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MMA fighter sentenced to 50 years in prison after ripping friend's heart out and cooking it

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AP Photo/Del Norte County Sheriff.
AP Photo/Del Norte County Sheriff.

You may have forgotten about it but let me go ahead and spoil your dinner with a reminder of a disgustingly violent crime tied to mixed martial arts (MMA).

Back in 2010, a man named Jarrod Wyatt, a 26-year-old MMA fighter, was arrested for murdering his friend while the two were reportedly on mushrooms. That's not even the worst part.

The worst part is how he did it.

Wyatt apparently cut an 18-inch hole in his friend's chest and ripped his heart out before cooking it. Police know this because they found the heart charred in a wood burning stove. On top of that, Taylor Powell, the man who was murdered, had his tongue cut out and his face literally ripped off, according to court documents.

The Huffington Post has more sordid details:

The officers found Powell's body on the couch of the Requa home. His chest was cut open, and his heart, tongue and the skin of his face were gone, court records said. His heart was found charred in a wood-burning stove.

An autopsy determined the organs had been removed while Powell was still alive, the documents said.

Witnesses say the two had ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms before the attack and believed they were involved in a struggle between God and the devil.

Just yesterday (Sept. 8), Wyatt agreed to a plea deal that stipulates he will serve no less than 50 years. The plea deal was reached in the interest of all parties, according to District Attorney Jon Alexander.

"The earliest he'll be able to see a parole board is 2062," Alexander said. "We saved Taylor's family the agony from reliving the incident at the trial."

Initially, Wyatt had attempted to employ the old "not guilty by way of insanity" tactic but he was evaluated by medical professionals and deemed 100-percent in control of his faculties and competent to stand trial.

Thankfully, that was avoided with the plea deal that will put this monster behind bars.

Don't do mushrooms, kids.