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Thiago Silva: 'I won but I had a sh--ty performance' against Matt Hamill

Thiago Silva escaped a lot of criticism because of Rousimar Palhares' release from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. But the Brazilian light heavyweight recognizes that his performance at UFC Fight Night 29 was subpar.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Lost in the news of Rousimar Palhares' release from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) following UFC Fight Night 29 in Barueri, Brazil is the abysmal performance of Thiago Silva against Matt Hamill.

Silva was able to pick up a decision over Hamill and improved his record in the promotion to 7-3, with two no contests. Unfortunately, Silva wasn't able to silence critics as he came into the bout way over the light heavyweight limit and failed to stop Hamill who was out on his feet in the third.

Silva spoke with MMA Fighting and he was pretty down on himself for his performance.

"I failed to make weight and disappointed the UFC," Silva told the media after the bout. "It was a huge mistake, unprofessional, but I promise it was the first and the last time that it will happen.

"I won the fight, but I had a sh---y performance," he continued. "I had the opportunity to finish the fight, but couldn't because I was tired. I gassed. I won't lie. I'm not a child or a hypocrite. I have to train better to fight in a better shape next time."

It's nice to see Silva speaking honestly about how he came into the bout with Hamill. It was embarrassing to watch and made him the butt-end of a Dana White tweet.

Hopefully he will rededicate himself to his craft and come in in shape for his next bout in the Octagon.

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