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Strikeforce results and LIVE fight coverage online for 'Marquardt vs Saffiedine' on Showtime

Strikeforce is all set to stage its final mixed martial arts (MMA) event ever on Showtime with "Marquardt vs Saffiedine" at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Okla., on Sat., Jan. 12, 2013, featuring a welterweight showdown between division champion Nate Marquardt and Tarec Saffiedine. No need to fly to "The Sooner State" or upgrade your cable package, fight fans, because has all your live results and play-by-play right here.

The time has arrived for the final mixed martial arts (MMA) event to be held under the Strikeforce banner.


Strikeforce is all set to pull the trigger on its very last Showtime-televised fight card, which is scheduled to take place TONIGHT (Sat., Jan. 12, 2013) at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

"Marquardt vs Saffiedine" is certainly not the "Champions" fight card that was initially promised, featuring just one -- Nate Marquardt -- who will defend his 170-pound title in the main event against Tarec Saffiedine. No other meaningful match ups are set for the main card; however, a handful of notable fighters such as Daniel Cormier, Josh Barnett, Gegard Mousasi and Ronaldo Souza, among others, will all be in action. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the Strikeforce main card action below, which is slated to start promptly with the Showtime broadcast at 10 p.m. ET. The latest updates of the live action will begin to flow earlier than that around 8 p.m. ET with the under card bouts on Showtime Extreme.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or lucky number 13) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Marquardt vs. Saffiedine."

Without further delay, see below for the latest Strikeforce results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


170 lb Title: Tarec Saffiedine def. Nate Marquardt (c) via unanimous decision
265 lbs.: Daniel Cormier def. Dion Staring via TKO (punches) at 4:02 of round two
265 lbs.: Josh Barnett def. Nandor Guelmino via submission (arm triangle) at 2:11 of round one
205 lbs.: Gegard Mousasi def. Mike Kyle via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:09 of round one
185 lbs.: Ronaldo Souza def. Ed Herman via submission (Kimura) at 3:10 of round one
155 lbs.: Pat Healy def. Kurt Holobaugh via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Roger Gracie def. Anthony Smith via submission (arm triangle) at 3:16 of round two
185 lbs.: Tim Kennedy def. Trevor Smith via sumission (guillotine) at 1:36 of round three
155 lbs.: Ryan Couture def. K.J. Noons via split decision
155 lbs.: Adriano Martins def. Jorge Gurgel vie unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Estevan Payan def, Mike Bravo via TKO (strikes) in round two

Hemmi here (still)!

170 lbs.: Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nate Marquardt vs. Tarec Saffiedine

Round one: Marquardt has control of the center to get things started and Saffiedine land the first strike of the fight with a right leg kick. Another kick from Saffiedine and Marquardt throws a side kick to the body. Marquardt presses forward and Saffiedine lands a left on the way in and staggers him. Marquardt works for a takedown and just misses with a massive elbow on the exit as they reset. Another leg kick from Saffiedine and Marquardt closes the distance wtih a clinch but Saffiedine takes inside position. Marquardt attempts a throw but Saffiedine shuts him down. Elbow from Saffiedine on the exit and time runs out. 10-9 Saffiedine

Round two: Marquardt is still be the aggressor and he scores a nice leg kick. Good shot from Saffiedine and Marquardt drops down for a takedown. Marquardt grabs a single leg and trips Saffiedine but he can't keep him down and they clinch on the feet with Saffiedine taking inside position. They get separated and Marquardt attempts a high kick but Saffiedine blocks it and fires back......

Round three: Sorry folks, had technical difficulties for a second, but return to action in the final two minutes of the third round and Saffiedine is in complete control, blasting away at Marquardt's leg with repeated leg kicks. Marquardt is slowed from the kicks and can't get any good offense in. 10-9 Saffiedine.

