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Culinary Union petitions Toys 'R Us to remove all UFC dolls from stores

Ahem, I believe the correct term is, "action figure."

Round 5


You know the drill by now. The gang at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) get some traction and the Culinary Union tries to cut their legs out from under them. First it was Mandy Moore, then it was the FOX network. This time, it's Toys 'R Us.

Local 226 petitions the toy retailer (via Five Knuckles):

By selling UFC Action Figures, and by purchasing them, a message is sent to children and people with anger issues that this behavior IS acceptable. IT IS NOT. I believe in freedom of speech. I believe that parents are responsible for the choices they and their children make. However, by selling these cage fighting toys, Toys "R" Us, and by UFC, allowing their fighters to say these mean, hateful, violent, intolerant things at their fights, they are sending a message to children that it is acceptable to behave this way. I ask that UFC and Toys "R" Us be responsible for NOT promoting this behavior.

See the entire letter here.

The Culinary Union has a longstanding beef with ZUFFA because (short version) the Fertitta brothers own a bunch of properties in Las Vegas that are non-union and according to UFC President Dana White, the Union "gangsters" have been doing "dirty stuff" to try and change that.

So, how can you save yourself?

Rush home, collect all the Round 5 action figures you may have accumulated over the past few years (like these) and put them in a pile. Then burn them and dance around the flames. Actually, you should probably grab a bible too, and recite a few random passages, just to be safe.

We must protect our children at any and all cost.

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