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UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste releases new single 'Top of the World'

Photo of Arianny Celeste via
Photo of Arianny Celeste via

Who said the UFC ring girls weren't capable of multi-tasking?

On top of circling the Octagon and carrying a giant numbered card, Arianny Celeste has been working hard to break into the music business in one of her many side projects.

Her last attempt, "Fight to Love Me" from last year was not met with the most favorable reviews from you Maniacs, but who said people don't deserve a second chance?

Celeste released a new single today "Top of the World" which she announced via Twitter. You can listen to a preview right here and the music video is slated to be coming out very soon via Manufactured Superstars.

Playboy, sexy calenders, photoshoots and now another single. It seems like, as Mike Goldberg would say, "The beautiful Arianny" is full of surprises.

What's your review from the preview this time around? Has Celeste won you over on her second attempt or has she missed the target?

Sound off!

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