Round four: Another big leg kick to get things started from Saffiedine and Marquardt's leg looks atrocious. More leg kicks from Saffiedine and he's chopping Marquardt down. Marquardt presses forward with some desperation trying to get inside and a huge leg kick buckles him. Marquardt can barely walk now. Another kick from Saffiedine and he steps in with a right hand. Saffiedine does some damage on the inside and Marquardt is cut now, bleeding from between the eyes. More brutal leg kicks stagger Marquardt as time expires. 10-9 Saffiedine

Round five: Saffiedine presses forward and throws another leg kick. Marquardt is bleeding from a cut between his eyes and Saffiedine goes high with a kick and some punches. Marquardt fires back with a combination and Saffiedine clinches, pressing him into the cage. Knee from Saffiedine and he backs off. Marquardt checks a kick but Saffiedine lands another and is backing him up with punches. They clinch again and this time Saffiedine actually shoots in and takes Marquardt down. Saffiedine stays in top position, dropping some punches until time expires. 10-9 Saffiedine

Final result: Tarec Saffiedine defeats Nate Marquardt via unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46)


265 lbs.: Daniel Cormier vs. Dion Staring

Round one: Staring works to land right hand early and Cormier wings a head kick. They clinch and Cormier backs off, working a leg kick. Cormier attempts an inside trip but misses it and then throws Staring to the canvas with a lateral drop, landing directly in side control. Cormier works an elbow but Staring scrambles nearly to his feet and actually gets a separation. Cormier lands a jab and comes up short with a head kick. Huge right hand lands for Cormier and he's smelling blood, closing the distance and taking Staring down. Staring again works back to his feet and Cormier clinches with him against the fence, taking him down and landing in full mount. Cormier postures up and drops some punches. Elbows from Cormier and he drops punishment until the end of the round. 10-8 Cormier

Round two: Cormier clinches quickly, grabbing double underhooks but he backs off. Huge right hand attempted from Cormier and Staring initiates a clinch but Cormier trips him and puts him on the ground. Side control now from Cormier and Staring turtles but can't get back to his feet and he winds up on his back with Cormier on top in half guard. Head shorts from Cormier and he's passed to dominatn position in full mount, dropping elbows. Hammerfists from Cormier and McCarthy finally puts a halt to it. Staring mounted zero offense here.

Final result: Daniel Cormier defeats Dion Staring via TKO (punches) at 4:02 of round two


265 lbs.: Josh Barnett vs. Nandor Guelmino

Round one: Barnett quickly shoots in, closes the distance and puts Guelmino on his back, landing in his full guard. Barnett drops down for a heel hook but can't get it and he Guelmino escapes back to his feet briefly but Barnett drags him to the canvas and lands in full mount. Barnett latches on an arm triangle from full mount and Guelmino has no option but to tap out.

Final result: Josh Barnett def. Nandor Guelmino via submission (arm triangle) at 2:11 of round one


205 lbs.: Gegard Mousasi vs. Mike Kyle

Round one: Kyle looking for the big power shot early and Mousasi tags him with a huge leg kick which staggers him. Kyle is pressing forward with some aggressive hooks but he eats another leg kick. They clinch and Kyle lands a knee and Mousasi attempts a takedown but can't get it. Good jab from Mousasi and Kyle fires off a combination which backs him off. Big head kick from Kyle is blocked and Mousasi is really looking for the big shot. Mousasi shoots in and scores a takedown, landing in Kyle's guard. Mousasi works some short strikes and Kyle gives up half guard. Mousasi passes to full mount and rains down some huge punches from top position. Kyle rolls over and Mousasi takes his back, pounding away with punches and he locks in a rear naked choke which forces Kyle to tap out.

Final result: Gegard Mousasi defeats Mike Kyle via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:09 of round one


185 lbs.: Ronaldo Souza vs. Ed Herman

Round one: Both men trying to find their range early and Jacare presses Herman into the fence. Herman throws some short uppercuts and they separate. Good right hand and an uppercut from Jacare and he dives forward, scoring a perfect double leg takedown. Herman attempts a leg lock and throws his feet up but he lands an illegal upkick. The ref is an idiot and doesn't take a point away and also resets them on the feet, basically rewarding Herman for the illegal blow. Souza is angry and he starts aggressively moving forward, landing power shots both with punches and kicks. Huge takedown from Jacare and this time he attacks Herman's arm, working for a Kimura. He locks it in, roques away and Herman taps!

