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WWE Royal Rumble 2013 video: C.M. Punk talks 'The Rock' fight, predicts Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen and more

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion C.M. Punk drops a pipe bomb on the SB Nation crew in Chicago. What did the "Straight-Edge Superstar" have to say about his good buddy Chael Sonnen, who fight Jon Jones for the 205-pound title in April? Only one way to find out!

Hey look, it's every mixed martial arts (MMA) fan's favorite topic: Professional Wrestling!

Too bad, suckers, because World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion C.M. Punk happens to be good buddies with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight number one contender Chael Sonnen, who oh by the way, has been known to cut pro wrestling promos before and after every fight.

Like this one.

Heck, the "Straight-Edge Superstar" was even going to walk "The American Gangster" down the aisle at UFC on FOX 2 last year in Punk's hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Unfortunately WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was having none of it and put the kibosh on their "Windy City" bromance.

Instead, Punk waited a few months and re-enacted the UFC 148 main event on WWE's Monday Night RAW.

Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Anyway, catch up with the champ of make-believe as he breaks down his upcoming Royal Rumble match against "The Rock," as well as the upcoming UFC 159 headliner between Sonnen and Jon Jones.

Should be interesting, especially what Punk said about "Bones" last summer (read it here).


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