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Alan Belcher challenges Rousimar Palhares to straight-up jiu-jitsu match in Metamoris to 'teach him a lesson'

Belcher already handled Palhares once before ... but would he be able to do it without the use of kicks and punches?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Alan Belcher wants to teach Rousimar Palhares a lesson for what he did to Mike Pierce at the UFC Fight Night 29 event earlier this week in Brazil (see it again here).

But it can't be inside the Octagon.

That's because "Toquinho" was bounced from the promotion for violating the UFC Code of Conduct when he exhibited "unsportsmanlike conduct" by holding his submission over the gritty wrestler much longer than he needed to.

"Talent" don't play dat.

Belcher -- who laughed off the idea of getting heel hooked, knows a thing or two about rolling with Palhares. He spent some time on the ground exchanging submission holds with the former 185-pounder at UFC on FOX 3, before pounding him out late in the opening frame (details).

Palhares claims he was half-dead at the time.

But there is a way to prove he truly is the superior grappler and that's by accepting Belcher's latest challenge, a straight-up jiu-jitsu match under the Metamoris banner. And don't worry, the rules have been changed to avoid another Brendan Schaub fiasco.

There you have it.

How about it, fight fans, is it time to call on one of the unlikeliest of heroes -- who is ready to surprise you -- in order to teach "Toquinho" a lesson? Or will Belcher find out firsthand what it's like to walk a painful mile in Mike Pierce's shoes?

Opinions, please.

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