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ONE FC 6 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Rise of Kings' on Oct. 6 in Singapore

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) notables Shinya Aoki, Arnaud Lepont, Zorobabel Moreira and Kotetsu Boku will today (Oct. 6, 2012) step inside the cage at Singapore Indoor Stadium for what promises to be an action-packed morning of fights. has got you covered from bell-to-bell with our LIVE wall-to-wall coverage of "Rise of Kings."

It's finally here!

One Fighting Championship (ONE FC) has finalized an action packed fight card for its upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) event, which is scheduled to go down at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sat. Oct. 6, 2012.

"Rise of Kings" will feature a lightweight main event pitting longtime veteran Shinya Aoki against fearsome Frenchman Arnaud Lepont. In addition, Brazilian submission expert Zorobabel Moreira battles the venerable Kotetsu Boku while grappling guru Leandro Issa takes on Soo Chul Kim.

Elsewhere on the card, the eight-man bantamweight grand prix tournament kicks off with former UFC and WEC veteran Jens Pulver taking on China's Zhao Ya Fei while Korean slugger Min Jung Song challenges Japan's Masakatsu Ueda. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the main card action on fight night (Sat., Oct. 6, 2012), with the latest quick updates of the live action beginning to flow around 7:30 a.m. ET with the "Prelims" bouts on YouTube. The main card (PPV) will be available shortly thereafter, streaming LIVE via

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the action to share their thoughts on all the excitement. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 6) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Rise of Kings."

Without further delay, see below for the latest ONE FC 6 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Main Event:

155 lbs.: Shinya Aoki def. Arnaud Lepont via submission (triangle) at 1:25 of round one

Main Card (PPV):

155 lbs.: Kotetsu Boku def. Zorobabel Moreira via TKO at 1:02 of round three (ONE FC Lightweight Championship)
135 lbs.: Soo Chul Kim def. Leandro Issa via KO at 0:15 of round two(ONE FC Bantamweight Championship)
185 lbs.: Melvin Manhoef def. Ryo Kawamura via KO at 4:40 of round one

ONE FC Bantamweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals:

135 lbs.: Jens Pulver def. Zhao Ya Fei via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Masakatsu Ueda def. Min Jung Song via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Kevin Belingon def. Yusup Saadulaev via KO at 3:18 of round one

Preliminary card (YouTube):

125 lbs.: Gianni Subba def. Bruce Loh via KO (soccer kick) at 0:33 of round one
145 lbs.: Mitch Chilson def. Ngabdi Mulyadi via TKO (strikes) 1:03 of round two

Haggerty here!

Shinya Aoki vs. Arnaud Lepont (155-pound limit):

Round one: Aoki shoots right away and gets the takedown. Half guard. This may be a quick one. Lepont off his back, and very little defensive maneuvering. Aoki is close to passing to full mount, and now he does. Elbows by Aoki, transitioning to a reverse mounted triangle. Lepont is out! It's all over! Notch another submission victory for Shinya Aoki!

Final results: Shinya Aoki via submission (triangle) at 1:25 of round one

- end -

(ONE FC Lightweight Championship) Zorobabel Moreira vs. Kotetsu Boku (155-pound limit):

Round one: Boku comes forward working the jabs. Leg kick by Moreira. Moreira with the push kick to the midsection. Hard outside leg kick by Moreira. Moreira with the leg kick, the nthe clinch, looking to employ some muay thai strikes on the fence. Very odd to see this. Moreira's hands are the size of Boku's head. Somehow, Boku finally is able to slip out of Zoro's grasp and back to center. Good body kick by Boku. Big right hand by Boku! Moreira is down and Boku is on top of him. Moreira looks to still be dusting off the cobwebs. Moreira with the high guard. Boku using ground and pound. Two minutes left. Moreira still very high. May end up not having been a great strategy for Boku to have dived into Moreira's guard. Boku stands and Moreira is able to get back up. Good right hand by Boku. Hard leg kick by Moreira. Good jab by Boku. Big overhand right by Boku, slides off the shoulder of his opponent. Hard outside leg kick by Moreira. Boku is going to need to start checking those. Head kick by Moreira. Good stuff jab by Boku. Another head kick by Moreira.

