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UFC Fight Night 30 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Machida vs. Munoz' on Oct. 26 via FOX Sports 2 from Manchester, England

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) makes its FOX Sports 2 return with UFC Fight Night 30: "Machida vs. Munoz" this Saturday night (Oct. 26, 2013) from Phones4U Arena in Manchester, England. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is set to pull the trigger on UFC Fight Night 30, which will go down inside Phones4U Arena in Manchester, England, TODAY (Sat., Oct. 26, 2013) on FOX Sports 2.

Sorry Brits, no Michael Bisping to jeer cheer for. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 30 fight card today below, starting with the Facebook / YouTube under card "Prelims" bouts at 12:15 p.m. ET and then main card televised action (on FOX Sports 2), which is slated to begin at 3 p.m. ET.

UFC Fight Night 30 will feature a Middleweight main event between ex-Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida in his 185-pound debut against longtime division contender Mark Munoz.

Expect the winner to be in line for a future title shot.

Melvin Guillard and Ross Pearson will hook 'em up in the co-featured fight of the night to inch closer to Lightweight legitimacy, while Jimi Manuwa will look to keep his perfect professional record (13-0) intact against the hard-hitting Ryan Jimmo.

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 30 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


185 lbs.: Lyoto Machida vs. Mark Munoz -- Lyoto Machida wins via KO at (3:10) of 1st round
155 lbs.: Melvin Guillard vs. Ross Pearson -- NO CONTEST
205 lbs.: Ryan Jimmo vs. Jimi Manuwa -- Jimi Manuwa wins via TKO at (4:41) of 2nd round
155 lbs.: Norman Parke vs. Jon Tuck -- Norman Parke wins via unanimous decision (29-28 X 2) (30-27)
185 lbs.: Nicholas Musoke vs. Alessio Sakara -- Nicholas Musoke wins via submission at (3:07) of 1st round
145 lbs.: Phil Harris vs. John Lineker -- John Lineker wins via TKO at (2:51) of 1st round
155 lbs.: Piotr Hallmann vs. Al Iaquinta -- Al Iaquinta wins via unanimous decision (30-27 X 2) (29-28)
185 lbs.: Luke Barnatt vs. Andrew Craig -- Luke Barnatt wins via submission at (2:12) of 2nd round
135 lbs.: Jessica Andrade vs. Rosi Sexton -- Jessica Andrade wins via unanimous decision (30-26 X 2) (30-27)
145 lbs.: Cole Miller vs. Andy Ogle -- Cole Miller wins via unanimous decision (29-28) X 3
145 lbs.: Jim Hettes vs. Robert Whiteford -- Jim Hettes wins via submission at (2:17) of 2nd round
185 lbs.: Michael Kuiper vs. Bradley Scott -- Bradley Scott wins via submission at (4:17) of 1st round


C.J. Tuttle here ... ALL DAY!

Lyoto Machida vs. Mark Munoz

Round one: One minute in and nothing has been thrown. The Lyoto Machida five-round feeling process has begun. Mark Munoz shoots, but misses badly and they stand in front of one another with three minutes left. Machida is doing the stalking. Big leg kick to the body of Munoz from Machida, looks painful. Followed by another. Two minutes to go.


Yikes, the shot to the temple ends the evening for Munoz. Nasty, expect GIFS.

Final result: Lyoto Machida wins via KO at (3:10) of first round


Melvin Guillard vs. Ross Pearson

Round one: They got after it right away. Big haymaker attempt from Guillard. Huge left hook attempt from Pearson. Both men are not shying away from confrontation. One minute in and the pace is slowing a tad. Pearson is pressing Guillard. Melvin looks soooo fast, but Pearson is not backing down. Pearson went for a flying knee and paid dearly for it. There was a knee to the head, then a knee to the body, the ref is calling it a no contest. Pearson looked to have a knee down, and Melvin went in for the finish but the ref stopped the fight immediately.

