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Dana White goes nuts on UFC Tonight, calls Bellator's lawyer 'the biggest moron on earth,' labels Viacom CEO a 'pompous, arrogant clown'

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Want to get UFC President Dana White fired up? Ask him about the Eddie Alvarez situation.


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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White, who is no stranger to video rants, goes off the deep end on a recent episode of UFC Tonight, eviscerating Bellator, Spike TV and Viacom for what he calls the "horrible" treatment of Eddie Alvarez.

Maybe that whole Randy Couture thing got under his skin?

"Here's the thing: the right to match deal works out for the fighters. That's where a fighter finds out what he's truly worth, is when that right to match comes in. The lawyer for Bellator? He's either the biggest moron in the history of the world or a liar. For this guy to go out there and say that Spike and FOX are exactly the same, they're comparable, is the most ridiculous statement ever made in the history of the world, to compare FOX network to Spike TV. How many critically-acclaimed programs does Spike TV have? What kind of numbers does Spike TV pull every week? Our prelims on FX pull better numbers than their live main events do! On FX! Let's not even talk about FOX, FOX shouldn't even be in the discussion! Eddie Alvarez is getting screwed big time. The judge? He's not educated on television, television networks or pay-per-view. The thing is too, that drives me crazy, it's not Spike TV. It's Viacom. The pompous, arrogant clown that runs Viacom, his name is Philippe Dauman. This guy has claimed that he built the UFC. Let me remind everybody, the UFC was a time buy. We paid 10 million dollars to be in a time buy on Spike TV. They act like they were these geniuses that saw this sport coming. Comparing Spike TV to FOX is a joke and it's horrible what's happening to Eddie Alvarez."

Skip to the 03:50 mark.

UFC left Spike TV back in 2011 for greener pastures at the FOX network.

Alvarez was expected to join the ranks of UFC earlier this year after satisfying the final fight on his Bellator contract; however, his former employer had the right to match any new offer, and did, forcing both parties to battle it out in court over what Bjorn Rebney calls a "key misunderstanding."

White calls it "getting screwed."

How about it, fight fans, does this blow up by the world's biggest mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter surprise you? And do you expect any repercussions from the "pompous, arrogant clown" at Viacom now that White is naming names?