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Bellator 87 results, LIVE online video stream for 'Rickels vs Woodard' TONIGHT (Jan. 31) on Spike TV

Check out complete Bellator 87 coverage below, including quick results, main card play-by-play and a live stream of the event tonight! Bellator 87 features the season eight lightweight tournament quarterfinals..

David Rickels (left) stares down Lloyd Woodard (right) at the Bellator 87 weigh-ins yesterday
David Rickels (left) stares down Lloyd Woodard (right) at the Bellator 87 weigh-ins yesterday
Photo via Bellator

Bellator Fighting Championships returns TONIGHT (Jan. 31, 2013) at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, with season eight lightweight tournament quarterfinals. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of Bellator 87 below, beginning with the Spike TV telecast at 10 p.m. ET. In addition, we'll deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the undercard action much earlier in the evening (beginning at 8 p.m. ET), as well as a live stream of the preliminary action.

Headlining the main event will be a fantastic lightweight showdown featuring fan-favorites David Rickels and Lloyd Woodard. Both men have made it to the semifinals of every tournament they've participated in and someone's streak is going to get snapped.

Also on tap, powerful ground-and-pounder Guillaum DeLorenzi takes on late replacement Saad Awad while season six semifinalist Thiago Michel takes on Russian Alexander Sarnavskiy in what expects to be a thrilling stand-up battle.

Lastly, Bellator newcomer Will Brooks will challenge recent season seven semifinalist Ricardo Tirloni in a bout many feel could decide the tournament winner.

Main Card

155 lbs.: David Rickels def. Lloyd Woodard via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Alexander Sarnavskiy def. Thiago Michel via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:40 of round two
155 lbs.: Will Brooks def. Ricardo Tirloni via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Saad Awad def. Guillaum DeLorenzi via knockout at 0:31 of round one

Preliminary Card

155 lbs.: Jason Fischer def. Sevak Magakian via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:37 of round one
170 lbs.: Sam Quito def. Ben Lagman via submission (kneebar) at 3:54 of round one
155 lbs.: J.P. Reese def. David Shepherd via unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Cody Stamann vs. Justin Houghton
265 lbs.: Karl Etherington def. Jason Fish via submission (punches) at 3:45 of round one
165 lbs.: Amir Killah def. John Schulz via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:34 of round one
135 lbs.: Tony Zelinski def. Nick Kirk via split decision

Bellator Live Stream
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Hemmi here!

155 lbs.: David Rickels vs. Lloyd Woodard

Round one: Woodward presses forward and attempts to push Rickels into the fence. He tries to grab a reverse body lock and even take his back standing but instead he settles for throwing knees to the thighs and lifting Rickels up for a belly to back suplex. Rickels tries to get to his feet but Woodard takes his back and puts both hooks in. Woodard is thinking about going for a twister or a banana split but Rickels escapes and retains his guard. Rickels throws his legs up and is working for a triangle but Woodard slams him and postures up to escape the position. Woodard passes his guard and drops some punches from above. Rickels attempts an armbar but can't lock it in and Woodard goes right after him again. Woodard takes top position but Rickels attacks with a heel hook and they both have their legs wrapped up like pretzels. Woodard attempts an inverted heel hook but Rickels escapes and takes top position, landing punches and bloodying up Woodard's nose. Another heel hook attempt from Woodard but Rickels slips free and drags him towards the cage center, dropping a couple heavy shots at the end of the round. 10-9 Woodard

Round two: Woodard looks like he's lost a step early and Rickels presses forward. Swing and miss from Woodard and Rickels pops him with a left hand and a body kick. Nice left and right hand from Rickels and Woodard definitely seems like he's going to be in trouble soon. Right hand from Woodard but he whiffs with a left. Rickels steps forward winging a lead left hook and he drops to the body with a short combination. Nice right hand from Woodard and Rickels briefly goes down. Woodard takes top position on top of him but Rickels sinks in an armbar but can't lock it up tightly. Woodard can't do much from top position and Rickels gets back to his feet, throwing knees to the thigh on the inside. Woodard looks spent here. Big right hand by Rickels and he throws some knees in the clinch but Woodard shoots in and takes him down again. He stays on top until the end of the round. Tough round to score but I'm going 10-9 Rickels

Round three: Rickels takes the cage center, stalking Woodard and he lands a nice left hook. Good right hand from Rickels and Woodard throws a leg kick but there's nothing on it. Front kick from Rickels and Woodard's right knee might be hurt. Big shot from Rickels hurts Woodard and then a body kick. Rickels lands a 1-2 and Woodard is backed into the fence. If Rickels unloads, he'll finish him. Nice right hand and then a left from Rickels, then an outside leg kick. More leg kicks from Rickels and a right hand but he's being way too patient. Another left and right hand from Rickels and Woodard responds with a left hook of his own. Huge shot from Rickels but he doesn't follow up. Rickels thinks about a takedown but gives up on it and throws a body kick and then a left hand. Big left hand from Rickels and then a right and Woodard responds with a right of his own. Woodard shoots in for a takedown and Rickels attacks with a guillotine but can't get it. Rickels does more damage from bottom at the end than Woodard did from top in the final 10 seconds. 10-9 Rickels