Final result: Ronaldo Souza defeats Ed Herman via submission (Kimura) at 3:10 of round one


Hemmi here!

155 lbs.: Pat Healy vs. Kurt Holobaugh

Round one: Holobaugh charges forward aggressively and lands a big shot that hurts Healy, knocking him down. They clinch and Healy lands a nice knee but eats a bunch of body shots. Holobaugh is still going after Healy but Healy takes him down easily, avoiding an armbar attempt and dropping punches and elbows. Holobaugh attempts a leg lock, working a toe hold but Healy shows no concern and twists free, passing to side control briefly and dropping some punches. They get back to their feet but Healy stays right on him with his wrestling in the clinch, grinding away. Healy latches on a choke at the end of the round, but he doesn't have his hooks in and Holobaugh survives until the end of the round. 10-9 Healy

Round two: Holobaugh attempts to get something going on the feet but Healy shoots in and has him on his back within the first 20 seconds. Healy passes to side control and mounts, taking his back as Holobaugh rolls over. Holobaugh postures up and tries to shake him off to come out the back door and he does! Healy is on bottom and attempts a heel hook but he lets the foot slip free an dinstead transitions to a takedown, trapping Holobaugh's leg but instead takes top position. Big elbows from Healy from top position and he looks like he's got an inverted triangle. Healy now attacks the isolated arm but gives up on the position and rides out the round from top. 10-9 Healy

Round three: Healy shoots in lazily but backs away and Holobaugh fires off some strikes. Good left hand for Holobaugh and Healy shoots in. Holobaugh denies him at first but dives on an armbar which is really dumb and it gives Healy the top position. Holobaugh has an omaplata but can't secure a sweep and Healy twists free. Healy is working an arm triangle from within half guard and Healy is squeezing with everything he's got. Holobaugh is hanging in there and somehow escapes. Healy thinks about a twister or some kind of crank move but can't secure the hold and then drops some huge left hands in the final 10 seconds of the fight. 10-9 Healy

Final result: Pat Healy defeats Kurt Holobaugh via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


185 lbs.: Roger Gracie vs. Anthony Smith

Round one: Gracie takes control of the cage center early while Smith circles to his left and right, flashing a lead left hook. Smith lunges forward but doesn't connect. Gracie lunges forward and attempts a takedown but Smith escapes and goes back to circlin gand flashing his left hand. Good right leg kick from Smith and then another to the opposite leg. Smith is picking up his activity now. Gracie pokes Smith in the eye and they reset after a brief break and Smith starts punishing him with some leg kicks. Gracie has no answer for the leg kicks right now and he's getting staggered with every heavy shot. High kick from Smith just misses the mark. 10-9 Smith

Round two: Smith goes back to work with a kick to get things started and he's really loosening up with his strikes. Left to the body from Smith and several more. Gracie picks it up now too and he's stalking forward more aggressively, landing a good right hand and Smith is still blinking heavily from that eye poke. They clinch and Gracie lands a big knee, diving forward and dragging him to the canvas as Smith has his full guard. Gracie punches to pass, getting to side control and advances directly to mount. Gracie blasts Smith with an elbow which opens up a big cut and the blood starts flowing. Gracie easily locks in an arm triangle choke, goes back to side control and Smith has no choice but to tap out.