Round two: Boku with a huge flurry of punches. Moreira zombies his way through it. Stalking. Moreira with another thunderous leg kick, then another. Boku's lead leg is turning bright red. Moreira come forward with a good combo. Boku looking to have trouble putting weight on that front leg. Good combo by Boku. Moreira comes forward and lands a big front kick to the body. Moreira clinches and scores with a big knee. Moreira has Boku on the fence and he's looking to use his size. Boku gets off the fence but his pace has slowed. Good left hand by Boku. Moreira responds with a knee. Another hard leg kick by Moreira. Boku is going to have trouble walking tomorrow. Moreira goes right back to chopping down the tree, taking out the lead leg with nasty kicks. Moreira initiates the clinch again. Moreira with the takedown, straight to side control. He transitions to north south. Vicious elbows. Moreira stands and lands a big soccer kick! Moreira hovers over the grounded Boku and is delivering quite the beating. Moreira continues to go back and forth between standing and landing soccer kicks and diving on top of him to deliver elbows and knees. Moreira stands and the referee lets Boku back up. Moreira with another big leg kick. Very dominant round for Moreira.

Round three: Big left hook by Moreira. Boku swings for the fences but misses everything. Moreira goes to clinch and land a knee but Boku gets out of the way just in time. Front kick by Moreira. Good straight right hand by Boku, then an uppercut! Moreira is down and the referee has stepped in and stopped this fight. Looked to be a bit of an early stoppage. TKO win for Boku.

Final results: Kotetsu Boku via TKO at 1:02 of round three

- end -

(ONE FC Bantamweight Championship) Soo Chul Kim vs. Leandro Issa (135-pound limit):

Round one: Kim comes forward with a big overhand right, not connecting. Kim clinches up and takes Issa to the fence. Battle for position on the cage. Knees by Issa, who then reverses. Issa getting low, looking for the takedown. Kim defends with hammerfists to the head. Kim is able to reverse as the battle on the fence continues. Issa drags him down as Kim grabs the fence and is warned. No matter, as Issa finishes the takedown and moves to side control. Kim is able to tie up the leg and move to half guard. Three minutes left. Back to side control for Issa. Kim rolls and is able to sneak out the back door. Very nice escape. Back up to the feet and Issa has a hold of Kim's neck. Issa drops down for the takedown attempt and Kim defends with vicious elbows to the side of the head. Issa finally drives through and finishes the inside leg takedown. Issa to side control quickly, very high. Issa will look for the crucifix or possibly an armbar. Kim rolls aand gives up his back momentarily, but he's able to slip out once again. Issa has Kim pinned on the fence, where most of this first round has been spent. Knee to the body by Kim and then a good right hand.

Round two: Kim with the stuff jab. Issa shoots in and eats a huge right hand! Kim is all over him with hammerfists and it's all over! Knockout win by the new ONE FC bantamweight champion, Soo Chul Kim!

Final results: Soo Chul Kim via KO at 0:15 of round two

- end -

Melvin Manhoef vs. Ryo Kawamura (185-pound limit):

Round one: Kawamura comes out with hands low, gyrating oddly. Manhoef sits in the pocket, waiting to counter. Kawamura frankly looks ridiculous. Kawamura throws a sloppy head kick that misses. Manhoef continues to patiently wait. Kick by Manhoef to the body. We're two minutes in, and no significant strikes yet, mainly due to Kawamura's bizarre and evasive style. Manhoef with the right hand. Kawamura now jumping up and down for no reason. Silly. Good right hand by Kawamura who finally engages. Front kick by Manhoef, followed by a left hook. Kawamura with a decent combo. Kawamura rushes in to grapple, but Manhoef shakes him off and pops him with a right hand. Manhoef with a good combo. One minute left. Head kick by Kawamura is blocked. Manhoef charges in with a combo but misses. Kawamura throws several punches in a row that send Manhoef backwards. Huge right hand by Manhoef! Kawamura is out! One punch and it's all over! KO for Melvin Manhoef!

