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Jon Fitch: Fracking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a ‘horrible person’ who ‘hates children’

Jon Fitch isn't a big fan of Mark Zuckerberg because the Facebook founder helps the government spy on people and he spends his money on supporting fracking; which in turn proves that the young billionaire "hates children."

Ryan Pierse

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has over 20 million followers on his personal page, but Jon Fitch isn't one of them.

That's because the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) welterweight doesn't have a Facebook page and he doesn't intend on getting one anytime soon.

Why, you ask?

According to Fitch, he isn't going to support a "horrible person" who helps the government -- which is currently on vacation shutdown -- spy on us.

Furthermore, the young billionaire (Zuckerberg) is spending some of his fortune by supporting fracking -- something Fitch says is "poisoning" the country we live in -- and as a result, proves that Mark "hates children."

Fitch vents to Bloody Elbow:

"I don't have a Facebook, and the last thing I'll say is everyone else should cancel their Facebook, because it's criminally spying on us and it's helping the government spy on us. The owner of that organization is a horrible person who is promoting fracking and putting a lot of money into poisoning our country. Basically, in my opinion, he hates children. Anyone who supports fracking is a child hater. I just want to put that out there. That's my little political outburst."

So what exactly is Fracking? has a detailed explanation:

"Hydraulic fracturing, is the process of extracting natural gas from shale rock layers deep within the earth. Fracking makes it possible to produce natural gas extraction in shale plays that were once unreachable with conventional technologies. Recent advancements in drilling technology have led to new man-made hydraulic fractures in shale plays that were once not available for exploration. In fact, three dimensional imaging helps scientists determine the precise locations for drilling. Horizontal drilling (along with traditional vertical drilling) allows for the injection of highly pressurized fracking fluids into the shale area. This creates new channels within the rock from which natural gas is extracted at higher than traditional rates. This drilling process can take up to a month, while the drilling teams delve more than a mile into the Earth's surface. After which, the well is cased with cement to ensure groundwater protection, and the shale is hydraulically fractured with water and other fracking fluids."

Alrighty then.

It's safe to assume Fitch is anti-fracking and believes this process is damaging the earth's core and preventing future generation from enjoying a future on this great land thanks to the pollution the process may cause.

And if you're down with fracking, much like Zuckerberg is, you "hate children."

Fitch is now the second fighter this week to disapprove of the US government's sleazy ways, with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 170-pound contender Matt Brown giving his opinion on President Barack Obama's disrespect toward US troops.

Anyone care to throw their two cents in on Fitch's comments? Is Mark Zuckerberg indeed a "horrible person" that does more harm than good?

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