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Bellator 103 results, LIVE online fight coverage stream for 'Pitbull vs Guerreiro' on Spike TV from Wichita

Bellator is back on Spike TV TONIGHT (Fri., Oct. 11, 2013), with Bellator 103: "Pitbull vs. Guerreiro" from Kansas Star Arena in Wichita, Kansas. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

Bellator is back in mixed martial arts (MMA) action TONIGHT (Oct. 11, 2013) LIVE from Kansas Star Arena in Wichita, Kansas. The latest edition features two Featherweight tournament semifinals, as well as the return of the always popular David Rickels.

In the main event, Patricio Freire vs. Fabricio Guerreiro square off to decide who will advance in the Season 9 145-pound tournament. "Pitbull," whose nickname couldn't be any more perfect, most recently handled former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran Diego Nunes at Bellator 99 in little more than one minute. His opponent, Guerreiro, holds an identical professional MMA record (19-2), so this one should be a barn burner.

Elsewhere on the card, Justin Wilcox and Joe Taimanglo will tango to decide who will face the winner of the main event in the Featherweight final. Wilcox is big for the division, overcoming adversity in his last bout to earn a guillotine victory over Akop Stepanyan. Taimanglo put on a clinic in his fight against Andrew Fisher to get to this point in the tournement. 

In addition, Rickels will return to the cage against J.J. Ambrose (19-4) following his disappointing showing against the unbeaten Michael Chandler his last time out. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire Bellator 103 card this evening, starting with the "Prelims," which are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. ET online, and then main card action, which is slated to begin at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV.

Without further delay, see below for the latest Bellator 103 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Main Card (SPIKE TV)

Patricio Freire vs. Fabricio Guerreiro -- Patricio "Pitbull" Freire wins via unanimous decision (30-27 X 3)

Joe Taimanglo vs. Justin Wilcox -- Justin Wilcox wins via unanimous decision (30-27 X 2) (29-28)

J.J. Ambrose vs. David Rickels -- David Rickels wins via TKO at (2:37) of third round

Aaron Rosa vs. Mikhail Zayats -- Mikhail Zayats wins via submission (kimura) at (0:47) of first round

"Prelims" (

Wayman Carter vs. Carlos Eduardo -- Carlos Eduardo wins via submission (rear naked choke) at (2:06) of first round

Blake Pool vs. Remy Bussieres -- Remy Bussieres wins via unanimous decision (29-28 X 3) (30-27)

Maurice Jackson vs. Matt Uhde -- Maurice Jackson wins via TKO (doctor stoppage - cut) at (0:52) of first round

Donnie Bell vs. Marcio Navarro -- Donnie Bell wins via submission (rear naked choke) at (2:03) of first round 

Jeimeson Saudino vs. Jesse Thornton -- Jeimeson Saudino wins via split decision (29-28 X 2) (30-27)

Cody Carrillo vs. Ricky Musgrave -- Ricky Musgrave wins via submission (kimura) at (2:59) of first round


C.J. Tuttle here all evening long, Maniacs!

Patricio Freire vs. Fabricio Guerreiro

Round One: Big John McCarthy has main event honors. Nothing has been thrown a minute in. Pitbull shoots, they end up against the cage. Guerreiro goes for the trip but Pitbull defends and ends up with the take down. Not the start from Pitbull I was expecting. They are jostling for position on the ground, Pitbull is trying to isolate the left arm for the Kimura. He fails, but steps over into full mount.

Guerreiro gets to his feet and lands knees to the midsection from the clinch. He goes for another trip and fails, Pitbull quickly changes levels and scores another take down, Guerreiro goes for a leg lock but isn't successful. Pitbull is on top with one minute left, he is not throwing punches, he is riding him in the dominant position, saving energy. Tactical first round from Pitbull. He postures up, lands a couple punches and doesn't allow Guerreiro to stand. He tries and Pitbull lands a punch.

(10-9) Pitbull

Round Two: They touch gloves to start the second. Guerreiro shoots, misses, and Pitbull ends up in the controlling position. Still surprising Pitbull is relying on his grappling. They are standing against the cage with three minutes left in the second. They separate and Guerreiro comes forward throwing some shots, this definitely awoke Pitbull, he immediately tries taking the fight against the cage.

Two minutes remaining -- McCarthy pulls them to the center to re-start, Guerreiro comes forward again throwing, Pitbull dodges, throws a left hook and connects. Big leg kick from Fabricio, Pitbull lands another shot, then throws a spinning back fist that lands. Pitbull gets a take down as the round ends, Pitbull is content, Guerreiro not doing enough.

(10-9) Pitbull

Round Three: They both land punches to start the third. Guerreiro goes for a head kick but Pitbull blocks. Guerreiro goes for the outside trip and gets it, but Pitbull uses the momentum to end up in side control. Four minutes left and they are on the canvas.

Guerreiro trying to stand but isn't successful, he is starting to look discouraged, probably didn't expect this from Pitbull. This is going to be very important if Pitbull advances to fight Wilcox. Pitbull lets Guerriero stand then immediately takes his back and puts the fight against the cage, he again takes the fight to the ground. Wrestling clinic from Pitbull. Two minutes left --

If this one stays like this it's in the bag for Pitbull. One minute left, Pitbull passes guard and is in side control, Guerreiro wall walks and stands, they separate and Guerreiro gets rocked on the chin, he knows he has lost this fight and is trying to get the finish, Pitbull uncharacteristically keeping his cool. This one is done

(10-9) Pitbull

(30-27) Pitbull on my card --

Final Result: Patricio "Pitbull" Freire wins via unanimous decision (30-27 X 3)


Joe Taimanglo vs. Justin Wilcox

Round One: Wilcox's leg is wrapped, lets see if this plays a factor. Taimanglo shot but was sprawled, Wilcox shot but that attempt was sprawled. They are gauging their reach, Taimanglo has had trouble getting inside on Wilcox so far.