Final results: Melvin Manhoef via KO at 4:40 of round one

- end -

Zhao Ya Fei vs. Jens Pulver (135-pound limit):

Round one: Leg kick by Zhao. Good combo by Zhao, ending on a body kick. Pulver with a response combo. Pulver pressing the action. Zhao lands a good right hook. Pulver down, looked to be a slip. Back up. Big overhand right by Zhao. Good left hand by Pulver, but he eats a huge right hand response. Pulver powers through for the takedown, right to half guard. Pulver using ground and pound, trying to pass to side control. Pulver pushing on the body with his hands to get his leg free. Pulver wraps an arm around the neck for positioning, but he may try and turn this into a choke. Pulver gives up on it and stands, hovering over Zhao. Zhao springs back to his feet. Good jab by Pulver. Outside leg kick by Zhao. Big combo by Zhao. And another! Pulver looks stunned. Zhao is throwing some huge punches in this fight, clearly winning all of the stand up exchanges. Inside leg kick by Zhao. Big right hand by Zhao. Head kick by Pulver is blocked. Pulver rushes in to tie things up and he eats a couple of big punches.

Round two: Outside leg kick by Zhao. Good jab by Pulver, then a straight let as Zhao throws wildly and misses. Inside leg kick by Zhao. Fighters exchange combos. Leg kick by Zhao. Outside leg kick by Zhao, as he consistently is picking off Pulver's lead leg. Stiff jab by Pulver. Zhao continuing to throw punches in bunches, making it difficult for Pulver to get in close. Big left hand by Pulver out of nowhere, knocking out Zhao's mouthpiece! Pulver follows up with the takedown. North south with Pulver on top. Pulver using knees to the head which are legal here. Big knees! Pulver tries for the crucifix. He's close to having that arm pinned in. Big knees to the ribs and then to the head by Pulver. Just over a minute left. Bad spot for Zhao. Another knee to the head by Pulver. Several more. Knees to the ribs now by Pulver. Zhao just seems to have no answer. Pulver using elbows to the body now. Elbow to the head by Pulver. Big round for Jens Pulver.

Round three: Slow going early on in round three. Zhao throws a kick that strays low and Pulver takes a moment to recover. Back to action. Outside leg kick by Zhao. Zhao throws another kick that goes low, this time, right up the middle. Pulver falls to the mat in obvious agony. He's clearly in a ton of pain. His cornermen are going crazy, shouting that they feel the last kick was on purpose, though that is unlikely. Pulver will get time, and he clearly needs it. Pulver trying to talk it off now, but he is in absolute anguish. Now dropping back to his knees. He may not be able to continue. And Zhao has now received a yellow card for the illegal kick. If Pulver is unable to keep fighting, this contest will go to the judges scorecard and will be judged on the action up to this point. It looks like they're calling this one. Unfortunate end to the fight, which will now be decided by the judges.

Final results: Jens Pulver via unanimous decision

- end -

Min Jung Song vs. Masakatsu Ueda (135-pound limit):

Round one: Song with the outside leg kick. Song with the inside leg kick. Front kick by Ueda is partially caught. Lots of kicks by both fighters so far as they feel each other out. Song charges forward with a combo. Ueda responds with a body kick. Song rushes forward and ties Ueda up. Ueda gets free, back to center. Good combo by Ueda. Song comes forward throwing punches. Good straight left by Ueda to the body. Head kick by Ueda, partially blocked. Ueda shoots for the double, but is met by a sprawl. Ueda doesn't give up though, and eventually secures the takedown. Ueda works inside Song's full guard. Two minutes left in the opening round. Ueda looking to pass. Not the place Song wants to be. Ueda now inches up, possibly looking to set something up. Song pushes off on the hips to control posture. Song throws his legs up for a possible triangle attempt. Ueda postures to defend. Ueda working ground and pound. Song tries to sneak out the back, but Ueda stays on top of him.

Round two: Inside leg kick by Song. Ueda paws with the jabs. Good body kick by Ueda. song charges forward aggressively and lands a combo. Body kick by Ueda. Good combo by Song, answered by another body kick from Ueda. Song ties him up on the fence. Battle for positon. Ueda reverses and pushes off, back to center. Ueda shoots for the takedown but Song defends. Ueda tangles things up on the fence. Song reverses.Ueda throws on an arm in guillotine. Song defends carefully. Two minute left. Ueda jumps guard. Song wraps his hands around the hips to try and keep him from pulling the fight to the canvas. Lots of tactical positioning going on here. Ueda softening up with knees. Song drives through and takes Ueda down, but he may have worsened things. Ueda looked to almost have the choke in, when Song slipped out of the choke, postured up and landed a big left hand from the top. Ueda throws a soccer kick as they both scramble to their feet, but he misses, fortunately for Song.

