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Best of the Best:'s UFC/MMA week in review (10/06/13)

Unambig back again! Check out the week that was at! We've got interviews, comments, fanposts, videos, .gifs, whiffs and much more!

Brittney Palmer
Brittney Palmer via @noeldaganta-tea

Welcome, Maniacs, to the sixty-fourth edition of "This Week in"

MMAmania is a gigantic and glorious place and we pump out a ridiculous amount of content. If you don't refresh this site every 60 minutes, you might just miss something amazing.

Have no fear, that's what this weekly article is all about! We'll recap the best of all things MMAmania, whether it be a great comment, FanPost, article, video or something else.


Comment of the week: Damn, kids. This week was hard. You were all pretty funny and choosing was difficult. But, in the end, I think this really needed to be said:

The kid has a point. We do things a little different around here. We don't "rec" comments. But, we do email our suggestions for "Best of the Best" to Unambig at gmail dot com. Thanks.

Honorable mention comment of the week: This is sort of a burn of a week, but that one is completely locked up by another person, so I'm going to award it the very first comment that appeared following an article in which Dana White suggested Matt Brown's entire career will change career will change should he defeat Carlos Condit:

As always, we appreciate Maniacs putting things in proper perspective.


Fanpost of the week: This one was an easy pick. The "kid" pulled a nostalgic rabbit out his hat this week with a call out to all the O.G. Maniacs, some of whom are still lurking from way, way back when this place was still called For the second week in a row the best Fanpost happens to be the one that best exemplifies how strong this mixed martial arts (MMA) community really is.

By the way, there couldn't be a best without a worst. To see the Mania community at its bipolar worst, have a gander at the Gong Show comment section of this article about Jones-Teixeira falling through. Make sure you have enough computer RAM to load it.

Article/Interview of the weekSteve Borchardt had a fantastic article about the TRT "loophole" in MMA "medical" cases and argued how it must be closed ... and then abolished. And I don't always do an honorable mention article of the week, but when I do it has to be about the fact Alexander Gustafsson is coming back to get that belt. It may be a while before he does, but a five round war with Jon Jones didn't dampen his confidence that he can win the rubber match. Adam Guillen Jr. shares via The MMA Hour.

Photoshop of the week: So many entries, but to quote the film "Highlander," there can be only one. OilCheck wins again:


Gif of the week: If you made the mistake of thinking Lavar Johnson was going to destroy Vinicius Spartan at Bellator 102, all I can say is ... TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMBBBBERRRRR!


Statistic of the week: While boxing drew in the most web hits over the past week, most Maniacs got the biggest kick out of Conor McGregor draping a stripper over his shoulder while grinning a big, drunken Irish grin. His hero status just went up several notches.

Video of the week: Nothing really even comes close to watching newest Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) female Bantamweight fighter Alexandra Albu work out to some of the most terrible music you're barely likely to hear because you're too busy staring at "Stitch" working out.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for. The much coveted Burn of the week: Many try. Few succeed. In burns, as with everything else, it's all about timing. And Jelly Belly's timing was pinpoint. In response to Conor McGregor draping a stripper over his shoulder, one poster was disgusted:

I wouldn't get anywhere near one of those things..

No offense lol. Something about touching a stripper who grinds on dudes and poles all day just seems disgusting.
by Doomy20

Now before anybody calls the P.C. police, let's all take a deep breath and repeat after me:


Honorable mention burn of the week: It just seems apropos to add this, given Jake Shields' considerable upset of Damien Maia on Wednesday night. The set up: After watching the video of Alexandra Albu's workout ...

This chick is a beast!!!

She punches and kicks almost like a dude, which is something the best female MMA fighters figure out is the proper technique…. not to be sexist, but when is the last time a female won by KO by hitting like a girl?


Ask Jake Shields.

The dude abides.

That'll do, donkey. That'll do.


Obligatory TNA of the week: Always remember to properly warm up prior to a difficult run. That includes shaking out and getting the blood flowing through all your, er, extremities.


#MMAMania Tweet of the Week: Sorry guys, ya'll are some great Tweeters (Twits), but Dana White wins this one hands down. Following chubby Thiago Silva's breathless borefest against Matt Hamillhe posted this to Twitter:


But Dana White's not the only act on Twitter. Be sure to catch any good tweets from your favourite Mania writers: Thomas Myers, Jesse Holland, Matthew Roth, Adam Guillen Jr., C.J. Tuttle, Andrew Richardson, George Halvatsis Jr., Michael Stets, Jason Probst and Cory Braiterman.

Let's finish this week's "Best of the Best" with the usual friendly debate. Submission specialist Damien Maia was derailed by Jake Shields, but what about the leg collector, Rousimar Palhares? After an impressive submission win against Mike Piercehe was kicked out of UFC. After so many warnings in his career, was this the right move? Or did the organization overreact?

Well, that's it for this week. Did I miss something? Were you hoping to see an article, blog post, or photos that didn't get in? Well then email me : unambig at

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