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UFC 166 results recap: John Dodson vs Darrell Montague fight review and analysis

Flyweight power striker John "Magician" Dodson put on quite a show at last night's (Oct. 19, 2013) UFC 166 in Houston. Making Darrell Montague's Octagon disappear into thin air, Dodson made a strong case for another 125-pound title shot. Read our breakdown of his lightning-fast knockout below!

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Former Flyweight title challenger John Dodson looked to get back in the win column against Darrell Montague at last night's (October 19, 2013) UFC 166 from Houston, Texas. Considered one of the fastest fighters in all of mixed martial arts (MMA), "Magician" nearly took Demetrious Johnson's belt earlier this year at UFC on Fox 6. But he waned in the later rounds to ultimately lose a decision. Dodson was in need of a convincing win to regain his lost momentum.

He got exactly that, spoiling Montague's Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut in a big way. Dodson continues to entertain fans with flash knockouts and even flashier post-fight acrobatics.

Let's take a look back at Dodson's explosive win from Toyota Center.

Most expected "Magician's" razor-sharp boxing skills to take control of this bout - and after a bit of a slow start they did. Dodson started the fight by landing a few single shots, and Montague landed some sharp low kicks.

But the action picked up quick, and Montague's downfall was just around the corner.

Dodson landed a huge shot that dropped Montague. "Magician" instantly picked Montague up and slammed him to the canvas, looking to finish the fight on the ground. A huge amount of credit goes to Montague for showing incredible toughness by recovering from Dodson's onslaught.

Dodson kept the pressure on, finding a home for a vicious straight left that floored Montague, who fell to the canvas knocked out. Dodson sealed the deal with some ground punches, but the fight was over well before they ever landed. Montague was stunned to the point of waking up to look for a takedown attempt on the referee.

For his part, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 winner Dodson firmly cements his place among the top three contenders in the UFC 125-pound arena. It seems almost inevitable that Dodson gets a rematch with "Mighty Mouse." There's no doubt that he is the most impressive knockout artist at flyweight. In a division that's criticized for its lack of striking stoppages, Dodson bucks the trend in a big way. He's at the top of his game, but Johnson just may be his kryptonite.

For Montague, it's a disappointing setback in a failed opportunity to make a huge statement in his UFC debut. The former Tachi Palace Fights (TPF) flyweight champion still sits with an impressive 15-3 record, and should receive a noted step down in competition his next time out to the Octagon. He won't get too many more chances to prove himself -- so a win will be absolutely crucial to staying employed by the UFC. Montague is a resilient fighter who has the talent and toughness to compete with the vast majority of UFC flyweights.

Dodson kicked off the UFC 166 main card with quite a bang last night, and he could be looking at another 125-pound title shot for his efforts. With Johnson set to face off with surging Joseph Benavidez, Dodson may have to take a fight against someone like Ian McCall in the meantime. Flyweight is beginning to fill up with talent, which in turn will provide Dodson some excellent chances to prove how far his skills have come.

Is there a fighter who blends power and speed with such ruthless efficiency better than Dodson? Is there anywhere else for him to go other than another title shot?

John Dodson continued to show that his power can end fights in an instant. Will he soon have the flyweight belt wrapped around his waist?