Round three: Ueda with the head kick attempt, misses. Good right hand by Ueda. Front kick to the head by Ueda, blocked. Song comes in quickly throwing punches. Good body kick by Ueda. And another. Good right hand by Song. Good left hook by Song. Ueda goes for the single leg takedown, but Song repels him with rabbit punches. Ueda back to his feet, and he shoots again. This time grabbing hold of a front choke. He lets it go. Ueda pressing the action against the fence, and he pushes through to get the takedown. Song threatens with a kimura, but Ueda is still in the better position. From this angle, it would be very difficult to finish a kimura (Song on his butt with his back on the fence). Ueda is looking to tie up Songs legs underneath him with his legs. Two minutes left. Song trying to wall walk, but Ueda doing well to control the hips and legs. Body strikes by Ueda, before the referee decides to stand them up due to inactivity. Flying knee by Song, connects to the chin. Song throws a huge left hook, Ueda ducks under and grabs hold of a leg. He can't get the takedown but he now has Song on the fence. Song drives through to try and get the takedown, but he gives up position when he is unable to secure it. Round ends with Ueda in the middle of throwing on a reverse mounted crucifix.

Final results: Masakatsu Ueda via unanimous decision

- end -

Kevin Belingon vs. Yusup Saadulaev (135-pound limit):

Round one: Fighters meet in the middle and establish the distance. Belingon with two big leg kicks. Belingon throws a high kick and Saadulaev shoots for the takedown. Belingon back up. Furious pace at the onset. Belingon with a body kick that goes wide. Inside leg kick by Belingon. Knee to the body by Belingon. Saadulaev looks to grapple but Belingon is gone before he can get a hold of him. Saadulaev looks to tie him up again and gets him, but Belingon reverses and takes him down, straight to side control. Big elbows by Belingon. Lots of time to work here. Crucifix for Belingon, and Saadulaev is eating a lot of elbows. Saadulaev working hard to get his left arm free of the crucifix. Belingon relentless with the top game. Short strikes to the body now by Belingon. North south now as Saadulaev is able to scramble. Belingon lands several big shots and Saadulaev is out cold! Saadulaev comes to, wondering what happened, but he was definitely unconscious. KO win for Belingon.

Final results: Kevin Belingon via KO at 3:18 of round one

- end -

Haggerty here!

Bruce Loh vs. Gianni Subba (125-pound limit):

Round one: Fighters sprint out to center. Subba first to act with a jab. Subba with a nice combo. Subba witth a big high kick. Loh looks to respond with a counter and he eats a huge left kick! Subba lands a left hook, and follows up with a soccer kick to his grounded opponent! It's over! Knockout win for Gianni Subba!

Final results: Gianni Subba via KO (soccer kick) at 0:33 of round one

- end -

Ngabdi Mulyadi vs. Mitch Chilson (145-pound limit):

Round one: Chilson starts off as the aggressor, pawing the jab. Chilson with the front kick to the body. Mulyadi responds with a jab of his own. Good left hook by Chilson, clipped him. Chilson comes forward. Mulyadi looks hesitant, and Chilson shoots for a takedown. Mulyadi controls the neck off his back. This is deep! Chilson took him down but shot head first into a guillotine. Lots of time and Mulyadi is cranking. Chilson patiently tries to work out of this position, and he finally does. Chilson on top now inside the full guard of Mulyadi. Chilson stacks and passes to side control, then to north-south. Mulyadi tries to control the posture of Chilson. Back to side control for Chilson. Chilson stands over his opponent and lands some big elbows as he pounces. Full mount for Chilson! Mulyadi tries to reverses and almost does. Chilson gives up his position to avoid giving up his back. And as Mulyadi stands, Chilson grabs hold of his hips and slams him to the mat. Chilson back on top and landing some ground and pound. Mulyadi goes for an armbar off his back. Huge knees to the head by Chilson! Side control for Chilson who is punishing a turtled up Mulyadi. He's got his back now as Mulyadi rolls. Saved by the bell!

Round two: Jump front kick by Chilson, transitioning to a takedown slam! Mulyadi grabs hold of the neck once more, but like before, Chilson patiently looks to slip out and get back to mount. He's got him fully mounted and is dropping huge elbows! He's going to town! It's all over! TKO win for Mitch Chilson!

Final results: Mitch Chilson via TKO (strikes) at 1:03 of round two

- end -