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Chris Weidman: Anderson Silva knockout punch wasn't lucky because I meant to throw it

What luck? Chris Weidman says he meant to throw the punch that knocked out Anderson Silva at UFC 162 earlier this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva recently made the statement that Chris Weidman got "lucky" when he threw the punch that eventually knocked him out at UFC 162 this past Fourth of July weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So, you would think "All American" would be a bit upset that "The Spider" isn't giving him the respect he deserves following one of the biggest upsets in mixed martial arts (MMA) history, right?

Not really.

That's because Weidman isn't giving anything Silva says too much value, especially after spending a week with the Brazilian bomber on a cross country media tour (video) and hearing him say that he was only joking.

Weidman's words to ESPN 106.3 (via

"I've been with Anderson every single day. He said in one interview he's joking or whatever. So, I'm not going to hold him to that. I won't actually hold him to anything he says in an interview. It doesn't matter. When preparation meets opportunity, that's what you consider luck. I guess if you want to call it lucky, call it lucky. But it was a punch I meant to throw and meant to hit him with and he went down."

Silva and Weidman have probably seen and heard a bit more of each other than they'd like thanks to their seven-city, seven-day "World Tour" which saw the dynamic duo go from Los Angeles, California to Sao Paulo, Brazil and make a few stops in between to promote their upcoming rematch on Dec. 28, 2013 at UFC 168.

Indeed, "The Spider" has been known to joke around with media on occasion, but was his "lucky" punch knockout theory all for laughs? Or was the former champ still trying to come to grips with actually losing for the first time in his Octagon career?

What's your theory?

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