Final result: Roger Gracie defeats Anthony Smith via submission (arm triangle) at 3:16 of round two


185 lbs.: Tim Kennedy vs. Trevor Smith

Round one: Smith steps forward aggressively, throwing a leg kick but Kennedy responds with one of his own and it's heavier. Smith works for a takedown and he gets it, winding up in Kennedy's half guard. Kennedy tries to scramble back to his feet and he backs to the cage and uses it to get back to his feet, throwing a nice knee on the inside. Another knee from Kennedy and Smith changes levels looking for another takedown but Kennedy backs free. Huge uppercut lands for Kennedy and Smith dives forward with a takedown attempts, bullrushing Kennedy into the fence and getting him down, although it doesn't look like he'll be able to do much with it. Kennedy scrambles back to his feet and now he's looking for a takedown, briefly getting it but Smith separates and resets. Nice uppercut for Kennedy and then a big kick to the body. Kennedy throws a knee and Smith nails him with a knee in the groin. Kennedy takes a breather and they reset. Kennedy is head hunting on the feet and he fends off a takedown attempt. Huge front kick from Kennedy and he fends off a takedown attempt from Smith and lands a huge knee at the end of the round. 10-9 Kennedy

Round two: Smith works a lead left hand and lands it but Kennedy stuffs a takedown although Smith briefly puts him on the canvas. Kennedy pops back to his feet and scores with a knee, working in the clinch with double underhooks while firing knees and he puts Smith on his back with a takedown, passing to half guard. Smith muscles out of the position and Kennedy drops some big elbows to the body while fending off a takedown attempt along the fence. More elbows from Kennedy and the ref separates them with a minute left in the round. Good knee from Kennedy and Smith again dives until a takedown but he eats some big elbows and punches for his effort. Kennedy is pounding away with good punches and big elbows, finishing the round in top position. 10-9 Kennedy

Round three: Smith looks tired here at the beginning of the round and he presses forward, clindhing Kennedy against the fence but he eats some more knees. Leg kick and body kick from Smith and Kennedy smells blood. Good uppercuts from Kennedy and a big knee. He drops down for a modified guillotine choke and it looks pretty tight as Kennedy is cranking on the hold pretty heavily, forcing Smith to tap out.

Final result: Tim Kennedy defeats Trevor Smith via submission (guillotine) at 1:36 of round three


155 lbs.: Ryan Couture vs. K.J. Noons

Round one: Noons opens up in the cage center looking for an opening to work his boxing advantage. Nice leg kick from Couture and Noons works a straight left hand to the body while mixing in some feints. Another low kick from Couture and they clinch where Couture lands a nice knee. Noons flashes a left jab and both men are starting to open up here. Couture goes back to the low kick and Noons tries to counter it, landing a good right hand. Noons scores with an uppercut and a left hook but whiffs with a high kick. Couture lands a good shot but Noons counters again and a spinning back fist misses for Couture. Noons is keeping his hands very low. Both men land good right hands simultaneously and a huge back kick from Couture smashes Noons in the body. Noons is fired up and knocks Couture off balance at the end of the round. 10-9 Noons

Round two: Good right hand from Noons and Couture lands a nice kick. They clash heads and Noons has a cut on his forehead. Big right hand from Noons hurts Couture and Couture is wobbly. Noons stalks him down and really starts unloading some punches. Couture eats huge shots with a massive flurry of punches and Couture is still on his feet showing heart and firing off a knee. What heart from Couture! Both men are beat up now and Noons spent a lot of energy working for the finish there which could backfire for him. Huge right hand from Noons but Couture takes it and fires back with a kick. Couture scores with a left hand and he's pressing the action now with knees and kicks, keeping Noons on his heels. Noons charges forward and they go at it trading punches, kicks and knees until the end of the round. 10-9

Round three: Couture is working for some side kicks but Noons avoids danger for now. Couture steps inside, attempting a takedown but can't get it although he scores a big knee on the way up. Noons works a left jab and fires off with a right hand over the top and then a left hook which knocks Couture backwards. Good right hand from Couture over the top and Noons returns with a right of his own. Noons works a nice left hand to the body then an uppercut up the middle. Huge counter right hand from Noons and Couture responds with a knee. More counter shots from Noons as Couture presses forward and both men trade big shots before the horn sounds. 10-9 Noons

Final result: Ryan Couture defeats K.J. Noons via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


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