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Video: ONE FC champ Shinya Aoki talks featherweight cut, Cody Stevens, Evolve MMA & Singapore

Evolve MMA gym has released a new video featuring its prize Japanese lightweight featherweight star, Shinya Aoki. Check out the high points right here.

Much has been said about Japanese grappling sensation Shinya Aoki throughout the years.

Once widely-considered one of the top five (or better) lightweight mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters on the planet, his divisional standing took a hit at the hands of various strikers; mostly wrestleboxers and one particular cosplaying, cross-dressing kickboxer.

In this promotional piece leading up to next week's ONE FC event, one of the most feared grapplers in the sport discusses, among other things, his move to Singapore in regards to both his career and family back home.

"It is my third time fighting in Singapore. I love fighting in Singapore and I love fighting for everyone in Singapore. I am grateful that all the fans here in Singapore appreciate and support me. I have a new baby coming in December. It is lonely without my family during training camp, but I am a fighter. Fighting is my job. I have no choice and I want to improve. So I have to make the sacrifice."

His love of challenges and his cut to featherweight.

"Featherweight is a new challenge. Cody Stevens is a new challenge. All the lightweight fighters are very big. I am one of the smallest lightweights, so I want to go to featherweight. I eat after my training sessions. I am very careful about what I eat. I am always in shape. I always watch what I eat. I love new challenges."

Head trainer Heath Sims also shows up to inform us that he's only a couple kilograms over his weight class (two kilos is equal to 4.4 pounds), so the weight cut will be no issue.

For more on his move to 145 pounds click here.

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