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ADCC 2013 results, LIVE fight coverage stream online for 'Beijing,' Day 2

ADCC 2013 Worlds submission wrestling tournament from Ditan Gymnasium in Beijing, China, is underway. Check out complete ADCC 2013 "Beijing" results below for Day 2.

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Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) is back. The biennial submission grappling tournament is located in Beijing, China, this year and has flown many of the best grapplers on the planet. Elite submission wrestlers will be doing their best to win their 16-man division and the prize money that goes along with it.

Tonight (Oct. 19, 2013) marks Day 2 of the tournament.

Once again, ADCC has a stacked roster. Mixed martial srts (MMA) fans will recognize Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veterans like Ben Henderson, Vinny Magalhaes and Dean Lister, who will be grappling alongside Brazilian jiu-jitsu phenoms such as Leo Viera, Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida, and Keenan Cornelius. Additionally, Braulio Estima, Andre Galvao, Mario Sperry, and Fabio Gurgel will be competing in super fights.

To view the full roster click HERE, while the brackets are available HERE.

Despite its location at Ditan Gymnasium, the premier no-gi grappling contest will be offering three separate streams, which can be purchased HERE from Ustream. There will be three mats going at once, meaning each stream covers an individual mat. MMAmania will be covering the action seen on stream one live throughout the weekend.

Yesterday, ADCC started. In the first round, a majority of the favorites move through. Some highlights include a major upset as Magalhaes lost in the second round, Henderson pulling off an incredibly exciting win over Nogueira, and Galvao choking out Estima.

For more ADCC 2013 'Beijing' results from yesterday click HERE.

As always, MMAmania is the place to be for live discussion and reaction. Our readers will dissect this card while it happens and long after, so feel free to chat up the other Maniacs in the comments section below as you watch many of the best grapplers on the planet do their thing.


Match 1: Gabi Garcia vs Tammy Griego

Both women grapple from the clinch in the early moments of the match, before Garcia powers through a takedown. Griego is working an open half guard. She works back to full guard while framing the face. Garcia pressures heavily and is almost passed, but Griego manages to trap a leg.

Garcia passes to side control. Garcia is sitting out, crushing Griego. Garcia appears to be looking for an armlock. Griego squirms and gives up turtle. She gets back to her guard and goes for a leglock. It fails. Garcia slices her knee through Griego's guard to full mount. Garica is straight crushing Griego with top pressure. She's looking for an americana.

Garcia switches to back mount and attacks the neck. Her size advantage is massive, she's clearly out-muscling Griego. Griego is game and gets back to her guard. Garcia gets back to side control and finishes

Garcia finishes Griego with an americana

Quick result: Maria Malyasiak taps Fernanda Mazelli with a leg lock

Quick result: Nicollini wins via points

Quick result:  Luana Alzugir submits Michelle Tavares

Match 2: De Oliveira vs Dopp

The quality is poor and I'm  having a tough time figuring out who is who. Men's match. Shirtless guy on the bottom is going for a calf slicer early. Looks pretty tight. He switches to a heel hook. Shirtless manages to sweep. He passes guard as the other man tries to roll to turtle.

I'm fairly sure shirtless is de Oliveira and not-shirtless is Dopp. This stream sucks, but De Oliveira is clearly winning.

De Oliveira passes once more and moves to north-south. He then takes the back.  He loses the second hook and can't get it back. Moves to turtle. Now he's in side control. Dopp reverses position and starts working to pass guard. He fails and is in the butterfly. De Oliveira attempts a sweep and they're back on their feet.

Dopp works hard for a takedown and gets it. He almost passes but loses on points.

De Oliveira wins via points

Quick result: Buchecha wins via points

Match 3: Lister vs Lazzarini

This stream is so incredibly blurry it's difficult to tell who is who. Once again, the only difference between the two men is who has a rashguard on. Shirtless is on top and working to pass. Rashguard works back to butterfly. He gets a sweep.

Shirtless drops back and gets a heelhook! It looked very tight. It's become apparent that shirtless is in fact Dean Lister, the favorite to win this division. He certainly wrestled like him.

