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Video: UFC fighter Louis Gaudinot is the luckiest man in New Jersey

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What's the one downside to training in mixed martial arts (MMA)?

Rolling around on the ground with that heavyset guy from the local supermarket, who decided to "train UFC" when he's not busy spritzing a bag of turnips for $8.35 per hour. Or, even worse, you end up with Louie Lawenforcement, who looks to take out his daily frustrations on your helpless extremities.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Ultimate Fighter (TUF) veteran Louis Gaudinot has the answer.

Invite gorgeous fitness models to train at your gym! It's amazing how easily the simplest solution will elude us, but as "Goodnight" nestled his head in the bosom of "Woman vs. Workout" host Lauren Berlingeri, under the guise of "training" at Tiger Schulmann's headquarters in Englewood, NJ, I realize we've been doing it wrong.

Even Bellator badass Lyman Good gets in on the action.

Well fight fans, there you have it. Now get over to your local Lucille Roberts and start handing out brochures for whatever MMA gym you're training at. Just make sure you follow Gaudinot's lead and "smell good" when it's time to shine.