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UFC or not, Pat Barry will be punching someone by the end of the year

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The last time we saw Pat Barry, he was getting his block knocked off by Lavar Johnson at the UFC on Fox 3: "Diaz vs. Miller" event back on May 5, 2012, in New Jersey.

He was also suffering a broken thumb, knocking him out of action for a while. It's why you haven't heard any real updates on his status with the world's largest fight promotion.

Well, that and his 1-3 record in his past four fights. Sadly, it got worse.

"HD" suffered a shoulder injury in practice, which turned out to be a torn labrum that could very well require surgery. In a recent interview with the MMA Fight Corner, he says he doesn't matter if he'll need to go under the knife or not, he's getting back in action before the end of the year.

Count on it.

"I told Joe Silva already. I already sent him a message saying ‘I'm cleared by the doctor. I can start training again.' He was like ‘Alright, great when will you be ready?' I was like ‘this morning'. By the end of this year, I'm going to punch somebody in the face, whether it's in the UFC or in Walgreens."

Once he does come back, his place in the heavyweight division is less clear.

He's going to have a job, of course, because Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White like guys who WAR. But the reality of the situation is he's just 4-5 in his UFC career and has mentioned previously, has lost three of four.

What the hell do you do with a guy like that?

That's where you Maniacs come in. Who should the powers that be match Barry up against next?