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UFC 154: Georges St. Pierre should be sending Martin Kampmann 'thank you' letters

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But why?

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Martin Kampmann had a short but sweet message to Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre:

"I'm doing GSP a favor because I'm beating all the tough guys in the division. He should be sending me thank-you letters."

Since June of 2010, Kampmann has defeated the likes of Paulo Thiago, Rick Story, Thiago Alves and Jake Ellenberger, only one of whom had ever fought St. Pierre before.

So his point has merit.

That's without mentioning his upcoming bout against Johny Hendricks in the co-main event of UFC 154: "St. Pierre vs. Condit" on Sat., Nov. 17, 2012, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Yes, that's the same card "Rush" will defend his 170-pound title on and "The Hitman" feels if they're both victorious, they should meet up in their next outings.

"For sure I believe a win over Hendricks gets me the title shot. I feel I should have been given the shot a long time ago. I have fought some of the best welterweights in the world and every single fight I get is against one of the top contenders. GSP is coming back and is going to fight Condit in November. They are going to connect the two belts but obviously GSP has the real belt. He has the one that counts. Obviously I want to fight for the belt, but I'd rather fight for the real one. That is the one I want."

There are a few different factors at play here that will greatly affect whether or not Kampmann is even considered as St. Pierre's next opponent, namely the fact that Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva has been casting his line for a superfight.

And the French-Canadian fighting sensation has taken the bait.

UFC President Dana White has also expressly stated his desire to put that fight together, possibly in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, at a 180-pound catchweight.

Even if Kampmann wins impressively, if St. Pierre can make it there, not a soul on Earth will prefer another welterweight title defense for the division champion, even with the Dane delivering one last shot.

"I don't know why GSP is so anxious to get knocked out by Anderson Silva. If he wants to get knocked out, he can just take a fight with me."

Well played, sir. But likely not enough.