Dean Lister wins via heelhook

Match 4: Lovato Jr. vs Popovitch

Lovato sits guard and starts working from butterfly. He starts working the rubber guard. He begins working for a gogoplata. Popovitch gets out and starts to work from standing. Popovitch enters his butterfly guard once more. Popovitch repeatedly tries to pass and fails, then goes back to standing above Lovato.

Popovitch tries to dive over the guard and nearly gets swept. Now, he moves to the half guard. Not a lot going on, as neither man is really committing to much. Pablo just can't control Lovato's legs. The ref stands them back up, and I think he warned them for stalling.

Both men cautiously look for trips. Pretty slow match. Lovato shoots and is stuffed easily. Lovato half pulls guard, Popovitch tries to capitalize by hopping to his back and nearly gets rolled for his efforts. Popovitch manages to sneak nearly to the back but can't get his hooks in. They wind back up in Lovato's guard. Lovato grabs a kneebar and starts cranking. He switches to an inside heel hook, but Popovitch escapes.

Lovato Jr. wins via points

Quick result: Joao Gabriel beats Jarred Dopp by points

Quick result: Joao Assis submits Leo Nogueira with a heel hook

Quick result: Barral defeats Cornelius by decision

Match 5: Souza vs Vieira

The two men clinch and push each other around. The ref sets them back in the center. Lots of feinting but few actual takedown attempts. Gotta love wrestling matches between jiu-jitsu specialists.

Souza finally hits a takedown but gets too aggressive, trying to hop on Vieira's back. He loses position, and they're back to their feet.

My stream dies and suddenly I'm watching a different match? Seriously? For about a minute, I got to watch Miyao vs Mendes, which looked like a good match.

Back to Souza and Vieira. Vieira is on top and aggressively trying to pass. My stream glitches and Souza's hand is being raised. I believe he won by points?

Souza via points

Quick result: Kron Gracie armbars JT Torres

Quick result: Mendes defeats Miyao on points

There isn't any action going on mat 1 at the moment. ADCC is showing a 4 way split screen of the two current matchs, an empty mat, and the ADCC logo. It's too small to make out any details

Match 6: Dopp vs Cyborg for third place

Dopp hits a hard takedown early, directly into side control. Cyborg gets him back to an open guard. Dopp is driving his knee into Cyborg's chest. Abreu counters by putting his foot in the hip. Dopp tries, and fails, to run around Cyborg's open guard. Abreu is clearly looking for his beloved tornado guard.

Cyborg finally goes inverted and begins locking up a heel hook. Dopp yanks his leg out, nearly falls, but manages to maintain top position. Cyborg stands up directly into a single leg takedown. He fails to finish it and sits again. Cyborg eventually gets a deep half guard. Dopp tries to spin out and Cyborg locks up his leg!

The two men are stuck in an odd position. Dopp is basically doing a split on top of Cyborg. They eventually get back to open guard. Cyborg blasts a single leg right from open guard. He gets it, Dopp stands up, but Cyborg suplexes him back to the mat. Cyborg has Dopp's back. As Dopp tries to spin into Abreu's guard, Cyborg works a calf slicer.

He finishes it!

Cyborg Abreu wins via calf slicer and takes bronze

Quick result: Cobrinha defeats Rader

Match 7: Miyao vs Rader for third place

Miyao pulls guard and immediately inverts. He's constantly looking for berimbolo sweeps and leg locks. He manages to isolate a leg, but it looks like Rader is out. Miyao is definitely on the offensive. Miyao has come close to a few successful positions, but Rader pulls away just in time.

Not this time though, as Miyao successfully sweeps Rader with his crazy inverted game. He sneaks around to his back but only has one hook in. Rader stands up. They're out of bounds, and the ref resets them in the middle. Once again, Miyao is working from his back.

Miyao really wants the berimbolo sweep. His style may look odd, but it's very difficult to deal with. Miyao is being very aggressive, but Rader is defending quite well. Miyao sweeps, takes the back, but is shaken off before he can get his hooks fully in once again.

