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Patriots vs Ravens Playoffs 2012: Predictions from UFC champion Jon Jones (Video)

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones makes his pick between the Patriots and Ravens in the NFL playoffs this weekend. Both of his brothers play for the respective defensive lines. Find out who he sees advancing to the Superbowl below.

Who's ready for some brotherly love?

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has been put on the spot this weekend as his family will be on full display in the AFC Championship game when the New England Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens.

You see, "Bones" isn't the only high caliber athlete among his siblings. His older brother Arthur is a standout defensive lineman for the Ravens while his younger brother Chandler is a rookie defensive end for the Patriots. This isn't a big secret, as Arthur was a prominent feature in some of Jones' UFC Primetime features helping him out training for some of his biggest most recent fights, but it's definitely a pretty impressive feat for the ridiculously athletic family.

Jones spoke with Fuel TV about the situation and wasn't afraid to pick which brother he felt had the best shot of going to the Superbowl with a victory this weekend.

Who ya got?

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