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Best of the Best:'s UFC/MMA week in review (10/13/13)

Unambig back again! Check out the week that was at! We've got interviews, comments, fanposts, videos, .gifs, whiffs and much more!

Bellator Girls: Mercedes and Jade
Bellator Girls: Mercedes and Jade
Photo via

Welcome, Maniacs, to the sixty-fifth edition of "This Week in"

MMAmania is a gigantic and glorious place and we pump out a ridiculous amount of content. If you don't refresh this site every 60 minutes, you might just miss something amazing.

Have no fear, that's what this weekly article is all about! We'll recap the best of all things MMAmania, whether it be a great comment, FanPost, article, video or something else.

Before we get started, let's just address the photo above. I know Hemmi was a huge Brittney Palmer fan, and she pretty much ruled the roost here for the first 60 episodes of "Best of the Best." I'm not saying she's not all that and a bag of Frito Lays, but if variety is the spice of life then we needed a change.

In other words, Bellator girls deserve some love, too.

Comment of the Week: From the scraping the bottom of the mixed martial arts (MMA) news barrel category (Just kidding, Jesse, we love you), comes this gold about how TUF 18 girl Tonya Evinger, who wants to knee Miesha Tate (full details here) in the clam chowder:

I'm sure JasonFahQ is referring to the fact he'd take Tate and boyfriend Bryan Caraway for chocolate ice cream, which I'm sure you understand can get pretty messy and disgusting without enough napkins.

Anywho ... that leads us to our Honorable /mention Comment of the Week: Jon Fitch sounded off on the fact Rousimar Palhares got Das Boot from der UFC and it wasn't pretty. Fitch, who isn't scared of lying on anybody for three rounds, said there's no way he'd get inside a cage with Paul Harris.

Which got this classic response:

Touche, as they say, in cheese-eating surrender monkey speak.

Fanpost of the Week: Personally, I think that Quick and Dirty post by that unambig dude is pretty good (cough, cough, COUGH), but uh, seriously, I think Sarah's recaps of 'The Walking Dead' are the bees knees. Her plain-speaking Canadian way of telling it how it is, grammar be damned to hell, is all part of the charm.

Article of the Week: There was a hell of a lot of good writing around here in the past seven or so days, but I think Matthew Roth edged out the rest with his brutally honest assessment of Bellator's all-in gamble on its upcoming pay-per-view (PPV). It doesn't matter if Viacom is backing it up if Tito Ortiz and Quinton Jackson bomb.

To quote Roth, "it's not quite bottom of the ninth, but we're definitely past the seventh inning stretch."

Interview of the Week: A lot of the writers at put together some great content of their own, even though they're competing with guys with the sort of access to elite fighters that Ariel Helwani possesses. But, this week our very own Steve Borchardt hit a grand slam with some truly great and honest responses from a surprisingly introspective former title contender Chael Sonnen. I am not bullshitting you. This was a great read. Be sure and check out Pt. 2 of the interview, too.

Photoshop of the Week: Okay, you've read a great big wall of text so far and as a reward you get to pick who should win the Photoshop of the week because I just can't decide.

This contribution by njsuplex, which sums up the MMA community response to Rousimar Palhares boneheaded decision to injure Mike Pierce:


Or ricky~dooby (stinky fingers) clever 'shop of Bellator's PPV line up:


.gif of the Week: Maybe it's just schadenfreude (and definitely not "transphobic"), but Fallon Fox finally lost inside the cage, and it made a lot of people very happy.


I also enjoyed watching Tyrone Spong knock Nathan Corbett silly at Glory 11 (full stuff here):


Statistic of the Week: It seems everybody wanted to watch Palhares rip a knee apart at UFC Fight Night 29, because that was the most-read article on this website in the past seven days (Warning, it's probably not available to watch if you're from outside the U.S., like me). But, by far and away the most popular article in the last three days was Evinger's threat to hurt Tate's cupcake (see above).

Video of the Week: If you're not a women's mixed martial arts (WMMA) fan, too bad. You're missing out on watching Holly Holm wreck Nikki Knudsen en route to her fifth consecutive win during Legacy FC 24 in Dallas, Texas. The undefeated boxer was a -3,000 favourite (<<Editor's note: Not correcting this Canadian hubris again ... too much) heading into the match and made good on her odds:

And now for my favourite (<<Not impressed with this grammatical performance!) moment of the week. The most difficult tournament in the world, winning pick for the Burn of the Week: This one goes out P-Dub for his response to the Georges St. Pierre rumour (<<WTF!) he may retire after facing Johny Hendricks at UFC 167:

Obligatory TNA of the Week: Without WoolyShambler it's tough getting through a Friday. Here's a little something to tide you over until his exile is up.


#MMAmania Tweet of the Week: I've got to hand it to OilCheck. Not only does he get professional MMA fighters to respond to his tweets, he tried to get Pantene to sponsor Andrew Craig's luscious locks:


Be sure to catch any good tweets from your favourite Mania writers: Thomas Myers, Jesse Holland, Matthew Roth, Adam Guillen Jr., C.J. Tuttle, Andrew Richardson, George Halvatsis Jr., Michael Stets, Jason Probst and Cory Braiterman (not @adrianmacnair).

Scottidog Good Guy of the Week: Billy McNally, a.k.a ShivanTiger, isn't just a good dude on the interwebs. He's the kind of man who would buy you a beer (or three) if you come to his hood in Philly. In fact, if you don't have plans the next time UFC comes to Pennsylvania, maybe an meet up can be arranged in the City of Brotherly Love?

Let's finish this week's "Best of the Best" with the usual friendly debate. Would you like to see more WMMA fights on UFC cards? Or do you prefer them in an exclusive women's fight league like Invicta?

Well, that's it for this week. Did I miss something? Were you hoping to see an article, blog post, or photos that didn't get in? Well then email me : unambig at

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