Rader is getting more active with his pass attempts. However, Miyao's berimbolo offense puts him back on the defensive. Man, Miyao forces some crazy positions with his grappling. Miyao runs Rader off the mat and through the advertisements surrounding it with a sweep! The ref puts them back in the center, with Miyao on top. The men argue what position they were in.

On the start, Miyao immediately latches onto a body lock from back. Rader defends, and Miyao is back on the bottom. He's working a VERY tight twisting footlock from the knee reap position. As Rader escapes, you can hear In the background, "Rader doesn't tap!"

Apparently not, because that was a very tight foot lock.

In the midst of Miyao's wild spinning, he somehow got hit on his nose. They pause the match to stop the bleeding. The match resets with Miyao on his butt, but it ends before much more can happen. Rader won the match on points, but I'm not entirely sure how. Either way, that was a fantastic match.

Rader takes the decision and third place

Quick result: Leo Nogueira defeats Lazzarrini and wins bronze

Quick result: Tammy Greigo beats Mazzelli by judges decision and earns bronze

I have no idea what language the announcer is speaking. I wish it was English. HOLY CRAP LENNE HARDT JUST STARTED SCREAMING!!!!! I've never been this happy to hear her incredibly loud voice. I actually understood what was being said for the first time in hours.

Match 8: Gabi Garcia vs Maria Malyjasiak

Gabi is so damn big. She easily stuffs Maria's takedown. Garcia is controlling a front head lock. She switches to a guillotine, forces Maria onto her back, and finishes the choke. It's that easy for her.

Gabi Garcia wins via guillotine and takes home the gold

I believe ADCC is only running one mat at a time for the finals, meaning I can cover them all. Good news!

Match 9: Luanna Alzugulr vs Michelle Nicolini

Nicolini pulls butterfly guard, and it's almost immediately passed. She recovers and begins elevating LA. Nicolini starts attacking her leg with a heel hook, but LA hides her foot. LA is doing a good job keeping her foot flat on the mat, which prevent Nicolini from securing the heel hook.

Nicolini appears to be trying to sweep now, rather than submit. Suddenly, she switches to a straight foot lock! LA rolls, and Nicolini goes back to the heel hook before nearly hitting a kneebar. Two near submissions, but they end up in the 50-50 guard.

They move back into Nicolini's butterfly guard. LA stands up and is back in a heel hook! She rolls but fails to get her knee out!

Nicolini wins first place via heel hook

Match 10: Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida vs Gabriel de Oliveira

The two men grapple from the clinch. Oliveira attempts an arm drag but fails. Oliveira is a little more active, but Buchecha is shrugging off his attempts. The ref resets them in the middle of the mat. Buchecha looks very relaxed. A few minutes in and not a lot has happened.

This match is so dull that the ADCC stream is showing the girls getting their medals. Fascinating stuff. Hooray! Oliveira hit a trip, and it's time for some jiu-jitsu! They're working from open guard, Oliveira has his knee up. He tries to pass, but Buchecha turtles and rolls for a kneebar. He switches to a twisting footlock that looks tight!

Oliveira gets out, and the ref resets them in the middle. Buchecha once again rolls for a leg. This time, he secure the heel hook! Oliveira taps out!!

Buchecha Almeida wins gold via heel hook

Match 11: Dean Lister vs Joao Assis

Dean Lister is up, so expect some more footlocks. The video abruptly cuts to competitors getting medals then back to the match. Lister is on his back, although I do not know how he got there. He's working from half guard, and Assis is staying very tight. Lister moves him to full guard, and the match is moved to the middle.

The stream cuts to Buchecha getting a medal, despite the fact that there is a finals match going on.

Back to the match and not much has changed. Lister hits an arm drag and moves to the back. He's working very hard to get his second hook in. It looks like Assis is escaping out the back door, and Lister might be going for his arm. Lister is definitely attacking the arm now.

