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Dana White: We have the right to match any offer on Rampage Jackson

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Quinton Jackson could be sent on his way with a handshake and a "thanks for everything." Or, he could be benched until his matching period expires, depending on whether or not ZUFFA wants to keep "Rampage" away from rival promotions.

Jon Kopaloff

Following his loss to Glover Teixeira last weekend in Chicago (see it here), former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson is packing his bags and heading for greener pastures, thanks to a falling out with the ZUFFA brass (and its fans) that started as far back as 2011.

Well, maybe.

While "Rampage" is expected to ply his trade elsewhere, he may find some resistance from his former employer, who has the right to match any offer from a competing promotion. Not that ZUFFA is in any hurry to re-sign the fading slugger, but it could be a way to stick it to a rival in the wake of recent headaches.

From his UFC on FOX 6 post-fight interview:

"I said before the fight and I'll say it again after. [Jackson] needs to work for people who can make him happy. I feel like we've done everything in our power for Rampage to make him happy. If there's somebody out there who can treat him better than we have, that's awesome [but] I do have the right to match."

The length of his matching period is unknown at this time, but we know of at least one promoter who's interested.

If this sounds familiar, it's because it is. Former Bellator MMA Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez went from fighting inside a cage to fighting inside a courtroom, all because his contract allows his employer to match any incoming contract, including this one from ZUFFA.

Welcome to limbo, Mr. Alvarez. You may soon have company.

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