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Dana White: 'The Klitschko brothers are an embarrassment’ to the sport of boxing'

Dana White is true fan of boxing, but when it comes to the state of the sport's heavyweight division, the outspoken UFC president isn't a fan thanks to the Klitschko brothers.

All those titles can't save the Kltischko bros. from Dana White's harsh criticism.
All those titles can't save the Kltischko bros. from Dana White's harsh criticism.
Alexander Hassenstein

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is an avid fan of the sport of boxing, often seen in attendance at high-profile bouts such as last month's record-breaking mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.

Despite being the head of the largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in the world, White knows the "sweet science" pretty well, being a "boxing guy" before he ever got into cage fighting.

And just like he does with his own fighters, he isn't afraid to criticize the best-of-the-best boxing has to offer.

So when asked to give his opinion on the current state of its heavyweight division, specifically Wladimir Klitschko, the outspoken White didn't hold back and wasn't too kind when breaking down the Ukrainian's recent performance against Alexander Povetkin.

And older brother Vitali wasn't safe from Dana's verbal lashing during a recent media scrum, either.

"The Klitschko fucking fight was the most disgusting, embarrassing thing. The fact that he got paid $17 million for that fight. The first fucking punch he threw, they stand in the center of the ring, the bell rings, he throws a punch and holds him. He did it the whole fight; he should have been disqualified for that. Then, in the twelfth round, he didn't throw any punches. That's all he did the whole round (hold). That's the heavyweight champion of the fucking world. Normally, in boxing, the heavyweights, like when Tyson was in there, heavyweight matches were exciting. Who the...I don't know who wants to watch that shit. I watched it and it's literally embarrassing. It's fucking embarrassing. Those guys are an embarrassment to the sport of boxing. Vitali's the exciting one, right? I don't even, I've watched few of their fights and I get sick when I watch their fights."

And according to the Las Vegas fight boss, the heavyweight division in boxing is lost, thanks to the Klitschkos:

"When that's your heavyweight champion, the heavyweight division is lost. I saw the Klitschko brothers in L.A one time. They are fucking monsters. They are huge. But, how are you going to fight a guy that doesn't want to fight? That guy doesn't want to fight, he wants to grab you from your head and lay on you. It's embarrassing, it's fucking disgusting. I can't believe they found someone to pay this guy $17 million dollars, it's embarrassing."

Of course, as Dana alluded to, he's used to seeing the likes of former champion and good friend "Iron" Mike Tyson knock out his foes with the ferocious and aggressive attack that made him one of the most feared fighters in history of combat sports.

But when talking about the heavyweight boxers of today, White isn't too impressed, as I'm sure most fight fans aren't.

Furthermore, when asked what he thought about Junior dos Santos' wish to fight Wladimir one day, White wasn't too receptive, saying if the boxers want to face his guys, they need to step into the Octagon, much like James Toney did when he challenged and came up short against Randy Couture at UFC 118.

The comments come on the heels of the upcoming MMA heavyweight title fight as current division champion Cain Velasquez takes on the aforementioned Dos Santos at UFC 166 this weekend (Oct. 19, 2013) in Houston, Texas.

Do you agree with Dana's criticism? Is the heavyweight division in boxing in fact "lost" thanks to the Klitschko brothers?

Or, are they the ones keeping it on life support?

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