Assis is completely flattened out, but his grip remains tight. Lister is very relaxed and hasn't seriously pulled yet. It looks like the arm bar is loosening. Assis escapes, and the fight is back in Lister's guard. Assis successfully passes to north-south. He moves to side control. Assis is doing nothing except controlling.

Lister spins and returns to his feet. Lister shoots and is easily stuffed. The two men begin wrestling from their knees. Lister snaps his head down and grabs a guillotine! It looks tight, and Assis pulls guard to relieve the pressure. He gets out but is on the bottom in half guard.

Assis sweeps Lister mid-pass. Lister gets his half guard once again. Assis is up by two points, so Lister needs to get something going. Instead, he nearly gets his guard passed again. Lister goes for an omaplata but fails. As Assis reenters Lister's guard, he falls into a triangle! He escapes! Assis passes Lister's guard and takes his back! What a finish to this match!

Joao Assis upsets Dean Lister via points to win ADCC gold

Match 12: Rafael Lovato Jr vs Romolo Barral

Both men come forward aggressively. They fight in the clinch but neither has a clear advantage. About five minutes in, they're still on the feet, and nothing has happened. Finally, Lovato hits an arm drag to knee pick and finishes it. He immediately dives on a foot and tries to finish a cross grip.

He transitions to a heel hook, and while it's close, Barral ultimately gets out. Now Barral is on top. Lovato attempts and sweep, and they're back on their feet. Heavy on the circling, light on grappling. The short amount of time this match was on the ground was electric, but the stand up is pretty boring.

Lots and lots and lots and lots of hand fighting.

Lovato shoots, but Barral sprawls hard, controlling a head lock. He's staying very heavy on Lovato's neck, which eventually forces Lovato to pull guard. Barral has Lovato flattened out from half guard. Barral tries to take Lovato's back and lands in side control. He once again tries to take the back, but Lovato shakes him off, and they're back to their feet.

Lovato's takedown gets him caught in a front headlock once more. Lovato rolls out and into guard. The score is still 0-0, and this match has to be nearly over. Lovato and Barral are back on their feet in the clinch... Again. Both men look fairly tired. Lovato nearly gets thrown from the clinch then follows it up by nearly tossing Barral with a whizzer.

Lovato shoots a single and NEARLY finishes it. Barral sprawls hard on him, but Lovato hangs on to the leg and continues to drive. He needs to turn the corner. Barral manages to fully stop the shot, circle around, and take Lovato's back. When the bell rings, Barral was just seconds away from the rear naked choke.

Romolo Barral takes first place via decision

Match 13: Kron Gracie vs Otavio Souza

I have high hopes for this fight, as Gracie is a super aggressive grappler. Kron moves forward, and Souza pushes him away repeatedly. Souza looks stronger and is muscling Kron around a little on the feet. Lots of face framing going on, but not much else.

My hopes have been dashed. Nothing is happening. The crowd is making chicken noises. I hope someone slips, and BJJ starts occurring.

Souza finally goes for a blast double directly into a guillotine choke. He taps very quickly. That match was literally on the ground less than 10 seconds.

Kron Gracie guillotines his way to a gold medal

Match 14: Rafael Mendes vs Ruben "Cobrinha" Charles

Once again, these two bitter rivals meet up in the finals. Mendes has gotten the better of Cobrinha in their last few matches. The two men start the match by engaging in a fast paced clinch fest, with both men getting flung across the mat.

While they're more active than the competitors in the last match, I really hope this fight goes to the ground soon.

It has not. Somewhere between 10-15 minutes has passed, and it can be summed up in two words: failed takedowns. This is incredibly frustrating, as both grapplers are so incredibly talented on the mat.


Cobrinha gets a takedown! He drove so hard that they landed on and are wrestling on the mat next to the one they started at! They landed in an odd position, but Cobrinha somehow wound up in the 50-50 guard. A group of referees literally carries them back to the center of their original mat. Things are about to get interesting.

Cobrinha is maintaining his grip on the leg and looking for an inside heel hook. Mendes stands up to avoid it. Mendes escapes... and sadly they are back on their feet. Minutes slowly pass as they wrestle on their feet. I believe overtime just started.

