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MMA Talking Heads: Eddie Alvarez vs. Bellator legal battle in-depth with Loretta Hunt

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Eddie Alvarez and his fight future with the UFC took a big blow back late last week when a New Jersey judge denied his request for an injunction that would free him of his Bellator chains, inserting him on an upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) event with the world's leading mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion.'s Jason Probst digs deep into the issue with Sports Illustrated's Loretta Hunt on the latest episode of "MMA Talking Heads."

Former Bellator Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez is mired in a legal mixed martial arts (MMA) mess.

Sports Illustrated's Loretta Hunt stopped by "MMA Talking Heads" on Sunday (Jan. 27, 2013) to discuss the legal battle between Alvarez and Bellator in-depth. Alvarez, former Bellator champ, is attempting to move to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC); however, a contractual dispute (read more on that here) has the hottest 155-pound free agent at a vexing crossroads.

And, according to Hunt -- who has covered the story extensively for SI -- Alvarez could spend the next year fighting in a court room rather than a cage. She gives us the summary and the scoops after the first round late last week ended in favor of Bellator.

In addition, Hunt discussed the "controversial" illegal knee that Demetrious Johnson delivered to the head of John Dodson in the UFC on Fox 6 main event, which did not result in a point deduction from referee John McCarthy, who Hunt knows very, very well (she wrote the book on him ... literally).

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