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Michael Kuiper pulled from UFC on FOX 6 following injury to Josh Janousek

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With less than a week to go, the unluckiest fighter on the ZUFFA roster has been pulled from the UFC on FOX 6 event in Chicago after his fourth opponent, Josh Janousek, suffered an undisclosed injury in training.


Michael Kuiper just can't catch a break.

With Josh Janousek suffering an undisclosed injury, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has run out of opponents for the up-and-coming middleweight and has been forced to pull him from Saturday night's (Jan. 26, 2013) UFC on FOX 6 event, scheduled for the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. explains the madness:

Janousek was a late-notice replacement for opponent Buddy Roberts; Roberts had been a replacement for Caio Magalhaes; and Magalhaes was tapped to fight Kuiper when original opponent Thiago Bodao was injured. With the bout less than a week away, no replacement will be named.

Kuiper vs. Janousek was slotted for the Facebook "Prelims."

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Anyone think we can make it to Saturday night without another injury?