock's plans and told the media that Shamrock still owes him $175,000 from a three-year-old court order, calling him a "piece of shit" and that he was "coming for the money."

For both parties involved, this seems like bad business.

To have three legends take to a nationwide broadcast and grill their former employer is not good for business, and it gives the sport a little bit of a black eye for those who know nothing about MMA. Even if the trio has decent points to argue, this situation should still be avoided yet Michael Landsberg loves this sort of stuff and he is no stranger to the controversies and untold practices of the sport.

The most ironic part is Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock once hated each other so passionately but will now sit down together to unload on a man they feel is ruining the sport. Hardcore fans will never forget their trilogy of fights at UFC 40 (where Ortiz successfully defended the light heavyweight championship), UFC 61 and UFC Fight Night 6.5 (Ortiz vs. Shamrock: The Last Chapter. Ortiz won all three fights.

Quite the turn of events.

We will keep you posted with what goes down on Thursday evening and whether or not White cares to respond to the accusations or ignores the broadcast altogether, giving it little thought.

OTR can be seen on TSN, Canada's leading sports channel at 5 p.m. eastern time.

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