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Strikeforce Quick Quote: Daniel Cormier calls 20-1 odds against Dion Staring 'disrespectful'

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While some were surprised that the heavily favored Daniel Cormier came in as a 20-1 favorite against Dion Staring earlier today, Daniel Cormier feels it was an insult to his opponent and put unneeded pressure on him to perform. Hear his gripe below:


"It's very unfair. It's unfair to him and it's disrespectful to Dion because of all that he's done in his career. And it's a little, it's kind of unfair, there's a lot of pressure that comes with that. Because I can go on not even thinking about it, but at some point someone's going to bring it to my attention and it's somewhat unfair both ways. But I think more than anything it's disrespectful to him and everything he's achieved in his career so far."

--While many considered Daniel Cormier a huge favorite heading into the final fight of his Strikeforce and showtime contract, especially considering his opponent Dion Staring is lacking in recognition, not many would have expected the odds to come in at 20-1 in "DC's" favor. Count Cormier among those who were caught off guard by the oddsmakers believing he has at least a 95% chance of winning on Saturday night (Jan. 12, 2013) at the final Strikeforce event in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In fact, Cormier tells MMA Fight Corner that those 20-1 odds are "completely disrespectful" towards his opponent and also to him considering having the odds stacked so highly in your favor means you've got significantly more pressure to perform. What do you think, Maniacs, are the oddsmakers correct?