There is a cut on Pearson's head but this one is going to be a no contest. *Crowd chants bullshit*

Final result: The referee has declared the fight a no contest due to an accidental foul


Ryan Jimmo vs. Jimi Manuwa

Round one: Jimmo immediately comes out swinging. Manuwa catches a kick and slightly attempts a take down but gives up. They end up against the cage, with Jimmo in control. Manuwa is trying to do damage from inside the clinch, as the ref separates them. Manuwa lands a big punch followed by a knee to the body of Jimmo. He is kneeing the sh*t out of Jimmo's left thigh. Jimmo is wincing. He doesn't like the knees he is taking and flips the script, pushes Manuwa against the cage. Then Manuwa reverses. Then the ref breaks it up. Jimmo is limping. Manuwa is coming forward, and Jimmo is running, Manuwa connected on a hook kick that riled up the crowd. Jimmo is waiting on Manuwa to strike and it isn't working in his favor. Jimmo got tagged again by a left from Manuwa.

(10-9) Manuwa

Round two: The second round opened with Jimmo pressing Manuwa against the cage, Manuwa's corner is screaming for him to continue working over Jimmo's leg. I love this ref, he keeps breaking the two up when they are against the steel mesh. Manuwa really wants to throw, Jimmo doesn't. I am pleased to see Manuwa being patient, not forcing anything against a fighter who obviously wants nothing to do with a fight, he just wants to hold him down. Manuwa got Jimmo against the cage with two minutes left, Jimmo quickly reversed after two leg kicks, THEN THE REF STEPPED IN AGAIN. There was an accidental low blow when the ref split them up, Jimmo begged for five minutes.

They went back at it as Jimmo switched to southpaw stance. Jimmo keeps going to the well with the blanket against the cage technique, but the ref is not having it. One minute remaining, Manuwa throws a huge left hook, it lands, presses Jimmo against the cage, Jimmo tries to throw Manuwa, Manuwa throws a knee Jimmo bounces up and down and as he does so he suffers some sort of knee injury and the fight is over! Weird ending. But who wanted another round of Jimmo?

Final result: Jimi Manuwa wins via TKO at (4:41) of 2nd round


Norman Parke vs. Jon Tuck

Round one: Parke has a Stone Cold Steve Austin style knee brace on his left leg. Both feeling each other out in the first minute. Tuck looks like he wants to use leg kicks to keep Parke away. Parke uses the southpaw stance, checking the high kicks well. Parke nailed Tuck with a big left hand, Tuck retaliated with a kick of his own and tried to gain control in the clinch but was unsuccessful. A nice punching combination from Parke, followed by another high kick that made Tuck lose his balance. Parke is using the left hand well, these two are comfortable trading, no wrestling here. Parke is moving forward and hitting the punches inside. Parke scored a very late take down that I think sealed the frame in his favor. Close round.

(10-9) Parke

Round two: Parke runs against the cage to start the second. Begins throwing the left again. Parke is dabbing away at Tuck with the left, now it seems to have taken a toll on Tuck, who is slowing down visibly. Look for take down attempts to start coming soon. Parke is doing work this round, he looks relaxed, aware that his opponent is getting slower. The left hand of Parke is doing work, NOW a big head kick from Parke, wobbles Tuck a bit. This was one of those boring but decisive rounds, and it is definitely in Parke's favor.

(10-9) Parke

Round three: They come out for the third and Parke again comes right at Tuck, looking to keep the inside distance and keep scoring with the left. Tuck showing a little bit of something, he lands a couple right hands, but the lack of conditioning is the difference with three minutes left in the third. Parke knocks Tuck's mouth piece out, Tuck grabs it as Parke capitalizes. Parke STILL coming forward looking to keep scoring with the left. Pending something crazy, this one is over. The two have a nice exchange at the end, but this is all Parke.

