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Bellator 74 results and LIVE video stream for 'Good vs Wallhead' TONIGHT (Sept. 28) on MTV2

New, comments will be providing live video stream and round-by-round coverage of Bellator 74 tonight, which kicks off the promotion's seventh season in Atlantic City.


Bellator Fighting Championships returns TONIGHT (Sept. 28, 2012) to the Caesar's Atlantic City in Atlantic City New Jersey to kick off the promotion's seventh season with the welterweight tournament quarterfinals. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of Bellator 74 below, beginning with the MTV2 telecast at 8 p.m. ET. In addition, we'll deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the undercard action much earlier in the evening (beginning at 6:30 p.m.).

Headlining the main event of Bellator 74 will be a welterweight season seven quarterfinal bout between former Bellator Welterweight Champion Lyman Good and scrappy Brit "Judo" Jim Wallhead.

Both Good and Wallhead were participants in the season four welterweight tournament where they fell short via decision to current lightweight number one contender and former Olympian Rick Hawn.

Also participating on the main card is vaunted Russian welterweight prospect Andrey Koreshkov, who will be taking on Jordan Smith. The rest of the season seven welterweight tournament is rounded out by former Dream 170-pound champ Marius Zaromskis vs. Canadian Nordine Taleb and Russian submission ace Michail Tsarev vs. Tim Welch.

Bellator 74 results are posted below:

Main Card

170 lbs.: Lyman Good def. Jim Wallhead via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Marius Zaromskis def. Nordine Taleb via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Michail Tsarev def. Tim Welch via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:57 of round two
170 lbs.: Andrey Koreshkov def. Jordan Smith via unanimous decision

Preliminary Card

145 lbs.: Will Martinez def. Casey Johnson via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:27 of round one
155 lbs.: Phillipe Nover def. Derrick Kennington via technical submission (rear naked choke) at 4:20 of round two
145 lbs.: Alexandre Bezerra def. Matt McCook via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:04 of round one

145 lbs.: Brylan Van Artsdalen def. Jay Haas via submission (guillotine) at 1:03 of round one
125 lbs.: Michelle Ould def. Munah Holland via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Claudio Ledesma def. Kenny Foster via unanimous decision

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Hemmi here!

170 lbs.: Lyman Good vs. Jim Wallhead

Round one: Good immediately presses forward and bullies Wallhead into the fence. They throw short uppercuts in the clinch and Wallhead drops down for a takedown but can't get it. Good scores with some excellent short uppercuts in the clinch and Wallhead is cut. Good has control of the cage center and he presses forward with a big flurry of strikes, landing solid knees with Wallhead pressed into the cage. Good is in complete control of Wallhead, negating his skills by beating him up along the fence. Solid knee from Good and some more short uppercuts as time expires in the first round. 10-9 Good

Round two: Good is again in control to get things started as Wallhead has his back against the fence and is on the defensive. Good is connecting with several solid short right uppercuts but Wallhead backs him off with a straight right hand. Inside leg kick from Good and he scores with a big right hand that looked like it hurt Wallhead but Wallhead recovers quickly. When they reset, Good is landing jabs on the outside easily and Wallhead is getting frustrated. Wallhead tries to get inside but Good is landing the more effective strikes there. Leg kick from Good and he's mixing up his attack very well. Sharp 1-2 combo from Good snaps Wallhead's head back. Leg kick from Wallhead but he's not scoring with any significant offense and Good lands another big uppercut. Wallhead tries to grab Good but is fended off with ease. Good finishes with dirty boxing on the inside. 10-9 Good

Round three: Leg kicks from Good get things started and Wallhead tries to get some offense in but Good responds with a slick combination and finishes it off with a knee. They clinch but Good separates and goes back to work. Good kicks low and Wallhead takes a moment to compose himself. They reset and Wallhead throws a flurry but it can't connect and Good responds with some heavy kicks. Wallhead tries to change levels but Good easily avoids it and presses him into the fence. Short uppercuts and a knee from Good and then another knee. Wallhead separates and Good sores with a 1-2 combination of hooks. Nice right hand from Wallhead and Good responds with a right of his own. Good keeps up with his jab and now it's Good who shoots in for a takedown but Wallhead stuff it. Knee from Good on the inside and an uppercut but Wallhead fires back. Both men throw big combinations and Good throws a low knee with about three seconds left and the ref deducts a point from Good. 9-9 with the deduction

Final result: Lyman Good defeats Jim Wallhead via unanimous decision (29-27 x3)


170 lbs.: Nordine Taleb vs. Marius Zaromskis

Round one: Zaromskis walks down Taleb and he gets a pair of head kicks thrown at his face for his effort. Taleb fires off a body kick. Zaromskis continues to stalk Taleb down, throwing a left hand to keep the bigger man move backwards. Body kick from Zaromskis and then a leg kick. Zaromskis continues to press forward and he drops Taleb with a spinning backfist! Zaromskis is on top thinking about taking Taleb's back during the scramble but Taleb pops back to his feet. Zaromskis goes right back to pressing the action but Taleb is doing a nice job of dodging most attacks and throwing head kicks while moving backwards. Zaromskis shoots for a takedown and gets stuffed. Big left hand from Zaromskis just grazes and he keeps stalking Taleb. Zaromskis presses Taleb into the fence as time epires. 10-9 Zaromskis due to the knockdown