Taimanglo looks dangerous with the punches, Wilcox shoots, gets the take down. Two minutes left in the round, Wilcox going for the head and arm choke, he gives up. Wilcox begins with shoulder strikes, Taimanglo hanging on not letting any distance between the two. Wilcox's corner asking him to pass half-guard. Wilcox is close to posturing up. No damage has been done during this ground battle yet.

Wilcox putting a lot of pressure on Taimanglo, who looks unable to go anywhere. Small burst from Taimanglo to end the round.

Taimanglo did more during the periods where they were standing, but Wilcox had control for the second half of the round. Close frame.

(10-9) Wilcox

Round Two: Wilcox throws a kick and slips, Taimanglo doesn't bite. Both standing in front of each other to start the round. Taimanglo switches stances often and well. Wilcox goes all in for a take down attempt but fails. Taimanglo connecting when he throws the right and left hook.

Taimanglo dropping his hands, trying to entice Wilcox. He refuses to engage, grabs onto a single leg and scores the take down. Three minutes left in the round and Wilcox has side control. Wilcox trying to stay active on the ground, looks a lot less exhausted compared to his Bellator debut. The ref demands action while they grapple, Wilcox immediately gets busy.

Wilcox makes a move to get Taimanglo's back, he throws knees but Taimanglo separates. The second they split, Wilcox shoots again and has top control with a minute left. Wilcox is verbally warned for strikes to the back of the head. Boring round that showed Taimanglo's striking advantage and Wilcox's wrestling pedigree.

(10-9) Wilcox

Round Three: Wilcox shoots 20 seconds into the round and is successful. He will definitely look to grind this fight out and move forward in the tournament. Ref says to get active again. Taimanglo gives up his back for a second but rolls back over. Would love for this to be stood up for the final three minutes. Wilcox half-assedly went for a head and arm choke but backed off.

Two minutes left and the situation is the same. Wilcox is on top and Taimanglo can do nothing about it. Same scenario, the ref has dolled out warnings to "stay busy" but did nothing about it. Wilcox landing some hammer fists now, not rocking Taimanglo but showing his domination in this third round. Most deciding round so far.

(10-9) Wilcox

(30-27) Wilcox on my card -- jumping ahead here, but homeboy will get banged on by "Pitbull.'

Final Result: Justin Wilcox wins via unanimous decision (30-27 X 2) (29-28)


J.J. Ambrose vs. David Rickels

Round One: Rickels came out with the leg kick right off the bat -- Ambrose implored the cage technique against "Caveman." Rickels turned the tables and landed some nice knees in the clinch. Ambrose wisely changed levels and got low to the ground. He shot in on Rickels but the attempt was sprawled with ease. 

They separated and began a huge exchange, RIckels ended up dropping Ambrose and bandging hammer fists onto Ambrose's temple. The pace slowed as Ambrose had his way, then suddenly Rickels exploded and began landing lefts and rights, really staggering him.

Ambrose went for the trip but slipped and Rickels ended up on top, both grabbing some much needed oxygen. Ambrose turned his back and Rickels went for the rear naked choke with one minute left in the round. Ambrose countered nicely and entered the closed guard. He ate some elbows from the top as Rickels stayed active.

Exciting round.

(10-9) Rickels

Round Two: They touched gloves -- Rickels is pressing forward, swing and a miss with the right hand. Lets see if Ambrose settles in here. This time Rickels pushed Ambrose against the cage and landed a big knee to the body. Ambrose followed the blow with a single leg attempt and was successful.

Rickels is good on his back (no homo) he throws elbows and is always a danger with the triangle choke in his arsenal. Ambrose wedged them against the cage and is content staying on top. John McCarthy stood the two up due to a lack of action with two minutes left.

HUGE leg kick to the midsection of Ambrose, who drops from the liver shot. Rickels pounced and started throwing bombs from the top position, looking for the stoppage. Ambrose survived but got himself in another bad spot with a triangle. Again he escapes and they stand.

Leg kicks from Rickels, Ambrose is a defeated man here, a leg kick caused him to lose his balance and again Rickels pounced. He focused on the liver section with elbows from the top as the round concluded.

(10-9 Rickels)

Round Three: Ambrose is tough, but outclassed the same way Rickels was against Michael Chandler. A push kick from Rickels crumpled Ambrose, he followed with uppercuts. He still looks to be energetic after keeping a torrid pace the first two rounds. They got back to their feet, Rickels landed a right hand in unison with Ambrose shooting for a take down. McCarthy is telling Ambrose to protect himself, setting stage for stoppage. Ambrose gives a thumbs up.

Hometown crowd chanting for Rickels, Ambrose is stuck between Rickels legs, Caveman began pounding away at the liver, huge, painful, going to be pissing blood for a week shots. McCarthy stepped in and stopped the fight.

Ambrose could not protect his ribs, good stoppage.

Final Result: David Rickels wins via TKO at (2:37) of third round


Aaron Rosa vs. Mikhail Zayats

Round One: Aaron Rosa came at Zayats strong to start off the round, Zayats took the fight straight to the mat and immediately began grasping for Rosa's left arm, he went all in for the hold and ended up getting Rosa's to tap.

It took all of 47 seconds, and I look forward to Zayats fighting Emanuel Newton or King Mo -- ASAP.

Final Result: Mikhail Zayats wins via submission (kimura) at (0:47) of first round


Bellator Preliminary Stream:

(stay tuned for blow by blow coverage with C.J. Tuttle at 8 P.M. EST.)

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