(10-9) Parke

(30-27) Parke on C.J.'s card

Final result: Norman Parke wins via unanimous decision (29-28 X 2) (30-27)


Nicholas Musoke vs. Alessio Sakara

Round one: Both men wobbled each other with huge exchanges. Musoke ended up on top of Sakara then, Sakara ended up on top of Musoke. There was a split second lapse from Sakara, and Musoke capitalized, committed to the arm bar and verbally told the referee that Sakara was tapping to the submission. The difference in the fight was Musoke refusing to be scared by Sakara's wild exchanges.

Final result: Nicholas Musoke wins via submission at (3:07) of first round


Phil Harris vs. John Lineker

Round one: Linecker has some nasty leg kicks and is the aggressor. For someone who missed weight, Lineker looks to be in good shape. He hit Harris with a big punch that wobbled Harris, then another huge punch, he is now just wrecking Harris with punches. Harris is running around the Octagon. A body shot dropped Harris and Lineker finished with the punches.

Final result: John Lineker wins via TKO at (2:51) of 1st round.



Piotr Hallmann vs. Al Iaquinta

Round one: Iaquinta literally immediately went for the take down. He maneuvered himself towards Hallmann's back, there was nothing there and they separate. They are engaging in the center, Iaquinta threw a couple big head kicks, but they were blocked. Iaquinta is now eating some shots, not looking worse for the wear yet, but he cannot continue to do this. They are banging. Good pace thus far. Iaquinta is bleeding from the chin, they trade nice combinations with two minutes left. Nice head kick from Iaquinta that Hallman eats. The pace is slowing, another good body kick from Iaquinta, who the goes for the take down, but it gets stuffed. Hallmann gets a late take down, but I lean towards Iaquinta in the round.

(10-9) Iaquinta

Round two: They come out and Hallmann lands a right hand to the chin. Hallmann scores a take down but Iaquinta stands back up quickly. Iaqunta hurt Hallmann and is going for the finish, he is going all in with punches to get the TKO. Hallmann grabbed a leg and is holding on for dear life. They stand and Iaquinta is still trying to finish, he grabs the midsection of Hallmann and is riding him, good round for Iaquinta. He clearly hurt the guy and went for the finish but Hallmann has recovered nicely.

(10-9) Iaquinta

Round three: Hallmann is fading a bit, he did get a take down and landed a spinning back kick to the body, but he is looking gassed. There was an accidental eye poke from Iaquinta, the ref had been warning Iaquinta about the pokes, but he didn't take a point. Iaquinta is showing good movement and this correlates to a take down. They are now trading take downs, and are back on their feet with two minutes left. Iaquinta with a nice combination and then a sprawl. They go back towards the cage and Iaquinta takes him down and gets his back. One minute remaining, Iaquinta is in control of the round and the fight. Hallmann is looking busted up, Iaquinta gets his third take down of the round and this one is finished

(10-9) Iaquinta

(30-27) Iaquinta on C.J.'s card

Final result: Al Iaquinta wins via unanimous decision (30-27 X 2) (29-28)


Luke Barnatt vs. Andrew Craig

Round one: Both are countering one another to start the bout. Craig threw a leg kick but it was checked and he came up limping. Three minutes left in the frame, not too much has gone down thus far. Andrew Craig landed a huge right hand that had Rogan screaming his fool head off. Craig looks good standing up. Barnatt using the left jab, and it is landing, but he isn't following up with the big punch. Craig landed another big left hook to stagger Barnatt.

Barnatt dropped Craig, Andrew is barely standing up. The ref let the fight continue, and Craig stayed alive. Barnatt did not finish the fight in time, really exciting round towards the end. Craig still won the round though.

(10-9) Craig

Round two: Craig looks to have recovered in between rounds, Barnatt now is following up on that left jab with the power punch as I alluded to in the first round. AGAIN BARNATT DROPPED CRAIG. He then celebrated, and didn't get the finish, Barnatt scored a trip on Craig, took his back, then got the tap via rear naked choke. Good showing from Barnatt.

Final result: Luke Barnatt wins via submission at (2:12) of second round


Jessica Andrade vs. Rosi Sexton

Round one: Andrade has come out with guns blazing to start off the first frame of the fight. Sexton is durable and is absorbing the punishment. Sexton scored a take down, and countered nicely a few times. As the round ended, Andrade dropped Sexton then out of instinct kneed Sexton in the head.

