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UFC Quick Quote: Unibrows are not racist

Hairy people have feelings too.


"I don't think it was racist. I don't think that was the intent, to be racist. Like what? Like all Armenian people are hairy or something? I think she just making fun of the fact that Edmond has dark facial hair, and has -- he doesn't even have a unibrow, but you know, they're just trying to find ways to kid around, to poke fun just because. They did a good job of keeping things fun and bubbly, but I think that some people might've taken it the wrong way."

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 semifinalist and Team Tate's No. 1 pick, Julianna Pena (via MMA Fighting), splashes some cold water on the racist fires still burning after episode seven of the combat sports reality show on FOX Sports 1 (results and recap here). Coach Ronda Rousey dropped the "R" word after discovering posters drawn up by her opposition that depicted head trainer Edmond Tarverdyan in a not-too-flattering light. Last week he was "The Count" from Sesame Street, this week he was "Edmond Rousey." The charge from "Rowdy" is that Miesha Tate and her passive-aggressive TUF crew are using Tarverdyan's nationality as a punchline, but Pena insists no such malice was intended. Whose side are you on? That all depends on what you think of the "pranks" being pulled, which are small potatoes compared to the days of splushi past.

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