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Freddie Roach: Anderson Silva ‘too big’ for Georges St. Pierre, wants to see Nick Diaz vs ‘GSP’

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Photo of Georges St. Pierre by Esther Lin for
Photo of Georges St. Pierre by Esther Lin for

One "superfight' is finally happening when Jose Aldo will defend his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight strap against former Lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar, at UFC 153.

But, in the ‘superfight' of ‘superfights,' one reigns supreme above all others, and that's a showdown between Middleweight champion Anderson Silva, taking on Welterweight title holder Georges St. Pierre. Fans have long-desired a fight between the two dominate champions, and it seems that lately, with the two nearly clearing out their respective divisions, the dream fight is getting closer to becoming a reality.

However, famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach -- a man who has fine-tuned both men's striking skills -- doesn't think the bout will ever go down because of the sheer size difference, as well as St. Pierre's discomfort in moving up in weight.

His assessment (via Fight Hub TV):

"I've trained both guys and Anderson is a very talented boxer, he is very good. He's 6-0 as a pro in Brazil. He has more experience than a lot of the guys in the UFC. But the thing is, I just don't see, he's just too big, the size difference, they want Georges to go up in weight and him (Silva) to come down in weight and so forth and Georges told me he's not comfortable coming up in weight. He likes the weight he's fighting at now, that's where he's best and I don't think this fight is really going to happen because I think he's (Silva) too big for him."

Though Roach doesn't believe a bout between "Rush" and "The Spider" will ever go down, he does want to see a bout between "GSP" and Nick Diaz finally come to light, seeing as how Diaz is a "tough guy" with "a lot of balls" whom he respects, but feels he has a great game plan to nullify his boxing offense.

Check out those comments, as well as the complete video interview with Roach, after the jump:

Any of you think Silva is "too big" for St. Pierre? Will we ever get see St. Pierre attempt to carry out Roach's "game plan" against Diaz?