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Dana White: 'We're going to go after guys that are abusing TRT'

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters are on notice. If they're abusing Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT, Dana White is coming after them.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been following mixed martial arts (MMA) for the past few years, you know that Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) usage is becoming a bit of an epidemic. While it's completely legal if granted a therapeutic use exemption (TUE), it's viewed as a way for athletes to get their performance enhancing drug (PED) fix.

It's not even that fighters are looking for a way to game the system. That's bound to happen in every sport. It's that the reasons given for the treatment are absolutely absurd. Only in MMA can an adult male get a doctor's permission to use artificial testosterone while also having the build of a Rob Liefeld super hero.

During the MMA media day on Thursday for UFC 166, Ultimate Fighting President Dana White was asked his opinion regarding Ben Rothwell's suspension. White, as usually when discussing TRT, made it known he's still not a fan of his fighters using TRT, especially if it's because they're gaming the system.

It's not that I felt that they weren't doing their job. I told you guys however long ago what our stance on TRT was. We have a position on TRT and no matter where we are, we're going to go after guys that are abusing TRT. We do do other stuff too, like we pre-test. I told you, we test the sh*t out of Vitor Belfort, you know? And any other guys that we know are taking testosterone have to check in (Marc) Ratner and we go down there and we test them.

You can be as shocked as you want to be, now you're sitting on the f***ing sidelines for nine months, you know? When you're a professional athlete, you better know what's going on with your own f***ing body and what's going in it and when it's going in it and how much is going in it.

And Rothwell's UFC 164 opponent, Brandon Vera? "The Truth" will likely live to fight another day in the UFC.

I dunno. Did we cut Vera? I'd imagine if he hasn't been cut yet, he won't be cut.

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