Round two: Zaromskis is back to work with his forward pressure and Taleb keeps firing off strikes while moving backward. Leg kick from Taleb then a push kick and nice uppercut. Zaromskis steps inside and drops Taleb with a beautiful straight left hand. Zaromskis drives on top and he's in side control but he's not doing anything. After a minute, the ref stands them up. Taleb goes back to work with kicks and knees and now he's really on the offensive. Zaromskis is working for a takedown and he briefly gets one but Taleb is back on his feet as Zaromskis drives him into the cage. The ref separates them and neither man lands anything significant as time expires. 10-9 Zaromskis

Round three: Zaromskis opens back in stalker mode but Taleb responds with a trio of head kicks and a combination which backs Zaromskis into the fence. Zaromskis reverses the position and he's pushing Taleb into the cage. The ref separates them and Zaromskis scores with a nice leg kick. Taleb drops to his knees and dives forward for a takedown but he gets shut down. Zaromskis is now in command with a reverse waist cinch. Zaromskis scores with a bell-to-back suplex and he's on top in side control with 90 seconds left. He can't do much with it and they get back to their feet and Zaromskis clips Taleb with a head kick that rocks him! He whiffs with a follow-up spinning back fist and they finish the bout in the clinch.

Final result: Marius Zaromskis def. Nordine Taleb via unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Michail Tsarev vs. Tim Welch

Round one: Welch presses forward quickly and Tsarev attempts a takedown but Welch stuffs it and presses him into the fence. They trade bombs and Welch is stunned but Tsarev doesn't capitalize. Tsarev works for an inside trip and he gets it, landing in top position in half guard.Tsarv latches on a guillotine choke and it's very tight but Welch is hanging on. Tsarev is squeezing like his life depends on it but Welch slips free. Tsarev throws a pair of up kicks at Welch despite Welch having his knees on the canvas. Tsarev gets a warning and they reset in standing. Welch presses foward and Tsarev lands a kick to the body. Big jumping knee from Welch comes up short and Tsarev counters with a huge right hand. Tsarev briefly scores a takedown but Welch pops back to his feet. Inside trip from Tsarev and Welch eventually topples over as Tsarev has him pressed against the fence. Tsarev attacks with a guillotine and flips Welch over but Welch is surviving and he escapes. Tsarev has his legs up in triangle position but can't lock it in. Welch can't capitalize from top position. 10-9 Tsarev

Round two:. Welch opens strongly with some punches and a knee and Tsarev drops to his back trying to entice Welch to go to the ground. Welch pressures him and Tsarev wraps him up on the ground but can't control him and Welch gets to his feet. Welch keeps up the pace but now Tsarev scores a takedown. Tsarev passes Welch's guard and quickly jumps on his back. before Welch can react, Tsarev already has a forearm underneath his chin. Welch is in huge trouble and he's forced to tap.

Final result: Michail Tsarev defeats Tim Welch via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:57 of round two


170 lbs.: Jordan Smith vs. Andrey Koreshkov

Round one: Smith opens with a leg kick as Koreshkov stalks from the cage center. Smith steps forward aggressively but doesn't land. They trade in the pocket and Koreshkov gets the better of it. Huge spinning back kick just misses from Koreshkov. Smith shoots in but Koreshkov stuffs him and presses him into the fence. Head kick whiffs for Smith but a leg kick lands solidly. Nice left hand from Koreshkov and he follows up with a combination and a jumping knee. Koreshkov throws together a beautiful combination that tags Smith and backs him off. Koreshkov is in complete control and he lands a big lunging knee. They clinch and Koreshkov takes inside position but drops to his knees. Smith attacks with a Peruvian necktie and Koreshkov slips free but Smith drops down for a guillotine that looks dangerous but a composed Koreshkov slips free again. Koreshkov is in top position dropping short punches but not landing anything significant. Smith is active from bottom but Koreshkov posturees up and drops some more blows. Heavy right hands from Koreshkov and Smith is hurt but he survives the final 10 seconds of the round. 10-9 Koreshkov

Round two: Smith aggressively opens the round and he takes Koreshkov down quickly and he's got Koreshkov's back. They're handfighting heavily and Smith can't get his hands locked up with a choke but he attacks with a one-armed choke. It looks tight but Koreshkov is hanging in there. Koreshkov can't escape the position but just as I say that he explodes and turns into Smith with two minutes left in the round. Koreshkov remains on top for the final two minutes but doesn't land anything too significant and hangs on until time expires. 10-9 Smith

Round three: They start standing and Koreshkov blasts Smith with a left hand and then another. Smith fires back and shoots for a takeown but Koreshkov stuffs him with a whizzer. Spinning back kick grazes Smith but it doesn't have as much zip on it as the first round. Nice jab from Smith and Koreshkov lunges with a knee. Overhand right from Smith is blocked and Koreshkov is stalking away from the cage center. Low kick connects for Smith and both men trade punches in the pocket. Body kick from Koreshkov and Smith responds with an inside leg kick. Smith shoots in for a takedown but Koreshkov stuffs him and lands a body kick on the exit. Smith is backing up on his bicycle and he conencts with an overhand left. Koreshkov turns it up with a big combination straight down the middle that has Smith on his heels. Koreshkov shoots in for a takedown and he dumps Smith on his back with 25 seconds left in the fight. He hangs on until time expires. 10-9 Koreshkov

Final result: Andrey Koreshkov defeats Jordan Smith via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)