Mendes nearly hits a takedown but is unable to control Cobrinha, who quickly returns to his feet. The match is tied at 2-2. Sevenish minutes later and it's still tied up. Cobrinha came close on a single leg, but otherwise very little has occurred.

The second overtime has started. I really hate this guard pull loses a point rule. I'd rather watch guys stall from 50-50 guard than watch them try to wrestle.


Mendes immediately rolls for a kneebar and transitions to 50-50. Cobrinha tries to counter the 50-50 with a heel hook for his own. Mendes looking for a twisting footlock, but Cobrinha doesn't seem concerned. It's hard to see who has who, but their legs are very entangled.

After they disengage from their foot lock duel, Cobrinha is on top of Mendes in half guard. Mendes switches to a deep half-like position. Mendes transitions to a calf slicer! It looks tight, but Cobrinha is back on his feet. For whatever reason, the score is still tied.

The match ends, and Cobrinha screams "It's done!"

After 40 long minutes, I'm also elated it's over.

Cobrinha wins a referee's decision to overcome his rival and earn a gold medal

The absolutes are starting, which means I'll once again be delivering both quick results and live coverage.

Match 15: Gary Tonon vs Buchecha Almeida

The much smaller Tonon immediately pull guard and goes for a heel hook. It looks tight, but Buchecha gets out Buchecha gets on top and passes guard, but Tonon gets back to butterfly. Tonon is aggressive, but his guard is passed once more.

Buchecha is repeatedly getting passed Tonon's guard, but Gary keeps hip escaping back to his butterfly. I'm surprised Buchecha isn't more aggressive, considering his massive size advantage. Buchecha nearly locks up a guillotine in a scramble. Tonon nearly sweeps Buchecha with a kimura!!! That would've been pretty incredible.

Tonon is very game, repeatedly attempting submissions and sweeps, but Buchecha is just too good.

Buchecha defeats Tonon via points

Quick result: Dean Lister leglocks Sekine in his first match

Quick result: Rustam defeats Orlando Sanchez

Quick result: Keenan Cornelius heel hooks Ezra Lennon

Match 16: Cyborg Abreu vs Uminski

Cyborg pulls guard and begins looking for his tornado guard. He gets to half and prepares to invert. He rolls and comes up for a sweep. Cyborg is trying to pressure past his opponent's half guard but fails. He reverses a butterfly sweep attempt and lands in side control.

Cyborg gets put back in butterfly guard. Abreu is pressuring Uminski hard from the half guard now. He's passed the guard into side control once again. Cyborg is working for the seat belt grip and trying to take the back! He gets one hook in! Uminski flattens out, so Abreu takes the mount.

Uminski tries to buck Cyborg off of him but fails. Abreu moves back to side control, and Uminski looks very tired. Cyborg successfully takes the back! He switches from two hooks to one and then finishes the rear naked choke!

Cyborg defeats Uminski via rear naked choke

Quick results: Joao Gabriel defeats David Avellan via points

Match 17: Rustam Chsiev vs Buchecha

Buchecha immediately pulls guard and nearly locked up a triangle. He then switches to butterfly guard. Chsiev is trying to cut through his guard and is nearly passed, but Buchecha is hanging onto his ankle. Buchecha moves him back into a more standard half guard.

Chsiev tries the cut pass once more, and he's really grinding his forehead into Buchecha's chin. Try as he might, Chsiev cannot get passed Buchecha's half guard. Now he's just trying to jump around Buchecha's guard, which isn't likely to work.

In the butterfly guard, Buchecha tries to explode for a double but is stuffed. Chsiev is trying not to really engage on the ground. This is an odd match. Buchecha hasn't gotten much going from his back, but Chsiev has completely failed to pass as well.

They're back on their feet. Buchecha seems tired, and Chsiev gets him down to turtle. Back to the butterfly guard. These two are canceling each other out almost completely. Buchecha's team is urging him to go and chanting his name. Buchecha throws up a high guard but cannot lock anything up.

