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Dana White claims B.J. Penn is 'almost' on weight already

If you were worried that B.J. Penn was going to show up to The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 out of shape, calm yourself. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White says Penn is "almost" on weight already.


Next season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) will be coached by Frankie Edgar and B.J. Penn, two former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight champions. In fact, they've fought twice before, with Edgar taking two decision victories over Penn.

Those wins ensured Edgar's legacy as one of the top Lightweight fighters in UFC history, while Penn's career hit kind of a downward spiral. Since the second bout with Edgar, Penn is 1-2-1 and hasn't particularly looked good in any of those performances.

So with the announcement that Penn would be coaching opposite of Edgar, who is now fighting in the UFC's Featherweight division, the question remained: Could Penn actually make 145 pounds?

UFC President Dana White was asked about Penn after last night's (Oct. 19, 2013) UFC 166 post-fight press conference and said that Penn will surprise a lot of people.

"First of all, everyone is questioning his weight? He's almost there now. Wait till you see how skinny he is, it's crazy. BJ is one of those guys, once he sets his mind to something this is what he's decided to do. He believes he's going to rip through these guys and win that title and I love that. That's what I want guys here for. That's why when the older guys try and come back, I ask 'why?' You're at this age, you've accomplished so many things, look what BJ Penn has accomplished. BJ Penn built the 155 pound division at a time when people used to go, 'Oh those guys are too small, we don't want to see the small guys fight. Those guys will never be a pay-per-view draw.' BJ was one of the biggest PPV draws in the UFC at the time."

If and this is a very important "if," but if Penn is in shape already, it's very possible that he'll be able to reinvent himself and make one final run at UFC gold. His problems have always been inside his head. He's notorious for not dedicating himself in the gym, the place where it matters most.

I, like everyone else, want to see Penn at his best one last time. The guy who licks blood and wants to fight to the death.

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