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Would Rory MacDonald be willing to fight Georges St. Pierre for 'millions of dollars' and 'massive endorsements?'

Rory MacDonald has stated before he won't ever fight his training partner and current UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, but, Dana White wonders if 'Ares' sticks to his guns, is he going to be content with just being able to say he trained with GSP, or does he want to reap the benefits that come with fighting and defeating the very best.


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White offered up a very interesting question during a recent media scrum, asking if surging welterweight contender, Rory MacDonald, was content with just ‘sitting around' and waiting for current 170-pound champion, Georges St. Pierre, to have his time in the spotlight, while never fulfilling his own potential.

Would beating Carlos Condit at UFC 158 help change his mind?

"You didn't hear Georges jump in and say, 'I will not fight Rory MacDonald.' The way I look at that situation is, Georges is the king, he's got the belt, he's known as one of the greatest welterweights ever. The guy is a superstar worldwide, makes a shit-load of money (and) he's got major massive endorsements. Does Rory MacDonald want to be that guy? Or, does he want to say, 'I like Georges. He's a nice guy and I've trained with him and stuff, so, I'll just sit around and never see how great I really am.'"

‘Ares' has been adamant in the past that he will never fight his TriStar Gym stablemate, and, if that's the case, the young Canadian will never be champion as long as "Rush" is holding the title.

According to White, if Rory is content with that decision, he will never be able to find out just how good he can truly be and won't reap the benefits of multi-million dollar paydays and high-profile sponsorships, either. Unless, of course, he proves himself at middleweight.

To be like GSP, or not to be like GSP, that is the question.

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