Final Result: David Rickels defeats Lloyd Woodard via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


155 lbs.: Ricardo Tirloni vs. Will Brooks

Round one: Both men trade kicks and Brooks is really putting pressure on Tirloni on the feet early, backing him up. Inside leg kick from Brooks and a nice right hand but Tirloni throws a left counter to back him off. Another inside kick from Brooks and he clinches looking for a knee but Tirloni presses forward looking for a takedown and he gets it on his second effort but Brooks is sitting up against the fence, wall-walking to his feet. Now Brooks turns and takes Tirloni down along the fence, landing inside the Brazilian's closed guard. Brooks is hanging around inside the guard a bit too much and Tirloni nearly catches him in a triangle, but he powers out of it. Brooks postures up and drops some punches. Brooks stay son top all the way until the end of the round. 10-9 Brooks

Round two: Very quick early lead punches from Brooks and Tirloni is briefly rocked. Brooks shoots in and takes Tirloni down with easy, landing inside his guard. Brooks drops a few short strikes, but can't get anything going at first, but he postures up and drops some really good strikes. Brooks backs off and Tirloni gets to his feet. Brooks lands a short head kick and they clinch, but Brooks is putting the pressure on him. Brooks shoots in for a takedown but Tirloni attacks with a guillotine. Brooks seems to be fine and he pops his head out. Brooks postures up and drops some punches before stepping back and entering with a heavy right hand. Tirloni works for a leg lock but gives up on it and they get back to standing. Nice right hand to the body from Tirloni but his face is swelling up from the damage he's taken. They trade right hands and Brooks shoots in for a takedown and gets stuffed, but Tirloni knees him in the groin. They reset and a left jab from Brooks and he looks very loose on the feet. Tirloni shoots in for a takedown at the end of the round, but neither man secures an advantage. 10-9 Brooks

Round three: They trade some strikes but Brooks shoots in again and takes Tirloni down with ease. Brooks is in top position, passing to half guard, dropping some short right hands. He attempts to mount but gets shut down. Brooks backs off looking to drop down with a huge shot but Tirloni pops to his feet along the fence. Instead, Brooks shoots in failing to score a takedown and he settles for inside position along the fence. Tirloni attempts a combination after creating some separation but nothing significant lands. Brooks shoots in for a takedown in the cage center and he's got it. Brooks keeps his head low and Tirloni attempts a triangle, nearly locking it in but it's not tight enough and Brooks escapes pretty easily, dropping short strikes until the bell. 10-9 Brooks

Final Result: Will Brooks defeats Ricardo Tirloni via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


155 lbs.: Saad Awad vs. Guillaum DeLorenzi

Round one: Awad steps forward and they trade punches. Big left hand scores for Awad and DeLorenzi is hurt. Awad lands a HUGE right hand and DeLorenzi is in huge trouble. DeLorenzi turns torwards the cage and eats some huge left hand follow-up shots from Awad and the fight is over.

Final Result: Saad Awad defeats Guillaum DeLorenzi via knockout at 0:31 of round one


155 lbs.: Thiago Michel vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy

Round one: Body kick from Sarnavskiy and he backs Michel off with a couple straight punches. Big right hand from Sarnavskiy rocks Michel but he doesn't pounce. Michel regains his senses and Sarnavskiy is going both to the body and the head with his right hand. Michel tries to throw a right hand but a pair of hooks from Sarnavskiy backs him off. Inside leg kick from Sarnavskiy. Body kick from Sarnavskiy and he's really attacking with the overhand right looking for the knockout. Combination from Michel but all his punches are blocked and Sarnavskiy steps forward with a knee. Push kick from Michel and Sarnavskiy tries to work some jabs but Michel is pressing forward through them. Kick from Michel is caught by Sarnavskiy and he attacks with the overhand right. Inside leg kick from Michel and another but this time it's caught and Sarnavskiy presses forward with punches, making him lose his balance. Michel scores a trip takedown in the final 10 seconds and attempts a guillotine choke at the bell but it's too late. 10-9 Sarnavskiy

Round two: Sarnavskiy goes right back to work on the feet with aggression, trying to land that big right hand. He presses forward with a combination and shoots in with a double leg takedown, securing it but Michel is working his way back to his feet along the fence and he does. Sarnavskiy has inside position along the fence and he drops down for a single leg takedown but can't secure it. Sarnavskiy gets a takedown again Michel scrambles to get back to his feet but Sarnavskiy takes his back, getting both hooks in. Sarnavskiy is hunting for the choke and he's got it. He just keeps squeezing until Michel taps.

Final Result: Alexander Sarnavskiy defeats Thiago Michel via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:40 of round one


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