Buchecha hits a bump sweep directly into full mount! It couldn't have come at a better time, as the match ended right after

Buchecha defeats Chsiev by points

Quick result: Piechota defeats Magalhaes

Quick result: Jared Dopp defeats Leo Nogueira via points

Quick result: Dean Lister gets another footlock on de Oliveira

Quick result: Kennan Cornelius decisions Piechota

Match 18: Cyborg Abreu vs Tonon

Someone really doesn't like Tonon. My stream switched to him mid-match, and Cyborg was on his back looking for his arm. Tonon escaped and dove on a heel hook, but Cyborg was able to roll out. I didn't get to see much of the match, but it looked rather exciting. Tonon absolutely went after him, as he did Buchecha, which is very respectable.

Abreu defeats Tonon via points

Match 19: Buchecha vs Lister

Lister pulls butterfly guard, but they stand back up quickly. Listers pulls half guard this time and looks for a leg, but Buchecha prevents it. Almeida hits a very smooth guard pass into side control. He moves to north-south, as Lister looks to turtle up.

Lister turns into Almeida in a single leg attempt. Buchecha tries for a guillotine but slips, allowing Lister to get back to his guard. Buchecha nearly succeeds passing his guard by merely throwing his legs aside. In the butterfly guard, Lister tries an arm drag but gets redragged, and Buchecha passes his guard.

They're back on their feet. Lister may be a tad fresher, but he's also much smaller. Lister nearly manages to secure a leg, but it only angers Almeida, who attacks with a twisting footlock of his own, forcing Lister to scramble away. Buchecha forces Lister to turtle and gets behind him.

As Buchecha goes to get his hooks in, Lister tries to go for his feet. They're standing again. Lister takes down Buchecha! He got in deep on a single then attempt a trip before transitioning to a double leg. Pure determination there.

Lister gets his back as Buchecha goes to turtle! He only had one hook and lost it when Buchecha rolled. Buchecha reverses position and lands in Lister's guard. This is a pretty great match so far. Buchecha takes Lister's back!

Buchecha wins via points

Match 20: Keenan Cornelius vs "Cyborg" Abreu

Keenan pulls open guard. He's working from the butterfly as Abreu stands over him. Cornelius moves to the berimbolo sweep but doesn't get it. Abreu hits an under pass and has almost secured side control. Cornelius gets his hips away and retains guard.

Keenan is rolling inverted, but Cyborg doesn't want to engage. He eventually does, but it's a stalemate, so he backs out again. Now he's in Keenan's full guard but backs away again when he tries to invert. "Cyborg" times Keenan's rolls well, hopping just under his inverted guard to get to north-south. Cornelius tries to scramble but cannot escape.

Cyborg transitions to Keenan's back and has an arm trapped. This is not good for the American. Cyborg gets too high on the back mount and slips off. Abreu is up on points, and they're back on their feet. Keenan shoots a double but is sprawled on. Next he shoots for a single, but Abreu's sprawl is too heavy. Keenan shoots once more, and this time Cyborg counters by taking his back. Time expires.

Cyborg defeats Keenan Cornelius by points

Match 21: Fabio Gurgel vs. Mario Sperry


Both men are pushing each other across the mat and seem aggressive. Sperry seems a little bit bigger than Gurgel. He's really pushing the action now. Sperry snaps Gurgel down with a headlock and trip combo.

He continues to control the head from the turtle position. Gurgel sits out into butterfly guard. Sperry is trying to pressure past Gurgel's guard and is controlling very well. Gurgel prevents the pass and gets him back into full guard. Gurgel is controlling an overhook but isn't doing anything else.

Sperry breaks the overhook and begins working to pass. Now he's in the butterfly guard. They're on their feet once again. after the ref resets them. Gurgel pulls to his butterfly guard. Sperry is trying to step over the butterfly guard now. He next tries to cut through the half guard, but Gurgel pushes him backwards using his knee.

This has largely been a stalemate so far. Sperry cannot pass, and Gurgel has to focus on his defense. Both men are getting pretty tired. Sperry momentarily finds himself in side control and tries to grab an arm, but Gurgel quickly gets his guard back.

