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UFC 166: Roy Nelson doesn’t want to get ‘hugged’ by Daniel Cormier in a 'boring, ugly fight'

Roy Nelson says the key to winning against Daniel Cormier at UFC 166 this weekend (Oct. 19, 2013) is to not allow "DC" to "hug" him all night long. Something "Big Country' says will upset the fans in Houston, Texas.


When Roy Nelson is lined up to fight, mixed martial arts (MMA) fans usually get their money's worth in the stand up department based on the fact that "Big Country," more often than not, prefers to let the fight play out on the feet.

Whether it's Nelson going toe-to-toe for three rounds against former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos, or knocking out the likes of Matt Mitrione, Dave Herman and Cheick Kongo in the first round, Roy always brings the fight.

It's that style that has made the former IFL champion a fan favorite and earned him a new nine-fight contract with UFC. Something Roy says not a lot of people have the privilege of receiving.

As he gears up to duke it out against Daniel Cormier this weekend (Oct. 19, 2013) in Houston, Texas at UFC 166, Nelson is prepared to thrill fans one more time and get an all important win in the process.

And while "Big Country" knows there is a few ways he can win the bout, he tells Sherdog that the best way to achieve his goal is to not allow "DC" make it into an "boring, ugly fight" by "hugging" him all night.

His words:

"There's a couple different ways (to win). I think the biggest thing is don't let him hug me. Don't let him push me up against the cage and just do a boring, ugly fight and piss the fans off. I think that's the biggest thing you don't want to do is piss the fans off because they are the ones that pay the bills."

In other words, "Big Country" wants to stand-and-bang!

And "DC," for one, may oblige him in order to test his "chin expiration date" theory and become the first man to knock out Nelson inside the Octagon.

But, it's good to know that should Nelson get the better of Cormier on the feet early on, "DC" can always rely on his Olympic-level "hugging" grappling to get the job done.

Then again, Nelson isn't exactly a slouch in that department, either.

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