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'The guy with one hand' has an 'equal opportunity' message for UFC President Dana White

Despite tearing up the regional mixed martial arts (MMA) scene, UFC President Dana White said he will "never" employ Nick Newell, a fighter with only one hand, despite his "Notorious" record of 9-0 with eight finishes. Today, Newell responds and has an "equal opportunity" message for the Octagon boss.


Let him bang, bro.

Last month in Las Vegas, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White said he would "never" employ a fighter with one arm. Then again, he also said he would never have a women's mixed martial arts (MMA) division in UFC.

Then came Ronda Rousey to prove you should never say "never."

In addition, the world's leading combat sports promotion has also given a headlining pay-per-view (PPV) bout to an openly gay fighter in Liz Carmouche, who takes on the "Rowdy" one at UFC 157 next month in Anaheim. And let's not forget about the disadvantage of Matt Hamill.

Sounds like White and Co. are an equal opportunity employer.

It should come as no surprise then, to hear Nick Newell, who is missing a portion of his left arm after a congenital amputation as a child, asking for his shot in the big leagues (via MMA Fighting):

"No matter how much I accomplish in this sport, it's always going to be something that gets brought up. I've come to terms with that. People will always look at me as being the guy with one hand. As much as I would like to be known and looked at for my fighting skill, it will always be an issue like with the whole Dana White interview. It's always going to be something that gets brought up. [The UFC] is where you can test yourself against the best guys in the world. I want to see where I stand among the world's elite fighters and I feel like I've earned my shot. Anyone else with my track record would be getting looked at, but it's due to outside circumstances. I don't get discouraged too much about things like that. I'm not going anywhere in this sport. I'm good. A lot of those guys in the UFC, just because they're in the UFC doesn't mean they can beat me. I think I match up really well with a lot of people in there. [White] wants to talk about how he wants to give people equal opportunity - to women, to gay fighters and stuff like that. Well, I'd like my equal opportunity as well."

Not only is Newell undefeated at 9-0, he also has eight finishes including six submissions. "Notorious" recently choked out Eric Reynolds in the first round of their main event title fight (155 pounds) at the XFC 21 event last month in Nashville. Handicap? What handicap?

Your move, Mr. White.

Alright then, fight fans, let's get some feedback on Newell's request to get another look from the UFC brass. Does he make a convincing argument based on his achievements thus far in MMA? Or would he subject himself to unnecessary risk when mixing it up with the world's best inside the Octagon?


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