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Lloyd Irvin open letter on rape charges denies involvement in 'disgraceful' act committed on New Year's Eve

With rape charges filed against two of his students, Lloyd Irvin finally breaks his silence on the "deplorable" act that occurred outside his premises back on New Year's Eve.

Silence is golden.

Unless, of course, the mixed martial arts (MMA) community has stormed your castle with pitchforks and torches, demanding answers as to why two students from your grappling school are accused of allegedly raping an intoxicated female acquaintance from the gym in a parking garage on New Year's Eve.

Then it might be time to speak up and say something.

That's exactly what Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist Lloyd Irvin did earlier this week, after this video was released accusing Matthew Maldonado -- a highly decorated and accomplished jiu-jitsu brown belt -- and Nicholas Schultz, of committing what Irvin refers to as a "deplorable" and "disgraceful" act.

From his open letter to the media:

I nor anyone else on my current team or staff had ANYTHING at all to do with what is reported to have happened New Years Eve. It has been reported that a video (as of the time I am releasing this letter, I have not seen the video nor has the case been resolved) that was described in the recent court documents shows that this was a deplorable and disgraceful act committed by two individuals who acted OUTSIDE the code of honor of our team, NOT within it.

As for the accusations that I am "fostering" some sort of environment that makes people do horrific things...

One of the accused had been with me for barely a month and the other for a total time of barely seven months...Anyone who feels that there is some sort of subversive environment being taught and encouraged on our team should realize the level of insult and disrespect they are directing not towards me but the truly honorable athletes and human beings that make up our school... both competitors and non-­?competitors alike.

I want to repeat,

My singular concern and effort right now (and much of the reason why I have not spoken to date) is caring for and supporting my teammate and friend who is recovering

In addition my focus is actively engaging as many people and resources as possible to understand more about how these things happen and what if anything we can do to directly impact these situations before they ever happen.

I don't know much about what, how or why new years eve happened...I wish I did and I think it unwise to pressure her about all of these details at this point as she's got enough to deal with.

Certainly as the trial progresses we will all learn more. All I can say is I feel sadness for the depraved and misguided individuals who would suggest that this is part of what we teach.

Read his entire letter, in which he also denies any involvement or wrongdoing in rape charges from back in 1989 (in which he was acquitted) at The Underground right here.

For more background on the rape charges filed against Irvin's students, as well as his controversial response just days after the incident, click here and here.

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