Gurgel is very tired at this point. The match is back on its feet, and Sperry is just overpowering Gurgel. He grabs another headlock, switches to a cradle, and throws Gurgel to the mat. Sperry is very close to passing. He forces Gurgel to turtle up. Gurgel sits out and is back in guard.

Sperry wins via points

Match 22: Keenan Cornelius vs Dean Lister for third place

This is certainly an interesting match up. Both men are cautious in the clinch. Lister shoots a single, but Keenan counters with a kimura and takes his back! He gets both hooks in! Phenomenal start to the match for Cornelius.

Cornelius releases his hooks but holds onto the seat belt grip. He transitions to a triangle choke that looks VERY tight! Lister slips out and begins going after Cornelius' feet. They're locked in the 50-50 guard. Lister nearly gets a heel hook, but Cornelius slips out and lands in side control.

Keenan is working on a head and arm choke from the mount. He hasn't cinched it up yet, but it has the potential to be a finisher. Instead of going for the arm triangle, he switches to a regular triangle and rolls into guard. Keenan is squeezing hard, but Lister is preventing him from getting a good angle. Lister also has a very think neck and shoulders, making it even more difficult to finish.

Cornelius isn't giving up on the triangle. He's starting to go after the arm, which is a smart move. Cornelius gets the arm bar really tight, but Lister toughs it out and eventually pulls his arm free. They end a scramble with Cornelius on the bottom. Lister drops for a footlock once more, but Cornelius survives and takes his back again.

He locks in a body triangle and hunts for the rear naked choke. As Lister moves to escape, time runs out.

Keenan Cornelius wins the bronze medal via points

Match 23: Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida vs  Robert "Cyborg" Abreu 2

Earlier today, Abreu lost to Buchecha by points. However, he appears to be the fresher man going into this match, so things could get interesting. Buchecha arm drags Abreu into a takedown early. They move back to their feet, and Buchecha attempts a trip.

Now Buchecha pulls butterfly guard and elevates Cyborg. Cyborg escapes the sweep then dives right back into his guard. Abreu moves to half guard. He passes to side control! He can't do much from there, as Buchecha eventually stands back up.

Abreu hits a powerful double leg takedown after failing on a few shots! He quickly hops to side control once more! However, Buchecha isn't easy to contain and moves back to guard pretty quickly. Once again, they return to their feet. Buchecha goes hard for an arm drag that fails.

Buchecha hits a blast double, but Cyborg springs back to his feet off of a whizzer immediately. Cyborg shoots, Buchecha tries to take the back and fails. Cyborg is on top and nearly took the back, but a rolling kneebar attempt from Buchecha shook him off. They stand back up. So far, Cyborg has been getting the better of Almeida.

Buchecha shoots and gets stuffed directly into side control. He turtles up, and Cyborg is looking for his back. Buchecha rolls back to his butterfly guard. Now he's in half guard. Cyborg working to pass and succeeds. Buchecha turtles up once more, this time with Cyborg fully behind him. Again, he rolls into guard. This time, Cyborg doesn't let him stand up.

An omaplata  attempt causes a stand up. Buchecha takes a shot which leads to a crazy scramble that lands them on the other mat. Somehow, Cyborg came up on top in turtle. This is a crazy match. Buchecha tries to roll for a kneebar, but Abreu anticipates it and steps out, landing in side control. Almeida is very tired at this point.

He has enough energy to get back to his feet once more, although he's stuffed on his first takedown attempt. Buchecha's next takedown attempt succeeds, but on the hard wood floor, which appears to have hurt Cyborg's leg. He walks it off and the match starts again. Cyborg stuffs a takedown and rolls him to north south. He seems to be working on a north-south choke. I can't tell how tight it is.

I think Buchecha's arm is in the way, so he should be fine. However, he is down on points in a big way. Buchecha beast modes his way out of north-south and shoots a takedown. He's getting desperate and shooting from way too far away. Time runs out and Cyborg is your absolute champion!

Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu defeats Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida to win absolute gold!