(10-9) Andrade

Round two: This round has been a legal beating put on by Andrade. Constant punches being landed by Andrade has Joe Rogan calling for the fight to be stopped. Tons of punches to the head. My internet became a little choppy but I have it as a (10-8) round.

(10-8) Andrade

Round three: Sexton is still coming out for the third. She landed a few sloppy punches and kicks, then got the take down, but she has absolutely nothing left in the gas tank. Sexton landed a huge right hand that staggered Andrade. That is all she has left is prayers, as this one has been a constant beat down.

(10-9) Andrade

(30-26) Andrade on C.J.'s card

Final result: Jessica Andrade wins via unanimous decision (30-26 X 2) (30-27)


Cole Miller vs. Andy Ogle

Round one: Miller comes out using the left jab to not let Ogle get inside. Miller tagged Ogle multiple times with the right hand, Ogle looked rocked, but weathered the storm. They ended up against the fence, Miller landed a knee to the head of Ogle. The size difference looks to be the deciding factor in this match-up. Ogle got the take down but immediately gave up his back. Miller is hanging on, looking to catch his breath. Ogle is protecting his neck well, but is losing this round based on ground control.

(10-9) Miller

Round two: Ogle came out and attempted the single leg take down. He failed and found himself in a bad position as Miller went all in for the guillotine. Ogle waited it out and ended up in the top position following the submission. Miller had a beautiful sweep on the ground, but was countered by Ogle. Then he exploded and had another sweep and was trying to get an arm bar but Ogle stayed patient. The round ended the same way the first did, with Miller in control on the canvas.

(10-9) Miller

Round three: Ogle came out swinging. He is aware he needs the finish and is really showing it. Miller is taking some shots and is bleeding under his right eye. Ogle went for a take down and scored it, but I don't know why he keeps engaging with Miller on the ground. Now Ogle is throwing some elbows that are landing, the crowd (the few there) is loud and egging Ogle on. Ogle postured up and ate an up-kick from Miller. Good third so far.

Miller is holding on, similar to some of his more recent fights, this is the Miller detractors speak of. Not the Miller from rounds one and two. Ogle is still on top on the ground with 90 seconds left, Miller is breathing heavy. Ogle trying to pass into a full mount, but Miller is showing strong defense. Ogle showed his stuff in the third, but it won't matter come decision time.

(10-9) Ogle

(29-28) Miller on C.J.'s card

Final result: Cole Miller wins via unanimous decision (29-28) X 3


Jim Hettes vs. Robert Whiteford

Round one: Whiteford caught a kick from Hettes and countered nicely with a right hook. Whiteford doing his best to maintain the pace of the fight and is showing wrist control two minutes in. Hettes managed to get the take down and went for an Americana. After realizing he wasn't able to execute the move, Hettes took Whiteford's back and is being patient in looking for a submission. With 20 seconds left, Whiteford exploded and rose to his feet, but Hettes took him down again as the round ended.

(10-9) Hettes

Round two: Hettes demonstrating strong grappling to begin the second. He ended up with Whiteford's back. The Scot is putting on a strong effort to escape the floor work, but just as I say this, Hettes locked in the triangle and got the second tap out of the day.

Final result: Jim Hettes wins via submission at (2:17) of second round.


Michael Kuiper vs. Bradley Scott

Round one: Brad Scott is the aggressor to open the first bout of the day. He is pressing Kuiper against the cage and utilizing knees to score points. Kuiper was able to trip Scott and score a take down, but Scott was right back to his feet and back to pressing Kuiper against the cage. They have stayed in the clinch for the duration of the first round. The ref stepped in with 90 seconds left and the two began trading leg kicks. With one minute left Kuiper is carrying all of Scott's weight. Scott grabbed the front choke and ended the bout with the submission.

Final result: Brad Scott wins via submission at (4:17) of first round.


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